How to Choose the Right E-Liquid For Your Vape Pen?

The right e-liquid or juice can easily be described as the soul of an e-cigarette. Finding an e-liquid to suit your taste and preferences is just as important as finding the perfect e-cigarette or vape pen. To make this process of buying an ideal e-liquid easier for you, we have discussed the different aspects of the e-liquid that play an essential role in an e-liquid.

How to Choose the Right E-Liquid For Your Vape Pen?

1. The Flavor

In today’s market, you will find a wide range of e-liquid flavors. So it’s only natural that when you choose an e-juice you feel a little overwhelmed. There is no doubt that taste plays a major role in a good vaping experience.

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To enhance your vaping experience, brands offer interesting flavors such as green grape, double apple, and pink lemonade, as well as traditional flavors such as chocolate and vanilla. There are several other exciting flavors on the market that have been introduced and the only way to find out if you like these experimental flavors or not is to try them.

It is recommended that you start with the flavors that you are sure you will like. Later, when you have tried enough of them, you can continue experimenting with other flavors.

2. The Nicotine Strength

Once you have decided which flavor you want, it is time to choose your preferred nicotine strength. It is important that you choose the right nicotine strength because too little nicotine will cause you to vape more to compensate, while too much nicotine can cause you headaches.

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The strength of nicotine is usually classified into three levels, as follows:

Low: 6mg and below

Medium: 9mg to 16 mg

High: 18mg to 36 mg

Normally it is advisable to start with medium strength and then adjust accordingly.

3. The composition of the e-liquid

The most important basic solution in e-juice is propylene glycol (PG) or vegetable glycerine (VG) or a combination of both. PG offers more flavor but produces weak vapors, while VG is more viscous, has a slightly sweet taste, and produces massive clouds of vapor.

You will find e-juices in three main types, i.e. a pure PG base, a pure VG base and a mixture of both in different proportions. Usually, manufacturers use a ratio of PG to VG of 40:60.

The choice of the right e-liquid depends on your personal preferences. The more you try to experiment with different flavors, nicotine strengths, and compositions of e-liquids, the better you can understand which ones are suitable for you and which ones are not. A great place to buy e-liquids and other vaping products online is Vape Stop. It is India’s premium online store offering an excellent selection of vaping essentials from world-famous brands. We recommend that you visit the shop’s website to learn more.

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