Thinking of Using a Storage Company? Here Is Our List of Essential Things to Know

The United Kingdom has faced the worst cost of living crisis in the past three decades. As the inflation rate rises above 7%, it is more challenging than ever for students to find an excellent place to stay on a small budget. Even though students can save money by staying in residence halls, the rooms in residence halls do not offer liberal space.

But instead of shifting to private student accommodations, the economical option for students is to rent a storage place for their belongings. You can safely store your belongings during university holidays or at the end of your university term.

A Complete Guide for Using a Storage Company

If you plan to use a storage company to store your valuable items, you need to check our list of essential things. This guide will tell you everything you should consider before trusting a storage company with your stuff.

5 Things to Look for in A Storage Company

When multiple storage companies are available, you must look for these services before finalising your decision.

  • Accessibility

Some storage companies offer access to the storage unit for specific hours. This means you cannot access your things after hours. So, if you need something from your stuff in the storage unit, you have to wait for the next day to retrieve it. Therefore, check if the storage company has 24 hours accessibility policy even on weekends. This way, you can reach your goods when you need them.

  • Security

Security is another vital element during the storage company selection process. When trusting your valuables with a company, you must ensure their security measures can protect your stuff. Ask the storage company what locks and security system they use in their storage units. You must also ensure that they use video monitoring, in-person surveillance, and security gates or doors for protection.

  • Pricing

The primary reason for using a storage unit is to save money, so you need to look for a cheap student storage company. Check and compare multiple storage services to see which ones offer discounted prices. 

  • Location

Choosing a facility near your university is more convenient, but it will cost you more. So, check out different storages and balance continence with easy access. If you are not planning to access your unit daily, it is better to select a warehouse located farther from the university.

  • Reviews

In this fast-paced and high-tech age, do not forget to check for online reviews. Check what current and former customers think about the storage company. You can learn if you should trust the storage company or scratch them off the list.

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Cost Evaluation of a Storage Unit

Certain elements determine the final cost of the storage unit. These factors are important to check because they determine if you are paying the right amount of money or not.

First, storage unit prices are according to the unit size and how long you plan to rent it. Some storage companies have monthly storage plans, while others offer renting plans for specific days. But it is better to sign up for a longer-term plan to get discounted prices.

Second, if the storage unit near you is popular and has less available space, its prices will be higher than other storage facilities. Popular storage units are expensive due to their high demand. That is why it is better to consider far located vacant units.

However, don’t compromise on your stuff’s safety on price. So, check why the company’s storage units are empty. And only select a storage company if they appear fishy.

Do You Need a Climate-Controlled Storage Unit?

Depending on the items you want to keep in the storage unit, you may have to rent a climate-controlled storage unit. Things made from plastic can survive in standard storage units, but you need a climate-controlled storage unit to prevent mould and mildew from growing if you are storing clothes and furniture.

In a regular storage unit, moisture from rain easily seeps into your clothes and furniture, causing irreparable damage. But climate-controlled storage units maintain a constant temperature between 50 to 85 degrees regardless of the weather and season. Due to controlled temperatures, your stuff is protected from hot summer weather, cold winter, and humidity.

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As climate-controlled are fitted with technology to store your goods in perfect condition, the cost is higher than renting a regular storage unit. But despite the high cost, renting a climate-controlled storage unit is worth the price. Otherwise, temperature and humidity fluctuation will damage your precious goods, and you will have to replace them. Therefore, it is better to invest in climate-controlled storage than replace all the expensive stuff.

Items Suitable for Climate-Controlled Storage Unit

If you are not sure whether you need a climate-controlled storage unit, check this list of items that must be stored in a climate-controlled unit to remain in good condition.

  • Wooden furniture
  • Leather furniture
  • Clothes
  • Photo albums
  • Paintings and painting supplies
  • Electronics
  • Books and documents
  • Household appliances
  • Any vintage stuff

How to Organise Storage Unit to Save Space?

Storing more things in a small space is an art. If you do not know how to maximise a small space, you may rent a larger storage unit. This means you will have to pay extra when you can easily store all your items at less cost. So, if you pack your stuff using these tips, you are sure to fit more things in less space.

  • Storage units have high ceilings, so you can stack boxes and furniture on top of each other until you reach the roof
  • Disassemble attachable parts of your furniture to stack things on top of each other easily
  • Leave no space empty. Put small items in the gaps and hollows
  • Always leave space to extract all items easily

But some companies also offer to pick and drop your stuff. You don’t have to worry about transporting and organising your stuff.

Wrapping Up

Finding affordable student accommodation with lots of storage space is difficult. But you can ensure all your things are safely within your reach by renting a storage unit. As there are various options, choose a service that offers affordable rates, high security, pick, store your stuff, and return your things on your request.

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