One of the most important duties of parents is to discipline their kid. It concerns instructing the kid the controversy between right and wrong, making him or her discover good behaviors and introducing the values of perseverance, good behavior, honesty, respect, tolerance, and patience. Even so, securing healthy child growth is more comfortable said than done. Disciplining a kid without causing him/her stubborn or rebellious needs careful and sensitive efforts and above all, an in extent understanding of the kid’s behavior. Here are some tips on how to discipline a child without harming his/her personality growth:

How to Discipline A Child?

1. Avoid Bribing To Discipline A Child

Give honors to your kids for good behaviors or doing good things. However, remember that there is a fine-tune distinction between bribes and rewards. A bribe is a thing that your give your kid in order to have things done. But then, a reward is a thing that your kid receives for doing some good thing. Make a point your kid apprizes being rewarded and works more concentrated to succeed it.

2. Do not Blame or Criticize


Never ever blame or criticize your child in front of others. Too much criticism would cause them feel rejected. Appreciate your kids, and whenever they do faults, express them that you love them, but what you unhappy with is their activity. Kids are not any less smart than adults. Just they are young by age factor and they are less experienced. If you say to your kid the reason for your hatred with his or her behavior, your kid will certainly realize what he or she behave was wrong. This is one of the most important steps on how to discipline a child.

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3. Do not Appraise much either

If blaming is abusive, too much appraise too is as evil. If you start to apprize your kid too much, your remarks would soon turn useless. Your kid would anticipate to be rewarded for each small thing and your reward would not make any sense of accomplishment or pleasure in him or her.

4. Watch a Motivational Video

It is not adequate to just instruct, moralize and discipline a child. Above all, parents have to spend quality time with their kids. In a parent-kid relationship, the character of parent-kid contact has a major role to play in how the kid grows his or her objectives, dreams and capabilities to arrive at the right conclusions. Being a parent, you hold a big role in introducing life goodness in your kid.

For example, you could say to your kid some motivational stories, motivational kids quotes or say you kid about the life histories of great people. Or better still, you could set your kid in watching inspirational videos that provide motivational messages of life wisdom. These videos give a perfect platform for setting up an interaction with your kid about the respects and merits of life. These brief occurrences and motivational quotes are ideal tools for springing up satisfying, enjoying parent kid relationships.

Inspirational videos serve kids discover family skills and values, earn self respect and know to value and appreciate parental love. As long as parents are involved, watching inspirational videos help them better their act toward parenting children, and confront behavior issues in kids.

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5. Be a Role Model


Here comes the most important thing on how to discipline a child. You might have listened to the saying, “Sometimes people need to take their own advice.” In order to discipline your kids you first need to fix your own model. If you need your kid to grow good behaviors and habits, you should behave so yourself. Kids speedily catch habits and behaviors from their parents and imitate them.

6. At Last, Stay Calm

Keep your calmness if your kids misbehave. Yelling and screaming at your kid won’t help in any means. It would simply make worse the situation and cause your kid still more rebellious and stubborn. And never fall back to punishing your kid for the purpose of inculcating discipline in the kid.


Discipline is all about instructing your kid about good values, it is not more or less punishing them. Even if your kid has done a mistake, do not drop your calm. If you sedately say to your kid the ill impressions of his or her misbehavior, you can see that your kid will give much attention to what your kid is incapable to distinctly realize the badness of his or her misbehavior or mistake. The discipline that you want to inculcate in your kid may be missed among your raving and ranting.

If you do feel yourself dropping your cool, take a deep breath, recover your calmness and speak to your kid.

These are the 6 simple steps on how to discipline a child.

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