If you are someone, who is below the age 25 and happen to live at United States, chances are that you might have faced few challenges while traveling. Admit it or not, renting a car can be a little tricky, as most car agencies have already set the age level to twenty five. So, the question is – can you rent a car at 18? Well, the answer would be a partial yes because a few states offer different policies. So, let us discuss more about car renting further.

Can You Rent A Car At 18 In United States?

Can You Rent A Car At 18

Here is the answer:

It is hard to rent a car at 18 in United States (but not impossible). The good thing is that there are few rental agencies, who allow you to have their cars rented even if you are under 25. We will list you those agencies later in this article. But, make a note that such rental agencies will have an additional surcharge on a daily basis. Though the minimum age requirement offered by most states/agencies is 21, there are few, who offer for 18 years. If you are able to get a group/employer plan, you are 100% eligible to rent a car at 18. On the other hand, if you are on government/military orders, they may allow you to rent a car at 18, given that you can use it occasionally, probably, for a leisure travel or when you are on leave.

Why Companies Don’t Like To Rent Cars To Individuals Under 21/25?

We totally understand how it feels like when you are under 25 and you don’t get the chance of renting a car. Have you ever tried to wonder why car companies don’t rent cars to under 25s? It is just that they don’t trust when it comes to payment. Also, they feel that you might end up thrashing and crashing their car. Obviously, it is their asset and you cannot do wrong.

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3 Companies That Rent Cars For People Under 25

There used to be time when individuals under the age 25 weren’t allowed to rent a car. However, everything has changed now. There are few car companies in United States that are willing to rent cars to people, as young as eighteen. Check out here carcover.com , Here are few to make a note of:

1. E-Z Rent A Car

Official Website

We are pretty sure that you must have heard of this one, as this car rental company has becoming a big hit and always-in-demand in United States. E-Z rent cars to people, who are 18. However, be ready to pay a whopping $36.40, as your day’s surcharge. Well, you are under 25 and they have this advantage. On the other hand, if you are between 21 and 24 years, you will have $20 as your surcharge (per day). We know that it is highly expensive but hey, you are not 25 too!

2. FlightCar

Official Website

If you are still wondering can you rent a car at 18, then FlightCar is probably the answer. But there is a big hurdle that you need to pass before renting out with this company. Every 18 year old can rent a car with current market value of $30,000 or above. Also, they charge you $25 for a day.

3. Avis

Official Website

Even you know that it is going to be highly expensive to rent a car when you are only 18. But will you dare to pay $52 for a day? Think twice before you go with Avis because this is what their surcharges are. Drivers under 25 or probably 18 can rent a car with Avis, considering that they are in Michigan, Saskatchewan, New York, and Canada.

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The Loopholes: How Else Can You Rent A Car When You Are 18?

  • Lucky you are if you live in New York or Michigan, as both these places allow people to rent a car even if they are 18. So, this is one way to have a car rented.
  • Next, if you are on government orders or official military orders, chances of having a car rented is high.
  • If the organization, where you work has an agreement with any rental car company, then you could probably grab this offer.
  • If you are listed as the so-called “additional driver” with a primary driver (who has to be above 25), then you can rent a car even if you are 18.

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