When it comes to a well-balanced diet, one size of it does not fit all. Everyone has various requirements based on the particular chemistry of the person. This makes to the heart of why the Blood Type Diet works very well. Each and every person follows a diet based on their particular blood type. This article will explain you in detail about the scientific principles behind the diet for your blood type. It will also furnish a summary on eating right for your blood type.

Diet For Your Blood Type

The most significant factor while defining the blood type is whether or not the RBCs (red blood cells) has antigens on their surface, and if they do, what type of antigens they have. A person with Blood Type O contains no antigens on the surface of their RBCs. A person with Blood Type A contains A antigens. Blood kind B contains B antigens. Blood type AB carries both A and B antigens. This Blood Type Diet was created by naturopath Peter J. D’Adamo.

Blood Type O

This is one of the most common blood groups in the United Kingdom. Dr D’Adamo states that our digestive system keeps back the memory of ancient times, and therefore Os have to consume a distinctive barbarian kind of diet. In other words, type Os ought to follow a low-carb, high protein diet with lots of fish and meat but not dairy products, grains or wheat.

If that seems common, it’s because it is: the diet suggested for persons with blood kind O is just a variation on most of the regular low-carb, high protein diets that are popular now. Foods you can consume freely include fish, olive oil and meat; foods you can eat in control include seeds, nuts, fruits, eggs and certain veggies; and foods to avoid include cereals, dairy products, rice, pasta, bread and beans. To balance your food consumption, Dr D’Adamo suggests lots of energetic aerobic workouts such as running and aerobics – just as our barbarian ancestors did!

Diet For Your Blood Type

Blood Type A

This is the second most common blood group in the United Kingdom. Once again according to Dr D’Adamo, digestive tract is obviously so good at remembering that our ancestors had decided, producing lifestyles, which included having lots of veggies and grains but smaller meat. Accordingly, blood group A’s must follow a vegan diet but yet keep off dairy products. This means beans, pasta, fruits, nuts, cereals, veg and seeds are all on the ‘to eat’ category. Meanwhile, soothing workouts are believed to be best for blood group A’s such as golf or yoga.

Blood Type B

Only one individual in 10 features blood group B – really a shame when you think this blood type has the least diet limitations! Since our group B ancestors were capable of thriving on all types of foods, thanks to all that travel, specifically some foods have to be avoided and this is the nearest you’ll reach a healthy, well-balanced diet from Dr D’Adamo. The merely foods that have to be avoided are processed foods, even though seeds and nuts aren’t suggested and just little amounts of carbohydrate rich foods have to be consumed. When it comes to workout, Dr D’Adamo proposes activities that feature mental element, such as swimming, tennis and hiking – distinctly our ancestors did very much thinking while they were traveling!

Diet For Your Blood Type

Blood Type AB

Persons with this rare blood group have to consume a combination of the foods suggested for blood types A and B. Slightly confusing when type B lets you to have most foods, while type A recommends a vegan diet! Dr D’Adamo goes about this by proposing that type Abs follow a vegan diet most of the time with a little meat, dairy products and fish once in a while. It’s the same when it comes to workouts too – blood group ABs needs to combine soothing workouts with mildly vigorous activities.

Expert Views on Diet for Your Blood Type

Medical experts all over the world agree that the theory is meaningless, and state there is completely no relation between our blood type and the diet we follow. Therefore you won’t get certified dietitians or nutritionists proposing this diet.

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There are even many concerns, namely that the diets suggested for blood types A and O are substantially restricted and cut down our major sorts of foods.

In the long term, this could leave in a bad consumption of calcium, which can pose you at a danger of osteoporosis, while escaping meat can lead you in poor consumption of iron, which can result in anemia. This is yet more concerning in the perspective of the reality that most people in the United Kingdom are blood type A or O.

Will this help you in weight loss?

Quite surely, but this is since each of the diets for the four blood groups wipes out particular class of food such as cereals and breads, meat, fish, and/or dairy products. Dr D’Adamo doesn’t provide any evidence regarding how much weight you’ll lose; it is based on how much you limit your food consumption.

Diet For Your Blood Type

Blood Type Diet: Pros

There are not lots of positive things to say about this Diet for Your Blood Type, which is distinctly based on science fiction instead of science fact. However, like with any diet, it will have you thinking of what you are eating at present, with the outcome that you might begin to make alterations to your diet. Counted to this, the eating for your blood type proposes consuming fresh, organic foods and therefore can help you de-junk your diet by eliminating booze, processed foods, chocolate, takeaways and excessive intake of coffee – all of which our ancestors lacked out on!

Blood Type Diet: Cons

There are numerous. On a realistic level, you might need a blood test to find out your blood type if you aren’t aware of it already – and this will intend a visit to your local health care center! Mealtimes might even be impossible if everyone in the house needs to follow the diet, but has a distinct blood type! But most significantly, it’s just another irritable method of having people to cut down calories – and the most concerning thing about this is that though you’ll likely lose weight, it could even affect your health in the long term. However, if you’re still sturdy about giving it a try, it’s better to follow it for just a short period (a week or less) and use it to jump start a long-term, well-balanced, weight-loss program.


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