Style Tips: Sometimes a girl next to you has a generic face and yet influences everyone around. You keep wandering, “What does it take to look so attractive and impressive?” Well, you do not need top brands clinging to your body to look stylish. No need to cover your face with piles of makeup or to spend hours styling your hair. Moreover, spending too much on the salons may make your skin look good, but personality is something that you’ll have to work upon. So here’s a fashion guide for each girl who aspires to look like a trendy chic with least efforts and affordable prices.

 10 Style Tips That Can Make You A Fashion Diva

1. Play With Fusion Concepts


There is no need to stuff your closet with various dresses and confuse yourself. Keep a few basic clothes that fit well. Denim pants & shorts, skirts, printed trousers, palazzos, jackets etc. are must haves for any girl to experiment with her looks.

You can wear different types of t-shirts, crop tops, tank tops, robes etc. over these. Alternatively, changing the pair will give you the feeling of wearing a new dress every time.

2. Balance Of Prints

color balance

Do not wear a printed top with a printed top. It is a pain in the eyes of the viewers. If one is printed, the other one has to be plain. Or else both of them can be plain. Also, if the top is printed, the jacket has to be plain and vice-verse.

3. Accessorize To Make A Statement


If you are going to wear accessories, make it a point to accentuate only one piece, at a time. If the neck-piece is too heavy, wear it with a plain top. Do not wear heavy earrings with a heavy necklace. If the jewelry is very blingy-zingy, wear it with subtle colored outfits. Do not wear too many huge rings on your fingers. In short, do not accessorize yourself so much that you look like a walking garden.

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4. Bags And Shoes

bag shoes

The color of bags and shoes should be in contrast to your outfit, or should be of the color that is minimal yet expressive in your dress. For example, if you are wearing a white maxi with blue detailing on the neck and the sleeves, then do not wear white footwear, instead get your feet housed in some blue shoes. Use a blue colored bag instead of a white one. If you are going to wear a belt, you can keep the colors of your shoes, bag and belt the same, or you can also keep them all in different colors if the dress has detailing in other colors too.

5. Dress According To The Occasion

Of course, it is a very important tip to follow. You cannot wear a cocktail dress to a casual movie date. Also, wear dressed according to the season and the time of the day. Sporty look doesn’t look entertaining in official parties. Warm and bright colors traumatize people’s eyes in hot summers.

6. Recycle


Recycling is the best trick to have trendy clothes without stressing out your pocket. Get some of your old tops and make new cuts in the neck, sleeves or back. Snip out your trousers or shorts too. Refurbish your old garments with lace, buttons, bows etc. There are lots of videos and articles available on the Internet that can give you new ideas for recycling.

7. Use Makeup, But Do Not Go Overboard

The word “makeup” itself specifies that you have to make up for the flaws of your skin. But do not cover your face with layers and layers of foundation or powder. Also, either accentuate your eyes or your lips with makeup. Doing both at the same time will make you look anything but beautiful. If you are using bronzer, apply it just on your forehead, bridge of the nose and cheek-bones.

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8. Apply Makeup That Is Time And Occasion Appropriate

Apply light and subtle makeup in the daytime. A black or brown eyeliner and a lipgloss of a lighter shade are just enough. During evening and night parties, you can make use of all popping colors. Do not apply too much makeup on an adventure trip or a picnic. Smokey eyes will always go great with nude lips. Also, your hair-do should be suitable to the place and the occasion.

9. Wear What Is Comfortable To You

Don’t chase the outrageously gorgeous dressing stuff if you are not comfortable in them. The fitting of your dress and shoes should let you walk and sit properly so that your focus is not always on managing your dress. Take trials at home, few days earlier to the occasion.

10. Talk With Confidence And Act Smart

The last tip is to wear lots of confidence before you step out of the house. You may have dressed perfectly and would have made use of the best makeup techniques, but all that is in vain if you are not able to strike an intelligent and interesting conversation with people. Learn some good etiquette. Keep yourself updated with the present world so that you can get involved in some smart talks with another person.

So my girls, being stylish and appealing is all about maintaining balance. If you do not under-do or over-do things, then you can easily leave a remarkable impression behind. Make some efforts to keep yourself aware of the latest trends. Learn how you can make optimum use of the things available in your closet, in vivid ways. Remember – People like to be with a good-looking girl. But they crave to be with a bold and a beautiful girl!

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