How Do You Know If A Girl Likes You?

With the increasing eye clashes between the men and women, many might think otherwise of the simple smiling relationship to a serious one and start assuming the things in the wrong perspective. Some of the men do feel amused when they counter the smile of the opposite sex, and usually this happens while transacting the day to day activities. The glances, looks, smiles of the girl might seem fancy to you while hoping that you possess a secret admirer who is observing you more keenly. And who knows what is going on in the minds of people? about whom they are thinking about? and which is the peculiar behavior that attracts the opposite person? and others. So, how do you know if a girl likes you? is a troubling query and that needs a descriptive answer from all the viewpoints.

Before going into that you should try to know your girl’s consent regarding you, whether a girl likes you or not. With the issues of these kinds in the mind, we have brought you some of the tips that help you in coming out the problems with the triumphing colors.

5 Tips To Know, Predict A Girl Likes You

1. At the first stand, you should be bold enough to initiate a small chat with your dream girl. This is the basic requirement for any of the person, because whenever you hear the voice of your dream person, then he/she will be satisfied that at least there is someone who takes count of me while addressing all kinds of small details. While being bold, you should also have good listening skills, wherein you need to hear your girl attentively, calmly, patiently and carefully. This can serve as a piece of reference in the future for your wonderful memories. When you’re talking to her try to look or notice for the particular signs, hints or words if she gives in the conversation.

All girls are not same, different girls portray different behaviors such as shyness, boldness and more. Check out the body language of your girl such as leaning towards you, nervous voice, dilated pupils and uncrossed legs, if all these signs are shown, then it signifies that a girl likes you. One more sign is her laugh at you when you are in the state of boring or making some jokes, but in such cases, you should be aware that too much of joke on unnecessary things will create an image of comedy dork about you in her mind. She might feel shy to look straight into your eyes, so she will be choosing to laugh or smile a lot due to the worry in her mind, for not letting know much about her attachment to you.

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Look out for the smile on her face because she immediately wears a smile as and when you start talking or conversing with her. If the shyness comes in the middle, then the smile goes away from her and moreover hiding an emotion is hard for anybody. If she doesn’t hold a romantic kind of interest in you, she will choose to look very inquisitively at you without expressing any of the interest.

2. You need to look for the signs of flirting. If she has a flirting attitude, then it would be difficult to read and understand her. Because, some of the expressive girls shall flirt with the people whom they consider as friends. Sometimes, this can even be misconstrued as a mash, so try to know how she responds in the presence of other guys. You should be aware of the girls who do not know whether they are flirting or not.

See, in these types of cases, she will allow her subconscious mind to think about you whenever she wishes to flirt you and her body language too depict that. With the fear of rejection in the mind, most of the girls are apparent enough. When you fancy a particular girl, avoid flirting with other girls around you in front of her. If she observes your shoulder on any other girl or hugging, then she will think that you mean nothing to her and then she stops herself from trying to gain you.

3. Check out for the random hugs that are reserved particularly for you. The hugs are the most permissible and affectionate way of expression where two persons come closer to each other in an emotional way. In such instances, you can either choose to respond to her positively or try to show yourself that you are in a busy mode by mentioning the reasons like i am in the meeting, conference or others. You should try to make her wait for a longer time in such circumstances.

4. Make a notice of her sudden and repeated bumps to you, that which are not normally seen. This is an ancient trick that is tried and tested, by doing this activity she wants to touch you more subtly and subject you more precisely for the responsiveness. Sometimes, this may be tried on you to check your tone of the argument. If she is continuing to find excuses to come closer to you, then you are on the right track.

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You should behave very calmly when she bumps on you by saying ‘no worries’ or other similar things. If she touches your hair and arm in a casual manner without any specific reason, then try to align yourself with her tone of acting.

The touch factor should not be taken seriously to avoid misunderstanding. But, she may try to touch you in lighter mode by punching softly on your body, hitting you on the head, and similar kinds of stuff. This is nothing but one of the strategies to come closer to you in a masked way without being evident to the friends and others.

5. Observe her views at you, if she happens to like you much then she is more likely to gaze your face for a long time or try to pull her eyes immediately the very moment you look at her meekly eyes. Either of these gestures is a revelation of your liking by her.

The moment when she takes her eyes from you, it means that she is in the nervous state or yet not prepared to project her true colors, but a girl likes you from inside the heart. And, if she is trying to hold her stare at you while showing the liking or love in her eyes when you look at her, then it is very obvious that she is quite confident to step into her first move.

Some girls might be seeing you just like normal viewing at anybody, you should not confuse with these gestures and as far as possible try to distinguish your motive. Suppose, if you take a glance at her, and if you find that she is staring you, then it is evident that she likes you, though she may set off her eyes or the head from you in any of the directions.

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