Poveglia Island is one among the several islands situated in the Lagoon of Venice, Italy but rather than being a land of beauty, the island is a purulence deface in the glittering ocean and is not just known as one of the moat haunted areas on the earth, but even as one of the most demonic areas in the Earth. Nowadays no one goes there to harvest the vineries. Even fishermen steer right away from the island worrying that they’ll capture human bones in their fishing nets.

The grim history of Poveglia Island set out during the Roman Era when it was used to set apart plague victims from the other people of the nation. Hundreds of years later, when the Black Plague spread out in Europe it played that role again. The dead were thrown into huge pits and burned or buried. When the plague stiffened its grip, people start to panic and those who showing the littlest symptom of illness were taken from their homes and to the Poveglia Island kicking and crying and begging. They were thrown onto masses of decomposing corpses and set on fire. Children, women and men all are left to die in excruciation. It’s supposed that the small island found as many as 160,000 corpses on this time.

The island has turned a fetid area in fact. The soil of the island blended with the blackened remains of the corpses thrown out there producing a dense layer of sticky ash. The heart of the island is actually human remains that has yielded the island a disgusting character, but looks to be so nice for the grapevines that are deep-rooted there. Think about that next time you drink Italian wine!

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As though the history was not so disturbing enough, it gets more awful. In 1922 the island became home to a mental hospital over with a huge and very brilliant bell tower. The patients of this hospital like a shot started to report that they would see spooks of plague victims on the island and they would be kept awake during night hearing the racked yawls of the hurt spirits. As they were already regarded brainsick by the hospital faculty, these complaints were greatly ignored.

Poveglia Island

To increase the pain of the pathetic souls inhabiting this island hospital, one doctor there determined to earn a name for him by trying out on his patients all to discover a cure for mental disorder. Leucotomies were executed on his poor patients using cruel tools such as hammers, chisels, and hand drills. Those victims and also the ones who were not informed to the doctor’s special care were taken to the bell tower where they were excruciated and incurred to several beastly horrors.

According to the mythology, after several years of executing these immoral acts, the wicked doctor started to witness the anguished plague ridden spirits of Poveglia Island himself. It is believed that they took him to the bell tower where he jumped off (or was thrown) to the ground below. A nurse who witnessed the consequence said that the fall didn’t kill him, she referred that it was the mist that rose up from the ground had choked him to death. It’s bruited that the doctor is bricked over in the hospital bell tower and on a silent night, the bell can be heard ringing all over the bay. The hospital has been shut down then.

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For a period, the Government of Italy possessed the island, but later on it was sold. That owner walked out from it in the 1960’s and was the last person to seek living there. A family recently tried to buy the island and build a vacation home on it but they pulled up stakes the very first night there and denied to mention on what happened. The only information that we know is that their kids face was bust opened and needed fourteen stitches.

At present, Poveglia is abandoned and tourism to the island is strictly prohibited. Every so often the swooshing waves in the shore bring our seared human bones.

Many prophets have traveled to the island’s abandoned hospital, but each of them left daunted to death of what they had experienced out there. Every so often hotheads evade the police forces to peek into the island, but all the people who has got in there have turned down to return saying that there is a sullen environment of evil and the tortured moans and screams that pervade the island make sticking around there intolerable.

One story from a mad thrill searcher who broke into the island says that since entering the abandoned hospital, a spiritual voice ordered them, “Leave right now and never come back.” And they never did.


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