There is nothing bad to be silly, crank, crazy when it is for our kids and to make them laugh. Most probably, dads won’t get the time to stick around with their baby while they are busy trying to save enough for his welfare. It might be the primary goal of almost every dad. But spending some time with your baby or toddler is precious and valuable. Here is something dads can do for their children and for the moms too. When it comes to kids “They love technology” Then you and I do. It’s the fact that driving the apps developments for kids. Honestly, kids use the apps (games, puzzles, and so on) and engage with apps more than adults do, unless you have nothing to do then you may be the odd one out. Targeting the kids many solid tech firms are striving to attain the best apps for kids. On that caution, they have started to roll out the apps that are specially designed for kids. Other then android and Mac, windows is also getting into the action by unveiling the free windows phone apps for kids to intrigue the kids towards their brand.

And they are serious about this and have plenty, of course plenty of online and offline best and free windows phone apps targeting the kids as well as adults. Let us hook up with the kids apps available for windows phone now and we’ll see the apps for grownups later if you’re curious.

Let us start then.

Animal Zoo- Windows Phone App

1free android apps for kids

How about a long ride with your toddlers to a highly animated and fun zoo, in which the animals play with your kid? This is made possible with the animal zoo from windows market. The exciting and handy app is for free though it packs a whole lot of fun and entertainment.

If you’re a dad, get this app and present it to your kid. He will be excited to see all those animals and will love the way they will teach them. And for moms, while you are kitchen or shopping, make this animal zoo as his/her partner. They’ll surely enjoy their company.

Download this best free windows phone apps here.

Story Time- Windows Phone App

Windows Phone App

Its story time babies and toddlers! How many of you have run out of good night stories? How often your kid will ask you tell a story. If he/she asks you often, here is a helper with lot of fascinating stories. In addition, you could add some custom stories with narration.

And you can hide some stories that you think your kid shouldn’t watch then. With the read and watch videos mode you can either read a story for your kid or you can simply let him/her to watch the videos.

Download this free windows phone apps here.

 Looney Tunes App for Your Windows Phone

Looney Tunes App

You simply can’t deny the fact that is one of your favorite cartoon shows, if you suppose to watch cartoon at your younger age. Now it’s even better and more engaging to keep your kids mesmerized with your favorite cartoon.

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If you’re away from your home to shopping or to some place and suddenly your kid need something to keep him quite for a time, this app will be handy as you like. This cartoon is simple irrespective of the age group and almost everyone would love to watch it anyway.

Download this free windows phone app here.

Fantasia Painter Free

Fantasia Painter Free

Probably, this is one of the best and free windows phone apps, in accordance with the user rating. Almost 9 out of 10 users love this and 1 out of 10 users suggested some moderation to make it even better.

This windows phone app comes with the coupon “Unleash the artist in you”. So are you ready to unleash your kid’s talent fantasia painter free.

Download this windows phone app here and unload all your painting thrust.

 Mazoocard LITE

Mazoocard LITE

Yet another matching card game but with interesting features and functions. With elite background and custom card collection you can enhance the diversity of the game.

And more likely you kids would love it. Make sure that you participate with your kid. Why should kids have all the fun? Hook in and shows him whose mom around here.

Download this amazing free windows phone app here.

 Baby Monitor – Monitor Your Kids with Your Windows Phone

Baby Monitor

Moms always worry about the new born infant or bout the toddlers, as they were in kitchen. Not to mention that dad will also love to know what his kids doing in home. If you are a dad/mom who wants to know how your kids do in your home here is a remedy for you. Download this baby monitor free on your windows phone and keep an eye on your baby or toddler.

With this upgraded app, you are no longer restricted to be connected on the same Wi-Fi, this service will get you’re the audio and video of your baby through internet directly into moms kitchen and dads office.

Download this awesome app for windows phone here.

 Awesome Nursery Rhymes App for Windows Phone

7free android apps for kids

Is your kid tired of same “jingle bell” and usual rhymes? Here is a fascinating app that will help you out. Not to mention that the popular rhymes are the center of attraction though.

Start the pre schooling activities for your kids with some cute and lovely rhyming apps with videos. Now you can turn on the video mode with 5 little ducks or goosey goosey gander and watch your kid humming with them.

Download this cute windows phone app for your kid here.

Flashcards for Toddlers English Vietnamese Spanish

Flashcards for Toddlers

Flashcards are handy app for the parents having talking toddlers in home. This will help them to learn some variety of words in three different languages like English, Spanish and Vietnamese. Loaded with 156 flash cards in all three languages, this ought to be useful piece of code you and your kid would love. Teach your kids some basic and mandatory things with these flash cards.

Download this free windows phone app here.

 Sound Painter 2 for Windows Phone

Sound Painter 2

Keeping your kid busy while you have some work will be a piece of cake. Just install this windows app and he/she will take care of the rest, they will learn and play with this app as you please.

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This sound painter will keep your entertained kid at least for couple of hours. They will have fun and will love this app. If you’re not so sure just give it a try. Very engaging and must have windows app for kids.

Download this windows phone app for your kids here.

 Toy Xylophone for windows phone

Toy Xylophone

Unleash the musician in you and your kids with this free windows app for kids. This app is come out with the caption of “learn and teach over 90 children and folks songs”. If your kid is so curious he might learn one or two and if he is desperate then he/she might learn all of them.

Nevertheless, most of the grownups also have a nice time learning these lessons with their windows phone. This fun instrument will keep your kids engrossed for a long time. Cute and attracting sounds with his figures will happy and the complete entertainment is guaranteed anyway.

Download this windows phone app for kids here.

If you thinks it is over “think again”. There are lots and lots of more cool and exciting windows phone apps are coming up. If you also want to see the educational windows phone apps for kids then you can see this list too. Check back in some time to see some updated apps, as the windows marketing is ticking every second with new and exciting apps, not even a single list is permanent around here.

Draw Free! – Bring Out Your Kid’s Imaginations (Yours Too!)

Draw Free 1

This is one of the most popular drawing tool apps for kids and grown-ups, now available for free of cost! Draw figures using your fingers or entertain your children anywhere. This free version is full-boasted, but will display advertisements. If you want to remove those annoying ads, you can buy a paid version anytime. The paid version has even more languages!

Load photos from your handset, from the web, or from the camera and draw over them or add some fun special effects to them. The interface could be customized for infants, kids and adults, but is easy to use for all people. This is one of the most downloaded free windows phone apps for kids.

Download this windows phone apps for kids here.

Guess It! For Kids

windows phone apps for kid 22

Have fun guessing the photo along with some English alphabet exercise. This version got harder levels moved out, and latest ones to offer 200 levels of amusement! Tap on squares in order to make them open. Tap on the letters in order to spell them. Gain more coins by opening lesser squares. You can download this app for free from the Windows App Store.

If you have some better available apps for windows phone that should be placed in the list, do comment their names. So that I can check them and place in the list.

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