7 Types Of Nose Piercing For Millennial

Everyone has a different style statement, which is expressed in different ways. Some would like to express their fashion statement with a nose piercing.

Nose piercings have existed in this world since the Middle Ages. Some of the cultures believed it to be a status symbol, while in another part of the world the nose piercing is considered a sign of inferiority. Whatever is said and done, a nose piercing is painful and requires strong determination to have it done.

Most people would like to opt for a simple and safe nose piercing, while there are others who would like to experiment with a different type of nose piercing to suit their style. Here are some of the most beautiful nose piercing styles:

The Art Of Nose Piercing

1. Nostril Piercing


You can wear all kinds of nose jewelry if you have your nostrils pierced. Since the piercing site is easy to reach, you can wear any kind of jewelry, such as rivets, nose pins, nostril screws, nose rings, L-shaped pins, etc. A nostril piercing is rather simple and easy to perform.

It is also the most common and oldest type of nose piercing. In the past, women used to have their left nostril pierced because they believed it was good for their reproductive system. A piercing near the nerve of the left nostril is said to make childbirth easier and regulate the period.

The nostril piercing is placed at the top of the bend where your nostril curves separate from the rest of your face. Depending on the shape of your nose, overall appearance and suitability, you may decide to have a piercing on one side or both sides.

2. Septum Piercing


The septum piercing is a more trendy way of nose piercing in today’s world of fashion. This piercing is also becoming more and more popular with men. However, it is riskier, because the piercing must be done without damaging the septum cartilage. Safety must be the first priority, so please contact a professional piercer to get a septum piercing. For this kind of piercing you can wear circular barbells or pearl rings.

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If you are afraid of a piercing at this point, but still want to follow the fashion, you can wear a horseshoe-shaped nose ring to get the same septum piercing look without actually making a hole in the nose.

3. High Nostril Piercing


This is a different kind of piercing to get into your nostrils. The place of this piercing is a bit above the nostril crease. This is a rare kind of piercing and is a good choice if you intend to have several piercings on your nose.

Because the access to the location of the piercing is restricted, you have to choose jewelry from a limited selection. You can either wear a stud, nostril screws, and L-shaped pins. Because the piercing is high above the nostril, it is difficult to wear a nose ring.

Please make sure that you contact an experienced person to have the piercing done at this location. It can be difficult to pierce there, and only an experienced person can do the piercing without causing harm.

4. Rhino Piercing


If you want to choose a cool and trendy kind of nose piercing, then Rhino piercing is a good choice for you. It is a vertical piercing at the tip of the nose. This kind of piercing is rare and quite extraordinary. The piercing starts directly under the tip of the nose up to under the nose. The catch with this kind of piercing is that you can only wear a curved barbell.

5. Septril Piercing

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A very carefully executed piercing is the septril piercing. It will look as if you have pierced at the place where the bridge of the nose and the upper lip meet. This piercing is not for light hearted people; because of the structure and the position of the cartilage it can be quite painful. Therefore make sure that you go to a professional piercer to have the septril piercing done. For this kind of piercing you can wear a flat stud, an eyelet or a small curved barbell.

6. Nasallang Piercing


This may look like a nostril piercing done on both sides of the nose, but this is one of the most difficult piercings to do. The Nasallang piercing is the kind of piercing, which is meant for a body piercing enthusiast.

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The piercing needs a hole, which goes through both nostrils as well as through the septum. So there will be three holes: two piercings for each nostril and one at the septum. All three holes are drilled at the same time with a single needle, which is inserted on one side of the nose and comes out on the other side. This three-hole piercing can only be decorated with a straight barbell.

7. Nose Bridge Piercing


Bridge piercings are another type of piercings that are rare but have a fresh look. This piercing looks painful, especially if you have not pierced before. But don’t worry: this piercing is safe because it will not touch any cartilage or bone. You can use curved dumbbells on your bridge piercing to keep the super cool look.

With this type of piercing, there is a small risk because of its location. The bridge piercing is a surface piercing and there is a possibility that your body will automatically heal the piercing by pressing it closer to the skin surface. If this happens, you have to remove the jewelry and let the hole close completely.

If you want to have your nose pierced, you should have it done by a professional piercer. A wrongly made piercing can cause damage to your bones or cartilage. It can also lead to infections if the needle used for piercing is not cleaned and sterilized. It is also important to be sure that you use high-quality metals as accessories for your nose, especially if the piercing is fresh, to avoid infection and pus formation.

And finally,

Find the answers to questions like how long does it take for a nose piercing to heal? Remember also that healing often depends on how you follow your instructions for aftercare and the advice of your piercing professional.

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