Faith In Humanity is an important aspect in everything that we do and on how we live our lives. It is very important for each and every person to be treated well as humans. If and ever there are instances that degrade you as a person, and other people who inhumanely treats you, it is already a wound to human rights which will obviously make you wary of your belief in equality and safety among others.

It is important that we should trust people whom we look up to such as those artistscelebritiespoliticiansbusiness tycoons, and even ministry leaders.

But then again, should we really put our trust to these people? Or it is better if we stay away from them since contrary to what we see outside, there are more hidden scandals and issues that malign their personal lives?

Are they worth our admiration? Or humanity will simply be better off without them? You be the judge on whether these people are still worthy of our strong confidence in humanity.

Here is a list of the 30 famous people who have shattered our faith in humanity. Though we look up to them, it is important that we know what they are behind the glittering light of the cameras and behind closed doors.

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Famous People Who Have Shattered Our Faith In Humanity

1. Will Smith


Smith may be pretty famous for being a well-acclaimed American actor and producer on top of being a rapper and a song writer, but that does not mean that he is a clean old soul that can make you believe that every great people is good inside out.

New generation of people who idolized him may not know that the actor was involved in an assault way back in 1989, which left one man nearly blind after his attack.

2. Mark Wahlberg


With a collection of successful films in his career, plus being a producer of various successful TV series, Wahlberg was in fact charged with attempted murder when he was just 16 years old. Surprising, isn’t it?

He attacked two Vietnamese men using a wooden stick, which left one man blind in one eye. The young Wahlberg was charged with attempted murder but since he pleaded guilty on what he did, he was only sentenced to two years in prison. Out of the two years, he only served 45 days.

3. Faith In Humanity – Jim Bakker


Bakker was a former host of the PTL Club and a former minister of the Assemblies of God. Being a man of God should make you one person who can’t do something wrong, right? But Bakker simply destroyed that belief when he was discovered conning his parishioners.

The former minister earned millions when he sold lifetime memberships to his parishioners which includes access to a luxury hotel that he was building.

Thousands of memberships have been sold, yet there was only one 500-room hotel built. He was also said to have paid a female employee a hefty $279,000 for her to hush on an alleged rape case he did along with another minister.

4. Khloe Kardashian


Pretty and popular as she may be, this Kardashian babe is no stranger from drunk driving. The incident happened back in 2007 when Khloe was arrested and she was penalized with three years probation.

However, she broke the terms of her probation which resulted to a supposed 30 days inside the jail. Khloe only served three hours out of her 30 days due to overcrowding.

5. Jay Z


The 46 year old American rapper, investor and entrepreneur stabbed someone way back in 1999. Jay Z had been involved in an altercation that occurred in a night club. The rapper ended the night stabbing a record executive in his stomach. Since he pleaded guilty of what he did, he was only charged with a three years probation.

6. Mel Gibson


Gibson is really a problematic person then as he was abusing his former girlfriend, Oksana Grigorieva. The woman also happened to be the mother of his child, Lucia, in 2009. Grigorieva filed a restraining order against Gibson to keep him away from her and their daughter, however, it was modified the following day about Gibson’s contact with his daughter.

Grigorieva cited an incidence of domestic violence.

Prior to his relationship with the Russian pianist, Gibson was married to a dental nurse Robyn Denise Moore for 26 years. However, they separated following an incident of drunk driving where the actor was arrested. They eventually broke up and divorced.

7. John Edwards


He is a living proof that even politicians who campaign and make their names as clean as possible can also shatter our faith in humanity. Edwards was said to have a secret affair for years and even fathered a child with a campaign staff. The worst part was the fact that he had his affair when his legal wife was battling breast cancer.

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He denied his claims before, but admitted he had the affair in 2008 despite still denying the fact that he was the father of the child. In 2010 though, he admitted that he was the father of the child and he was charged in 2011 for using their campaign funds to hide the affair.

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8. Miley Cyrus


So okay, she was a sweet and role model teen when she played Hannah Montana. But our little sweet girl grew up into someone we could not even imagine her to be.

Parents who adored her back then for being a good example to their kids may have regretted it now, or perhaps grieve the future of this once innocent child. Cyrus has now become a very provacativedefinitely dirty and sexed up girl.

9. Nancy Snyderman


Doctors should take care of the entire human population, right? It was their oath and they should stand by it. However, Snyderman broke that oath just to dine out. Sounds crazy? Well, not quite if you are Snyderman.

She was exposed to an area that is Ebola affected while filming for NBC. She should be quarantined for a 21-day period but she secretly went to New Jersey to eat out on a restaurant and putting all other people she meets at risk.

10. Matthew McConaughey


Including McConaughey on this list is a bit heartbreaking for me. But this handsome actor, who became famous in a lot of great films, is someone you should not come across with especially if you do not do drugs. He was arrested in 1999 for drug possession of marijuana and paraphernalia.

neighbor complained because of the noise and when officers went to the area, they found McConaughey dancing naked and claimed they found the illegal substances when they searched his house. Lucky for him though since the drug charges had been dropped but he was still fined with $50 as he pleaded guilty on the noise offense.

11. Stephanie Pratt


She was famous for The Hills, but prior to the fame, Pratt had been into trouble for shoplifting clothes amounting to $1,300. This happened when she was only 20 years old and was charged with a second-degree theft. When she was taken to the police headquarters, it was found out that there were drugs inside her bag too.

The Hills star was charged with promoting a harmful drug as well as promoting a dangerous drug that can cause the most bodily damage to a person.

12. Chace Crawford


He is someone who also breaks my heart for being included on this list. I have always admired Chace but upon knowing his drug possession charges where he was also arrested back in 2010, I re-assessed how I looked up to him.

Clearly, not all great and good looking actors are also good inside. He was punished with a probation for a year and also served 80 hours of community service.

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13. Vanilla Ice


Robert Matthew Van Winkle, most famously known as Vanilla Ice, is an American actor, rapper and TV host. Despite being one of the famous people, he had several occasions where he needs to deal with the law. In 1991, he was charged after threatening a poor homeless man with a firearm.

In 2001, he assaulted his wife by pulling some of her hair out and was arrested for that. He pleaded guilty, and was sentenced with a probation and attend family therapy sessions.

14. Anderson Silva


Being an MMA fighter means that you should be fit and healthy, and free from drugs. But then again, Silva failed a drug test after his fight against Nick Diaz.

He kept denying the claims but admitted when the second drug test was done and clearly verified the presence of the illegal substance in his body. His name was tarnished of what he did and he was even banned for one year.

15. Brian Williams


So okay, he must have been one of the best and admired persons in America for being an anchor of the NBC Nightly News, but that totally changed when it was found out that his stories for the past 12 years are well… lies.

There was even an event when he said that he traveled on a helicopter that was hit by a rocket-grenade back in 2003 at Iraq. However, when a veteran questioned his story, he admitted that he was riding a different helicopter which was 30 minutes in the rear of the helicopter that was hit.

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16. Steve Martin


Steve Martin may be an EmmyGrammy and American Comedy award-winning actor, but that does not mean that all of his jokes bring laughter and happiness to people. Martin once tweeted a joke that offended African and Italian-Americans. He deleted his post after but the damage was already done.

The actor sent his deep and humble apologies to the people whom his tweet may have affected. However, in addition, he clarified the context and the origin of the joke, which made people question if he was indeed sorry at all or not.

17. 50 Cent


He may have created a big name in the music industry, but before all the fame and money he has now, 50 Cent has his own shares of back logs that made us question our Faith In Humanity.

At the age of 19, in 1994, he was guilty in selling cocaine and heroin to which he served in a boot camp prison for six months. In 2002, he was also sentenced for a two years probation due to assault and battery.

18. Woody Harrelson


He portrayed Woody Boyd in the 1985 television sitcom Cheers, and also played Haymitch Abernathy for The Hunger Games series. But Harrelson has his own fair share of scandals as well that shattered our faith in humanity.

In 1982, prior to his breakthrough in Cheers, Harrelson was arrested for disorderly conduct when he was seen dancing mid-street. He also has a record of resisting arrest, yet he was able to bail out himself from it and avoided jail.

19. Marilyn Manson


He may have created a hug name for himself in the music industry, but he was also charged with sexual misconduct. The charge was filed by a security officer after allegedly accused of rubbing his crotch on the officer’s head. Manson was charged with misdemeanor disorderly conduct, where he paid a fine of $4,000.

20. Amanda Bynes


This girl had a promising career ahead of her. She ran into one trouble after the other which not only ruined her booming career, but also destroyed her as a person. Three years ago, she was detained for having several DUIs.

Another arrest incident occurred when she was caught possessing marijuana and she cross over the line more when she started a fire near someone’s house. Since she involved herself with one problem after the other, Bynes was recommended to go on a psychiatric evaluation.

21. Hulk Hogan


Hogan is considered as the most famous and certainly likeable wrestler of all time, but that changed when he showed how racist and discriminating he can be.

Hogan made some racial and inappropriate statements that earned him the ire of people who once looked up to him. Hogan should know when to shut up his mouth especially if there are things he should better keep to himself instead.

22. Martin Shkreli


Okay, you may not know this name before he actually committed something detestable. Shkreli is the chief executive of the Turing Pharmaceuticals.

At 32 years old, he earned the biggest mistake of his life that made him one of the most hated persons in America by increasing the price of a certain medicine from $13.50 to $750 per pill overnight! The pill in question has been developed back in the 1950’s and has been found to help treat a rare parasitic infection, toxoplasmosis.

23. Adrian Peterson


He played in the National Football League as an American football running back representing Minnesota Vikings. However, despite being good in the football field, we can question his parenting skills… obviously, he lacks it.

Sad but true, Peterson abused and beat his son severely using a switch that resulted to the poor boy bleeding and swelling. Reports concerning Peterson’s affiliations with hookers and misusing funds of his charitable foundation also arise.

24. Cheryl Cole


Pretty English television personality, singer and dancer Cheryl Cole is not all beauty as she is also prone to engage into violence too. Cole was arrested after a squabble in a nightclub with a bathroom attendant.

She was charged with racially aggravated assault that was later dropped. However, she was convicted on assault occasioning to actual bodily harm.

25. Carmen Electra

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Can you imagine a glamorous model being vicious and violent? If you can’t, then you must think of Carmen Electra as an example. The American model was arrested under her real name, Tara Patrick, in 1999 for battering her ex-husband, Dennis Rodman. The two were ordered to keep at least 500 feet away from one another after the incident.


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