Veteran actor Michael Douglas has proven again that he is one person that you cannot easily defeat. Douglas fought alcohol and drug use while he was young, and he fought cancer at a later age. Not to mention all the achievements that he had received as a well-known and talented actor of his generation. From being an actor to a producer, Douglas’ career on films was diverse both in independent and blockbuster genres.

Michael Douglas is actually the eldest of Kirk Douglas’ four children. Being a son of a superstar, and a superstar himself, it would typically mean that you have the world and YOU are the world, right? But unfortunately, not all superstars or A-listers feel that way. There are hidden feelings, challenges and even enemies that these people had to endure.

Even Michael Douglas had to experience a bad time. Wondering how? Remember the time when he had a split up with Catherine Zeta-Jones? Yes, it was a sad time for him but instead of consoling and supporting him, there were few people, who damaged Michael Douglas the most. Curious to know who they are? Take a look:

1. James Parker Is The One Who Hurt Michael Douglas

People Who Damaged Michael Douglas The Most

Parker, a golf caddie, sued Douglas in 1997 for a $155 million. The caddie allegedly claimed that Douglas, together with his friend Mark Dratch, hit him on his groin and provided racial insults during a golf game at the Elmwood Country Club.

However, Douglas denied such allegations. The issue was resolved just 8 days prior to Douglas’ wedding to actress Catherine Zeta-Jones in 2000. No one disclosed how much the settlement was, but it was to be believed that it was far from the $155 million that Parker earlier requested.

2. Brenda Vaccaro

People Who Damaged Michael Douglas The Most

Vaccaro is Douglas’ first ever serious relationship. The woman is an American actress with an Italian origin. Though Vaccaro was several years his senior, the relationship lasted almost six years. Given the fact that she was considered as the first girl that Douglas was serious about, as well as the length of their relationship, it is more than enough to ruin and damage the heart of a young man in love.

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3. Diandra Luker

People Who Damaged Michael Douglas The Most

Shortly after his break-up with Vaccaro, Douglas, who was then 32 years old, married a 19-year old daughter of an Austrian diplomat by the name of Diandra Luker. The marriage took place on March 1977 after dating for only six weeks.

In 1978, the couple had their first son, Cameron. Though the relationship lasted for several years, Luker filed for divorce in 1995, which granted her $45 million alimony plus some prime properties. Douglas must have been unhappy with the marriage as he was reported to be unfaithful during the marriage course and cheated with his ex-wife best-friend, Ellen Mirojnick. He was also quoted that they should have broken their marriage sooner than 18 years of being together.

4. Cameron Douglas

People Who Damaged Michael Douglas The Most

Cameron is the eldest son of Douglas, and one of the most treasured people in his whole life. Douglas loved his son so much that he was heartbroken several times because he was convicted with drugs. Much shockingly, he was also sentenced to imprisonment until early 2018.

He had committed several drug cases while in prison which lengthened his sentence time. Douglas tried to protect Cameron and took the blame on himself by saying that he was a bad father.

5. Kirk Douglas

People Who Damaged Michael Douglas The Most

Having a famous father should have a lot of perks, right? But that is not the case if a certain Kirk Douglas is your father. Kirk Douglas, father of Michael Douglas, had a lot of pressure considering that he needed to let everyone see him as his own self and not to be known just as “Kirk’s son”.

The younger Douglas said that he grew up deeply troubled by his father’s stardom, and with the addition of his parents’ divorce. These two factors have major role in Michael’s alcohol and drug abuse problems that definitely caused him several misconducts and a ruined, damaged relationship with his first wife – Diandra.

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6. Himself

People Who Damaged Michael Douglas The Most

You might be surprised to know how a well-celebrated and famous actor considers himself as his enemy. It was Michael Douglas himself who gave a lengthy narrative about his inner demons when he was encouraged by his counselor to start a program of self-recovery.

Douglas even said that several problems including the use of alcohol and drugs had turned him into a person with a Jekyll and Hyde character. He further added that he was addicted to sex, and even said that he was kicked out of the room by his first wife because of his alleged repulsive and uncontrollable actions. All of these had damaged and made him a bad person… a person that he does not want to become.

People Who Hurt Michael Douglas: And Not To Mention….Cancer

Not all things that can ruin or damage a human being is a feeling or another person. Sometimes, it can be more than that, and the worst part if it is something that we cannot control nor have power over such as diseases.

One of the many things that damaged Douglas was cancer. In spite of being rich and popular… cancer is still cancer. He battled the disease and suffered a lot, not only in terms of the physical aspect of his treatment but also on handling the stress as well.

In 2011, Douglas said that the tumor was gone but he still was supposed to have monthly screenings due to the possibility that it will relapse within two to three years. Douglas also said, at first, that his was a throat cancer.

However, in October 2013, he admitted that it was actually a tongue cancer, and he only said it previously as a throat cancer as advised by his physician who felt it was not a good idea to let the public know considering of its negative prognosis.


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