Snapchat Plus Planets: An In-Depth Guide 

Despite declining popularity, Snapchat is attempting to regain its consumers’ confidence by introducing new features and products. Recently, the corporation released a new solar system theme, which was well-received by many fans but left some confused. 

If you’re unsure what it is, stay reading because we’ll explain the Snapchat planets today.

Many users were perplexed by Snapchat’s most recent prediction, but it has a pretty clear meaning. The new Snapchat planets feature lets you see how close you are to your friends. 

Every buddy has a planet that represents them, and the closer you are to a friend, the closer your planet is to theirs. Let’s delve further into the significance of Snapchat planets!

What Is The Meaning Of Snapchat Planets? 

If you use Snapchat, you may have seen some symbols with planet-like forms next to your friends’ names. 

These aren’t just regular emojis; they depict your best buddies in a cosmic setting.

So, What Exactly Do They Mean? 

  • You’ll see a gold ring around a “Best Friends” or “Friends” badge on someone’s Friendship Profile if you’re a Snapchat++ subscriber. 
  • ‘Best Friends’ means you are each other’s eight closest friends, whereas ‘Friends’ means you are each other’s eight closest friends but they are not yours.

Meaning Of Plants On Snapchat 

  • Each planet in their solar system correlates to a different position on their list of Best Friends, and pressing the badge shows your position in their solar system. 
  • If their friend is the Sun and you are Earth in their solar system, you are their third closest friend.
  • The Snapchat planets meaning is straightforward since the firm strives to simplify everything in order to enhance user experience.

How Does It Work? 

To access your friends’ planets on Snapchat, you must have Snapchat Plus. After purchasing a Plus subscription, open the app and visit the friend list. 

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Hover your cursor over the upper right corner of your screen and touch the “+” button. You’ll see an option that reads “See Your Friends’ Planets,” that’s how you may see all of your friends’ planets.

  • Mercury is your best friend.
  • Venus is the second closest friend.
  • Earth is the third closest friend.
  • Mars is the fourth closest buddy.
  • Jupiter is the fifth closest buddy.
  • Saturn is the sixth closest buddy.
  • Uranus is the seventh closest buddy.
  • Neptune is the eighth closest buddy.

Definitions Of Planet 

  • Mercury determines the closest friendship, while Venus represents the second closest buddy. 
  • The third, fourth, and fifth closest buddies are revealed by Earth, Mars, and Jupiter. Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune are the final three surviving planets.

Friendship Ranks

  • Friendship ranks in Snapchat Plus’ Friends Solar System correlate to planet positions in the real Solar System. 
  • It’s also worth mentioning that to use the function, both you and your buddy must have a connected Bitmoji.

How To Try Friends Solar System With Snapchat++ Free Trial? 

With Snapchat+’s 7-day free trial, you can experience Snapchat’s new Friends Solar Systems feature and see which planet you are in your friend’s galaxy. 

In the United States, Snapchat+ costs $3.99 monthly, $21.99 for six months, and $39.99 for a year.

If you don’t want to pay for a membership but still want to know which planet you are in your friends’ Solar Systems, the free trial is for you. Take the following steps:

  • Upgrade your Snapchat app to the most recent version.
  • Open the app and navigate to your profile.
  • Locate and touch the “Snapchat++” banner.
  • Examine the data and make a decision.
  • Select the “Start 7-Day Free Trial” option.
  • Finally, select a subscription payment method.
  • Once your free trial has begun, go to a friend’s Friendship Profile, find the Best Friends or Friends badge, and tap on the golden border surrounding it. 

You’ll learn which Snapchat planet you are in the Solar System of friendship this way.

What Are Other Features Of Snapchat Plus? 

Now that you understand what Snapchat planets are let’s look at the additional features available to Plus subscribers. 

Snapchat has pushed out various features only available to Plus subscribers, such as Snapchat My AI, and the firm is constantly adding new ones.

  • As a Snapchat user, you can access exclusive, unreleased, and experimental features. 
  • These features, which improve and personalize your Snapchat experience, allow you to go deeper into the sections of Snapchat that you use the most. 
  • You also get to see great new features before everyone else.
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Badges On Snapchat 

  • Best Friends Forever
  • Story Rewatch Indicator
  • Custom App Icons
  • Custom App Theme Editor
  • Snapchat+ Badge
  • Friend Solar System
  • Priority Story Replies
  • Post View Emojis
  • Bitmoji Backgrounds
  • Story Timer
  • Capturing Color
  • Custom Notification Sounds
  • Friend Snap Score Change
  • Chat Wallpapers
  • Custom Capture Buttons
  • Gift Snapchat++
  • Story Boost

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Is Snapchat Planet Feature Available For Everyone? 

Snapchat’s Friend Solar System, also known as Friendship Planets, is now available only to Plus subscribers. To access it, you must either pay for Snapchat+ membership or have started your free trial.It is now unavailable to free users. Unfortunately, it appears like Snapchat has no intentions of making it available to everyone anytime soon. If it’s an experimental function, the app may make it available to everyone in the near future.

Because the Snapchat++ membership is only available in a few countries, the Snapchat Planets function is also now limited to specific territories. The premium tier will be accessible globally in the coming months, according to the business.

How Much Does Snapchat Plus Cost?

Snapchat Plus costs $3.99 a month and is deemed “affordable” compared to other social media platforms or services’ premium features in general.  All of the unique features described above are available for $3.99 a month.

Can People Tell If You HaveSnapchat Plus? 

People can tell whether you have Snapchat Plus. People enjoy feeling special, so practically every social media network, including Snapchat, lets you know if a user is paying for a service. 

Subscribers are identified as paying clients by a distinctive sticker. If the Snapchat user is a Snapchat++ subscriber, a mystery star icon will display next to the individual’s Snapchat username.


So, now you know everything!! Why don’t you go ahead and explore such features yourself and get ahead in the social curve. We hope this guide helps you make more friends. 

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