In this modern day and age, how much time do you really get to recoup?

Iphones are glued to our fingertips, constantly bombarding us with stigma, as we hustle and clamor about. Even in sacred downtime, we seem to be compulsively reaching for something as our notifications ping and sing and beep. Are we afraid to miss out or receive a bad performance review from a boss?

More than 60 percent of Americans admit that they’re stressed out or depressed, which is quite a rise from a decade ago. How can we make the most out of the little time we pry ourselves away from it all? Why not soak in a warm bubbly bath with a delicious CBD bath bomb!

What is CBD Bath Bombs Again?

CBD is an endocannabinoid, which naturally occurs in our body’s endocannabinoid system. The endocannabinoid system controls homeostasis, mood, hormones, appetite and more. Endocannabinoids are neurotransmitters, aka chemicals that transmit messages throughout our bodies.

The endocannabinoid system doesn’t differentiate between endocannabinoids that naturally occur and those that are ingested. Therefore, when we soak in a bath diffused with CBD, we’re opening our pores to more endocannabinoids, thus giving the endocannabinoid system a bit of a boost to work with.

Benefits of Bathing

People have been bathing for centuries! Now, there are studies indicating the plethora of benefits from soaking in warm water, like increased heart rate, improved oxygen intake due to mild pressure on the chest and lungs, cleansing of the sinuses and chest from steam, increased serotonin, and a decrease in spine discomfort.

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As if that’s not enough, dropping a bath bomb into your sanctuary adds even more gains.

What are Bath Bombs?

With hashtags of “self-care” splattering the Internet, we know you’ve seen those sparkly, glittering bath bombs in wowzer colors and shapes. Most bath bombs contain epsom salt, which is wonderful to ease aching muscles and sores.

Health Benefits of CBD Bath Bombs

Some are infused with essential oils like lavender to create a relaxing atmosphere, and others are enhanced with CBD oil, which without a doubt will take your bath to the next level.

Benefits of CBD Bath Bombs

According to this article on cbdMD, CBD flows into your skin, evenly distributing itself throughout your body and quickly into your bloodstream and acting faster than a topical CBD skin cream.

CBD is anti-inflammatory, so it is wonderful for helping with acne and eczema. It is also filled with antioxidants, and vitamins C and E which moisturizes and brightens your skin by encouraging cell growth and removing dead cells. Isn’t that one reason you take a bath – to enhance your skin’s beauty?!

Additionally, CBD has been proven again and again to decrease anxiety, help calm your nerves, and ease aches and pains. Mixed with epsom salts, you’re in for a real treat, as each work together to bring out the best.

Overall, splashing a CBD-ridden bath bomb into your bubbly bath helps ease your anxiety, promotes detoxification, relaxation, and clear skin. How are you going to spend your next rejuvenating night-in? comment your tips below.


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