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What Does ML Mean in Text Message?

Over 25 years have passed since the invention of texting, and it is believed that 8 trillion texts are sent annually worldwide. Whether you like it or not, texting abbreviations (like the ubiquitous “LOL”) are frequently used in textbooks. If you don’t know what they signify, at the very least, it can be confusing, and at the very worst, it can land you in trouble.

You may have heard the phrase “ML” while using TikTok or other social media sites like Instagram or Snapchat, but what does it actually mean? Do you want to know what ML in texting means? Okay, we will provide examples in this article on how to use this acronym. Keep reading to understand what it is! We’ll define it, show you some examples of how to use it, and explain what it implies.

TikTok users commonly utilize a variety of various slang phrases and acronyms to communicate on the app, which is one of the biggest hubs of viral material on the internet. While some have roots in TikTok, many go back further and are widespread across other platforms, including Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat. You may have noticed the term “ML” on TikTok; while it is occasionally used in videos, its most frequent usage is in direct messages.

What does it actually mean? Here is all the information you require. But before that, let’s find out why people use text abbreviations.

Why use text abbreviations?

Before “unlimited speak and text” data plans, sending and receiving text messages cost a lot of money, and because each message could only contain 160 characters, each character was valued highly. Texting using a regular phone keypad required many key pushes for each character, which was tedious. As a result, users of mobile phones have become accustomed to awkward keypads and character limitations.

A new vocabulary of acronyms and texting abbreviations developed as texting gained popularity and became part of the internet and texting culture. Despite the complete keyboards on our smartphones, texting abbreviations are still useful shortcuts and are still widely used in conversations.

Now that we know why people use text abbreviations let’s find out what ML means!

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What does ML mean?

What Does ML Mean in Text Message 1

The acronym ML is frequently used for “My Love” on social media. You will typically hear people use this in direct messages as a term of endearment, but it need not be romantic. ML is a fantastic way to quickly refer to your loved one when messaging because acronyms are simpler to use. Just two letters, that’s it!

Because they make messaging exceedingly convenient, acronyms like ML are really helpful. You can still send texts using cute acronyms like ML, even when busy.

Examples of Usage

  • Ross – Hello, ML. What are you doing?
    Rachel – I’m bored at work.
  • Carrie – I can’t wait to see you tomorrow!
    Aidan – Aww, I can’t wait to see you, ML!
  • Alex – Happy birthday ML, I love you!
    Max – Thank you, babe, you’re the best.
  • Cherry: Hey, how are you doing, ML?
    Chris: Hi, ML. I am doing great. What are you up to?
  • Sharon: You want to hang out on Saturday, ML?
    Sherlyn: Sure, why not!
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Other possible meanings of ML

The acronyms’ meanings will vary based on the situation since some users have reported using ML to stand for “Mega Loser,” “Much love,” or “Massive Loser.” Consider the context in which ML is used to determine its meaning because these are not the only possible interpretations, and various people may use it to signify different things. Here are some more alternatives: 

  • More Life: This phrase is usually used while wishing someone a happy birthday. It means to wish someone a longer, healthier, and prosperous life.

    Examples: Hey Kiara, Happy Birthday! ML to you
  • Much Love: This phrase is similar to more life and is used while wishing someone a happy birthday. It is a term to show immense love and affection. When a person uses Much Love in a sentence, they want the other person to know they are loved and respected.

    Example: Much love, darling!

    Another meaning for the phrase: It is an acceptable, even endearing, valediction (farewell) given between male buddies (bros) who aren’t self-conscious about their or your sexuality as a symbol of affection. Women may use this expression, as other definitions have noted, but this is not something to mock them for, as many of us are ignorant of foreign cultures.

    Example: It was good catching up with you, broski, much love!
    Ha, ha, ha, that’s so funny, Robert, much love!
  • Male Lead: An actor who plays the leading male role in a movie or television show.

    Example: Ryan Reynolds is the ML for the Deadpool series. 
  • Machine Learning: A branch of artificial intelligence known as machine learning is the ability of a machine to mimic intelligent human behavior.

    Example: The bot could use some ML!

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Other common text acronyms

  • CYA: See Ya, where C stands for See. This can also be used as CU, meaning “See You.”
    Example: It was great talking to you. I have to go now. CYA
  • BTW: By The Way
    Example: BTW, did you listen to the new Beyonce album?
  • BC: Because
    Example: I have to leave early today bc I have a date tonight!
  • FTW: For The Win
    Context: This idiom’s origins are unclear; it has been credited to World of Warcraft, rugby, and Hollywood Squares for its widespread use. Often ironically, it’s employed as a rallying cry or a joyful outburst.
    Example: Last exam tomorrow, One more all-nighter FTW!
  • DM: Direct Message
    Context: A “direct message” on social networking sites like Twitter and Instagram is a private communication only the recipient can see, as opposed to a post made public. The expression “sliding into her/his/their DMs” (which has served as the basis for numerous memes) usually describes an admirer sending a daring or sophisticated direct message to a total stranger to initiate flirtation.
    Example: DM me for more details about the workshop.
  • IDK: I Don’t Know
    Example: Idk what you’re talking about.
  • FWIW: For What Its Worth
    Example: Hey, FWIW, I think you will one day become a great singer.
  • IRL: In Real Life
    Context: This expression is frequently used to distinguish between media or internet identities and how things are in reality.
    Example: She is very different IRL.
  • ILY: I Love You
    Example: Hey babe, I hope you have a great day. ILY
  • IMO: In My Opinion
    Example: IMO, it was a great party.
  • LOL: Laughing Out Loud
    Context: Originally, it was a way to express via texting or online conversation that you found something so amusing that you could not help but chuckle. LOL has changed over time from its original meaning and is now primarily used to express amusement or simply follow along with what the other person is saying (like a virtual nod).
    Example: I forgot to add salt to my eggs this morning. LOL
  • LMK: Let Me Know
    Example: LMK, when you want to start planning our LA trip.
  • JK: Just Kidding
    Context: This texting acronym is widely used to express sarcasm but may also be used to make jokes.
    Example: The sushi you bought made me sick. JK
  • NSFW: Not Safe For Work
    Context: When properly implemented, the NSFW warning flags links to websites, videos, photos, and audio clips that contain objectionable material. Although the term is frequently used to describe pornography, it is also frequently used as a warning label for violent, offensive, or politically sensitive content.
    Example: Is this video NSFW?
  • NBD: No Big Deal
    Example: Could you ask the restaurant to add chocolate chips to my milkshake order? NBD if they can’t, though.
  • NVM: Nevermind
    Example: Could you bring some soy sauce when you come home?
    NVM found a bottle at the back of the cabinet.
  • NP: No Problem
    Example: NP if you’re a little late.
  • OMW: On My Way
    Example: Hey, I’m OMW, will be there in 15mins!
  • OTOH: On The Other Hand
    Context: Used to argue for both sides of an argument
    Example: I know I said I would eat better. OTOH, a pizza right now would be amazing. 
  • OMG: Oh My God
    Example: OMG, this coffee is fantastic
  • TBH: To Be Honest
    Example: TBH, I don’t like FRIENDS that much.
  • SO: Significant Other
    Example: Let me check with my SO and RSVP for the party.
  • ROFL: Rolling On the Floor Laughing
    Example: My friend said Ned Stark will sit on the Iron Throne. ROFL
  • TTYL: Talk To You Later
    Example: I’m a little busy right now, I will TTYL.
  • TMI: Too Much Information
    Example: Her sex life updates are TMI for me. 
  • THX: Thanks
    Example: Can you send me a link to the article you were reading this morning? THX
  • YOLO: You Only Live Once
    Example: I can work forever but only go to a Taylor Swift concert once. YOLO!
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Tips for using acronyms and text abbreviations 

  • Known where to use what text abbreviations: You might use different text abbreviations in marketing or business communications than you do when communicating with friends or significant people. Sending a mass text with the emoticons “LOL” or “OMG” can contribute to developing a friendlier, more casual interaction with your clients, depending on your brand identity and target market. This can be unsuitable if your brand has a more official voice.
  • Know your audience: Understand the context, tone, and the person you use text acronyms with. Sending “LOL” or “TTYL” with your boss might not be the best use of text abbreviations, but you can use them with your friends or no social media platforms. 

It can be challenging to try to remember all the numerous versions of abbreviations that are there in the world and then remember the context and tone for each of them. After all, there are thousands of them out there! 


In this blog, we discussed what ML means, how to use it in a sentence, other meanings of ML, and various text abbreviations that everyone should know about. We hope you liked this blog. 

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