What Are Android TV Boxes And What Do They Offer?

The multimedia devices that we currently connect to our televisions are becoming more and more common and popular thanks to the advantages they offer us and the possibilities they give us. Here, we will focus on the Android TV box. It should be noted that Android TV boxes are very popular in the UK, and if you are looking for cheap Android TV boxes in the UK, check out the latest offers here.

First of all, we will tell you that the so-called Android TV boxes, which have been very popular for some time, are small devices that are perfect for those who want to improve the capabilities of their living room TV. In this way, these sometimes very controversial and persecuted products can be a great help when it comes to managing our own multimedia content of all kinds.

What are Android TV boxes

These are actually devices that are characterized, among other things, by their easy installation in almost every current television set, which, in addition to Internet access, also gives us direct access to a whole range of additional applications. When we talk about an Android TV box, this does not correspond, of course, to a specific device, because they are sold in many different shapes and sizes, and there are many different options, both for software and hardware. The only thing they all have in common is their ability to run the Android TV operating system on which they are based.

What do Android TV boxes offer?

Many manufacturers of these boxes have adapted the operating system to their own devices, so that there are currently many versions of the system and the devices which operate it. In addition, Android TV is also installed into several smart TVs.

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Despite the name ‘Android’, most of these boxes do not bear any resemblance to an Android smartphone, at least in terms of appearance. However, they will provide access to a modified version of the Google Play Store. The boxes also offer an interface that allows for the configuration of favorite channels, and also offers recommended content based on what you have watched previously.

Because the Google Play Store offered on these boxes is slightly modified, many app developers ensure that their apps are compatible to these devices. Companies such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, YouTube, HBO Go, NBC, and many more are all accessible via an Android TV box.

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