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5 Most Popular Activities To Do On Maldives

Close your eyes and visualize “sugar-white beach sands, turquoise water, and lavish resorts, jet-set honeymooners reclining in resorts that have beachfronts and splashing in the emerald water.” Now, please open your eyes, and let us know what this location we’re discussing is… Sure, you’ve guessed correctly, and it’s not the Maldives.
The Maldives, also known as The Maldive Islands, is an island state that is an independent country located in the north-central region of the Indian Ocean. It comprises an island chain comprising around 1,200 tiny coral islands and Sandbanks (some 200 of them are habitable), which are grouped in groupings or atolls.


1. Snorkeling
One of the most popular attractions of Maldives is its stunning oceans and the incredible variety of its marine life. Because of its abundant wildlife and plants, Maldives is one of the most attractive places for snorkeling. Your Maldives Packageswill remain incomplete without having fun with the fishes. Due to its amazing biodiversity and flora, Maldives is one of the most beautiful places to go snorkeling. The Maldives are islands located in the South of India in Indian Oceans that offer a breathtaking snorkeling experience. The coral reefs that are found in the waters of the Maldives are mostly hard corals that are a mixture of finger, table, staghorn, boulder brain and lobe corals. It is also possible to take an amazing look at a array of fish species and aquatic creatures, such as anemonefish that are colorful Giant Clams, Blacktip and Whitetip Reef Sharks, Hawksbill Turtles, Whale Sharks, Eagle Rays, massive schools of vibrant fusiliers Clown Triggerfish, butterflyfish, bannerfish and a variety of Octopus..

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2. Island Hopping
The Maldives is an archipelago comprising many beautiful and charming islands that are linked with the blue ocean. The exotic feel of the island nation is apparent from popular tourist spots and the peaceful, beautiful beaches.
You could take a trip by booking your trip through Intermiles and then boarding an elegant yacht, sailing through the posh islands.

3. Parasailing
Even if you think you aren’t afraid of the heights (I wasn’t sure I was after I had been zip-lining during my time in Argentina), parasailing sure to make you gasp. Literally. A leisurely boat ride, then the sail is set for the rider, and then you’ll be through the air. It’s an excellent 15 minutes. You’ll probably think for the first few minutes that it’s pretty cool. But then you realize that the boat down there isn’t big enough.
Likely, you do not want to think that way. You’ll need to shut your eyes and then take deep sighs.

4. Relish canoeing
Nestled in the middle of East Maldives is another spot you can only imagine. Alimatha Island is a perfect place to experience kayaking and canoeing within the Maldives. You can go towards Miyaru Kandu, Fotte Kandu to take in the many activities you can enjoy during your visit to the Maldives, such as canoeing at its top.
Since the area is renowned for its crystal blue waters and an upscale ambiance, visitors enjoy excursions. While canoeing is among the most popular activities in the area, it is also possible to participate in other options such as snorkeling and diving.
There are numerous excellent bars, spas, massage centers, other places that provide nothing less than an unforgettable time for visitors. Therefore, there are plenty of activities to enjoy in the Maldives regarding Alimatha Island is concerned.

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maldives canoeing

5. City tour in Male
Male is known as the capital city of Maldives and is not to be not missed. The tourist attractions of the Maldives are a total delight and should be experienced in the company of locals. Sultan Park, President’s Palace, Friday Mosque, and the National Museum are a part of the city tour.
Be sure to take note of the arches made by trees in the residential streets and the fantastic fruits, vegetables, and fish market. Don’t forget to sip coconut water as you are going on this tour.

6. Surfing
There is a chance to ride a wave on the Maldives! The majority of the well-known surfing spots are in Male. The season for surfing runs from March through October, with the biggest swells occurring between June and August.
Atoll Adventures offers surfing packages for Cinnamon Dhonveli on Farukolhufushi Island in the North Male Atoll, with exclusive access to the resort’s Pasta Point surf break (the region’s most reliable break). The resort offers a program specifically designed for surfers, and only 30 surfers can use the break at any given time.
Louis surfing break is a well-known alternative within the North Male Atoll. It’s named in honor of Lohifushi Island (now Hudhuranfushi), and it is the island that it breaks off from. The island is thought to be the principal beach island within the Maldives.

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