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How to Cheat in Kahoot Without Getting Caught

If you’re anything like an avid gamer, you enjoy playing amazing trivia games that push your knowledge to the test, providing you with the serotonin you need to get through the day.

There’s nothing better than knowing that your intellect and knowledge are superior to your opponents’, putting you on top towards the end of the match. No game better exemplifies this line of thought than Kahoot!


Learning From The Blog

While winning fair and square is typically the best way to go, a defeat is still a loss. So why lose when you can just… You know… cheat?

Although cheating is never a good idea in most situations, this is only a simple brain game. Right? Who would it hurt if you did?

Regardless, we’ve got you covered if you want some fairly awesome Kahoot hacks. Let’s go through how to accomplish it!

Are There Even Ways To Cheat?

You can cheat in Kahoot by using one of the five techniques we have published in this blog. These approaches will work on a web browser and an Android or iPhone. You can skip the timer by answering all of the correct questions.

Cheating in Kahoot

If you are conversant with the world of technology, you must be aware that it is impossible to eradicate technological weaknesses.

Even though Kahoot is an outstanding and safe educational platform, some children may be looking for a Kahoot! cheat to win the game.

Isn’t Cheating Unfair? Could It Get Me In Trouble?

Cheating on Kahoot is not a smart idea because it is an educational platform that involves a lot of risk when cheating and is also terrible for your career.

However, some students will always seek a way to cheat Kahoot and win the game using a third-party approach.

  • Using a third-party service increases the possibility of malware infecting your system or stealing your personal information.
  • It is worth noting that while cheating in a game like Kahoot! isn’t always damaging to other players; some may deem these approaches hacks. So, you run the risk of getting in trouble with the Kahoot crew.
  • Furthermore, these “hacks” will demand you to grant authorization to or even download files from some untrustworthy websites.
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As a result, you also risk exposing your device and personal information to malware and other threats. You have been forewarned!!! But whatever, right? Let’s teach you how to cheat!!

I Want To Cheat In Kahoot, How Do I Do It?

As a result, it is critical that you carefully evaluate these warnings before proceeding. Furthermore, other ways exist to cheat in Kahoot and win the game. They are as follows:

  • With Chrome Extension
  • Use Two Browser Tabs
  • Using VPNs
  • Kahoot Ninja

Let’s Explore Some Incredible Websites That Can Help You Cheat In Kahoot

  • This hack provides a variety of cheating methods. It will enable you to flood bots into the game and even declare yourself the winner.
  • This trick will declare you the winner after the game, regardless of your real rankings.
  • This trick will introduce spam bots to the game, making winning in a more “genuine” method simpler.

Though not exactly kosher, if you truly want to win in Kahoot, these are the finest hacks at your disposal.

Again, using these tricks puts your information and device in danger, so use them at your own risk.

Some More Methods To Cheat In Kahoot

Method #1 With Chrome Extension

Using the Chrome browser to participate makes things much easier. Furthermore, visiting certain websites that assist you in cheating games online is a convenient choice.

The Kahoot hack is essentially a Chrome extension that allows you to cheat in Kahoot using any Chrome browser that supports Chrome extensions. Other Chrome extensions are available, like the Kahoot Flooder and Kahoot Bot.

Method #2 Using Two Browser Tabs

Cheating with this approach is quite simple in Kahoot. Simply open two new tabs in your browser to do this. Then, on one side of the screen, you may open a tab for your official page, and on the other, you can play a game in which you can only obtain the answers to your questions.

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You will be able to get an answer to your inquiry fast and easily this way.

Method #3 Using A VPN

Yes, you read that right!! Kahoot can easily catch your Google answer. So it’s better to be safe than sorry.

A VPN and at least two separate web browser plugins are available. You can alter your IP address using a virtual private network or VPN. You can also cheat Kahoot if your IP address is updated.

Method #4 Using Kahoot Ninja

Perhaps the easiest method on the list. All you gotta do is follow some simple steps to win at Kahoot. Additionally, you can become exclusive by subscribing to the VIP membership.

Kahoot Ninja is ranked the number one site and will help you win. Cheating is fun(sometimes!!), and this site proves it. We will tell you in detail about the steps to cheat in Kahoot.

  • Visit Kahoot Ninja by clicking on the link.
  • Fill in your Game Pin and Name.
  • To get an answer, enter your Kahoot account and password.
  • Finally, press the Begin Hacking button.

Method #5 Using A Kahoot Bot

If you want to cheat by pranking your teachers and friends, Kahoot bot is one of the best tools. It is used to prevent students from taking active educational examinations. Furthermore, it is one of the most creative and interesting methods to cheat.

  • Go to the Kahoot Bot website.
  • Enter the Pin as well as the Prefix.
  • Choose “Send Bots” from the drop-down option.
  • When the message is sent, it will overwhelm the game.


Aside from this method, there are more to cheat in Kahoot! and win the game. Several of the websites have been blacklisted because they are untrustworthy.

Furthermore, Kahoot! offers a variety of free games that you can use in your classroom or on social media channels to promote student involvement.

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