50 Awesome Cheap Date Ideas for Couples

Being creative and smart can make many things in life easier, from buying a watch to showing how much you love a person. Most people have the idea that satisfying a loved one might involve giving an expensive gift or going a dinner at a fancy restaurant. But it’s not only easy to shell out tons of money every time you go on a date.

Cheap Date Ideas for Couples

Times have changed, in case you haven’t noticed, and it’s not just a matter of how much we spend on each other, but also how much we know about each other and how much the other person means to us. Here are 50 fantastic and cheap date ideas for couples that don’t sacrifice the romance.

50 Awesome Cheap Date Ideas for Couples

  1. Go out for coffee on a rainy evening.
  2. Look through old photo albums.
  3. Roast marshmallows around a backyard fire pit.
  4. Volunteer together for local charities.
  5. Go roller skating.
  6. Check out the local library.
  7. Go sledding and warm up with hot cocoa afterward.
  8. Hold a movie marathon.
  9. Go fishing on a boat.
  10. Browse the farmer’s market.
  11. Rent a canoe and check out the sights around the lake.
  12. Go and watch the high school sports team play.
  13. Watch movie together with a fancy popcorn.
  14. Jog together in the early morning.
  15. Play cards or board games.
  16. Go camping together to the state parks.
  17. Have some wine and snuggle in the backyard hammock
  18. Bake cookies together.
  19. Cook dinner together.
  20. Eat takeout by candlelight.
  21. Drive to a scenic place when the autumn trees are in full color.
  22. Walk around a college campus on a sunny evening.
  23. Go for wine tasting events.
  24. Enjoy a free concert in the park.
  25. Invite a neighboring couple over for a game night.
  26. Visit a you-pick berry farm together.
  27. Walk hand-in-hand through the downtown streets.
  28. Fly kites together.
  29. Play bowling or frisbee.
  30. Browse the antique stores.
  31. Head to a bar for happy hour.
  32. Play a video game together.
  33. Take a yoga class or go to the gym together.
  34. Watch a movie at a drive-in theater.
  35. Go on a scavenger hunt.
  36. Visit the local museums.
  37. Play 1-on-1 basketball.
  38. Take photos of one another in a scenic location.
  39. Draw pictures of one another.
  40. Attend the zoo or the aquarium on a free day.
  41. Read a book or magazine together.
  42. Window shop at the mall.
  43. Do crosswords or other word puzzles.
  44. Go trekking to a non-wildlife area.
  45. Ride bicycles together.
  46. Go swimming or spend time in the hot tub.
  47. Attend an art fair or art show.
  48. Watch TV shows together.
  49. Listen to music together.
  50. Build a sand castle together in the beach.
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It is easy to give up on each other, and it is much more difficult to build a perfect relationship that lasts forever. Follow these 50 fantastic, cheap dating ideas for couples and surprise your partner daily with your wisdom.

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