How to Decorate for Christmas with the Family

If the house isn’t treated to the right decorations, then it’s difficult to get in the mood for the festive season. Decoration is something that you can get the kids involved with. This will not only ease the burden, but provide a series of happy memories that they can look back on. You don’t have to go all that far to make the occasion magical. Hanging up a chocolate advent calendar is an obligatory way to get the festive season for 2021 up and running, but how can we take things a little further?

Family decorating Christmas tree

How can you make decorating for Christmas a family affair?

Ideally, decorating for Christmas shouldn’t feel like a chore, but something that everyone wants to pitch in with. Children tend to view tinsel, baubles and wreaths as a prelude to all of the fun stuff that comes with Christmas – like presents, food, and time off school. So try to make an event of certain landmarks – like bringing the tree home. 

How can you include the children?

Your children might find it easier to get excited about decorating if they have a say in what’s going to be decorated, and they get the help and support they need. For example, you might leave the bottommost branches of your tree open to receive decorations from them. You might also reserve certain parts of the house (and tree) so that you children can have total creative freedom when it comes to decoration. 

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If you need to go shopping for decorations, then you might bring the kids along so that they can have a say in exactly what themes you’re going for. Of course, you need to establish some rules about what sort of colour scheme you’re looking for – will it be traditional green and red, or are you going to bring in silvers and golds?

Making decorations yourself

To get the creative juices really flowing, you might try your hand at a little arts and crafts. This will give your decorations a totally unique feel, and provide the kids with something to do during the build-up to the big occasion. 

It’s easy to create personalised decorations with not very much in the way of raw material. You might paint old baubles with reindeers, snowmen, and other festive imagery. You might take a photo of your children and encase it in a home-made snowglobe, complete with water and glitter. You’ll find plenty of inspiration available on the internet, but for best results, it’s best to allow your children a little bit of input into the design – that way, you’ll end up with decorations that really reflect the personality of your household.

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