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10 Overpaid Actors Of Hollywood

Hollywood; the word is enough to cause a sensation among film lovers and the entertainment industry alike. It is known as the hub of cinema, and thousands of films produced by this hub are seen all over the world. The actors in Hollywood are respected and welcomed worldwide. As Hollywood actors are frequently overpaid, it is always a dream of the various people involved in this industry – and of aspiring actors around the world – to have a strong foothold in Hollywood.

It is also well known for providing fame and glory in the glamour world. Many stars are paid enough money to build a small town. There are many factors responsible for their enormous earnings. However, as the industry experts say, some of the stars are also overpaid. This can have various reasons, such as the mega-income of a previous film in a series, an exceptional role in the film, and a huge budget of the film in question.

Here are the top 10 overpaid Hollywood actors who were lucky enough to receive some of the highest salaries ever for their role.

Top 10 Overpaid actors of Hollywood

Drew Barrymore

overpaid actors of Hollywood

The beauty of Charlie’s Angles and The Wedding Singer, Drew Barrymore, is at the top of this list. She earned acclaim for movies like Never Been Kissed and E.T., which helped her earn well, but the failures of Whip It and Everybody’s Fine shook her position. As a result, her films are known for earning just $0.40 for every $1 invested in the actress.

Ben Stiller

overpaid actors of Hollywood

He acted as the hero in Zoolander as well as in Meet the Parents, where his role was also loved by the critics. As a result, the fees he could demand were boosted. However, the failure of movies like The Watch and Tower Heist flopped, so his movies can bring in $4.80 for every $1 invested in him. That’s why he is also included in the list of overpaid stars.

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Johnny Depp

overpaid actors of Hollywood

His acting in the series The Pirates of the Caribbean has made him famous in all film industries worldwide. Obviously the enormous success has also had an effect on his bank balance. However, lately, movies like Hell and The Rum Diary disappointed both him and his fans. His movies only earn on average $4.10 from every $1 he charges.

Vince Vaughn

overpaid actors of Hollywood

He has starred in movies like The Breakup, Dodgeball and Wedding Crashers. These movies have put him in the spotlight and helped him to earn a higher amount of money as a fee. However, with movies like A Case of You and Lay the Favorite, he has ruined his reputation so that the average revenue of his movies is only $5.20 per $1.

Adam Sandler

overpaid actors of Hollywood

He is the hero of excellent movies like Big Daddy, Punch-Drunk Love and Happy Gilmore. These movies made him demand high fees from the producers because of their performance at the box office. With flops like Top Five and Jack & Jill, however, he is not able to offer better returns for what his films have. His films can only earn $5.20 for $1 spent.

Nicolas Cage

overpaid actors of Hollywood

Yes, he is the hero of films like National Treasure, Ghost Rider, Snakes Eyes, and Lord of War, which helped him to establish himself as the preferred choice of filmmakers. However, in recent years a few flops have added him to this list. His films can only earn $4.40 for every $1 he charges. Some of his films, such as Trespass, have severely damaged his reputation by being a terrific flop show at the box office.

Denzel Washington

overpaid actors of Hollywood

Remember the hero of American Gangster, The Pelican Brief, and Man on Fire? Yes, it’s Denzel Washington, whose name is also on that list. He demands high prices for his films, which are no problem at all for the filmmakers in Hollywood. The problem is that they are not able to do well at the box office. On average, his films earn $4.25 for every $1 Washington charges. Over the last decade and a half, each of his films has earned at least $50 million at the box office, which is why the filmmakers pay him such a high fee.

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Reese Witherspoon

The main actress of Walk the Line and Legally Blonde is also included in this list. As you can see from the numbers, her movies only earned $3.55 per $1 she charges. The main reason for her name being on this list are movies that failed big time. The list includes movies like The Importance of Being Earnest, The Good Lie, and Inherent Vice.

Will Ferrell

overpaid actors of Hollywood

This leading actor in big hit movies like Blades of Glory, Elf and Talladega Nights is also on the list of overpaid actors. At the box office, he managed to give a profit of $3.50 per $1 to the makers who trusted in his image and acting skills. The movies like Everything Must Go and Winter Passing as well as Casa De Mi Padre didn’t do well, and that’s also the reason why he features on this list.

Eddie Murphy

overpaid actors of Hollywood

He is also one of Hollywood’s most overpaid actors who has starred in many films. In his career, however, the hits and flops have the same weight. There are movies like Shrek and sequels to The Mad Professor and Beverly Hills Cop that have been noticed by the critics, and at the same time movies like Norbit and A Thousand Words have evened things out. He has an average return of $2.70 for every dollar earned.

However, in this industry, numbers can change overnight, and a star with a hit or flop can be added to or removed from the list.

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