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Planning A Big Party Soon? Here Are Some Tips To Make It More Fun

If you are planning a big party, you might be saying to yourself that having a really great time is the only thing that matters. This is true! Keep in mind that planning a big party is something that needs to be done well in advance. There are many things you need to consider when planning and most of them require some time. How can you make sure that people will have a blast? Here are some tips to help you plan more fun for your next bash.

party 01

Include Food And Drinks That People Love

You want everyone at your party to be happy. A lot of the time, this means feeding them. The easiest way to keep people satisfied and energized through the night is to offer them food and drinks they like.       

One way to make sure this happens is by offering appetizers before dinner. These foods are smaller in size but designed to whet the appetite so people are hungry when the main meal arrives. In order to make sure that everyone can enjoy themselves, you might want to offer a variety of appetizers for guests to choose from. Some things you may want to serve include crackers and cheese, meatballs, pasta salad and chips.       

You may not feel comfortable hosting a party if you don’t love to cook. It is important for everyone to remember that it’s better for your host to enjoy themselves during the party than work tirelessly and come away exhausted from an evening spent cooking if they hated every second of it. The great thing is that you can find caterers in most areas of the country and they are completely affordable.      

When you hire a caterer, ask them what kind of food they have to offer during your party. Try to get as many details about the menu as possible before signing on with anyone caterer. This will allow you to choose one based on their attention to detail instead of just going for the cheapest option. Also, be sure to look at pictures of dishes that were prepared by your chosen caterer so you can see how appetizing they are.

Another thing many people like is drinks. You don’t have to spend a ton of money on alcohol. You can keep it simple by offering punch at your party. A lot of pre-made types are available at grocery stores or online, such as this raspberry strawberry pomegranate jam fruit drink. This way, people don’t feel pressured if they don’t want a full glass of something alcoholic. It’s also nice for those who want something non-alcoholic because not everyone drinks. The best part is that you can make your punch as strong or as weak as you want to.      

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Make it a Theme Party

Having a theme for a party can create a sense of excitement and anticipation for guests. The theme can serve as a guide for decorations, food, music, and dress code, making the event more visually interesting and interactive. For example, if the party is about a particular historical period, guests can dress up in renaissance clothing, and decorations and music can also be chosen to match the theme.

It can also serve as a conversation starter and help guests to bond over shared interests. Maybe your guests can talk about their favorite historical films or share interesting trivia about the era. A well-executed theme can make for a more memorable and enjoyable experience for guests, as it adds an extra layer of fun and engagement.


Music isn’t just about the popular songs that are out now. It can also be themed for your party. For instance, if you host a beach-themed party you might want to play music from a great list of party songs of your guests’ favourite 80s pop stars or other genres they like. Once you have a great list of songs, be sure to use them for different circumstances. For instance, if you are having people over for dinner, it is nice to play mellow music as background noise. Then later in the night, when things get more lively at your party and people want to dance or socialize outside, turn up the music for some fun.  

If you are planning a big outdoor event, you can make good use of speakers. This way, your guests will be able to hear the music no matter where they go. For instance, you could set up speakers on two sides of your property so that people who are dancing don’t have to worry about missing out on conversations with their friends or family members at other socializing locations throughout the party.

Consider Adding Games And Activities

Another way to make sure that your big party is memorable for others is by including games and other activities into the night. This can be done in a number of ways, including an interactive game you create yourself or one that your guests make up on their own. You can also divide them up into teams and assign each team a task. Some ideas include:

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If you want to keep things simple, go with a dice game. One way to do this is by getting 10 – 12 dice in different colours. 

  • Each guest needs to form a circle around the table or space where you will be hosting the dice game. 
  • Roll all of the dice at once and then count how many of them match up on opposite sides (i.e., 2 black ones, 1 blue one, and 5 white ones). 
  • For each pair that matched up, the two guests who rolled them need to find each other and exchange gifts.
  • If there were any singles left over after trading pairs (i.e., if you had 9 dice, but 10 matched up), those guests get a prize as well.

Another option for a fun game is a scavenger hunt. In this game, you give each participant a list of things they need to find before time runs out (you should also assign times such as five minutes). The clues might include words like “lemon,” “blonde-haired person” or “cereal box” and then the participants need to find something that matches the given clue. When they do, they circle that item on their list and move onto the next one until time runs out! If a guest can’t find anything, let them know how many more minutes you are giving them. 

A really fun option for a game is to create a treasure hunt. The host needs to prepare many clues in advance, which will then be hidden along the route that party-goers will follow while blindfolded. Each clue should provide a few helpful hints about where the next one can be found (this way, people won’t get stuck looking for one clue for too long).  Be sure to make the clues a mix of easy and challenging ones, so that everyone has a good time.    

Don’t forget the prizes. You can make use of pretty much anything that will work for your party to hand out as prizes. You could use candy, small toys or even favours from your special event. However, the most important thing is to provide something that will be seen as valuable. This will help ensure that your guests are excited and motivated to win them.

party 02

When it comes to planning a party, there are so many things you need to keep in mind. From the food and drinks that will be served to the music played during the event and even adding games and activities for guests of all ages; that’s how to make your party awesome.

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