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How Much Does A New Roof Cost?

How Much Does A New Roof Cost?

A child needs the protection of its mother for the rest of its life, and a house needs a strong roof to protect the family from heavy rain, rapid winds, raging fires, and wet snow. More than 50% of the construction costs are due to the installation of the roof at the top. In every respect, a roof shows the completeness of a house. It determines the beauty, size, and value of the house or building.

Tom on ridge
Tom on ridge

Since we all live busy lives, it’s difficult to find time for regular maintenance or inspection of our house. It would be hectic and put a heavy strain on your budget if your broken roof leaked water. Therefore, it is better to do scheduled maintenance and repair the roof annually.

Most people want to know how much a new roof costs. Even if you don’t want to renew the roof, but just want to freshen it up a bit, how much does a roof replacement cost? Let’s be reasonable and assume that the costs that I mention below are only an average amount based on the current roofing market.

It’s Time To Change

Pre-planning is everything; it will be too late to plan to change your defective or old roof in winter or during floods. You do not want to live in a house with no roof to protect. It only takes simple observation to find out if the roof of your house needs to be changed or replaced. The National Roofing Contractor Association (NRCA) suggests that the building owner or contractor should inspect the roof at least twice a year. This does not mean that you will have to replace the entire roof if you find a small scratch on it.

To understand the problem in your roof, here are the top ten signs that tell you if you really need to replace the roof.

  1. Roof sagging
  2. Flashing, blistering, and algae growth or rot.
  3. Water leakage.
  4. Dark spots and marks.
  5. Light from outside getting into the house.
  6. Missing shingles or torn parts.
  7. Excessive volume of shingle granules in the gutter.
  8. Moisture, mold, and bacteria.
  9. Gutters without free water flow or with open drains.
  10. Vent holes in your bathroom, kitchen, or drying room.

Watch out for these signs every six months and make sure that it does not become a big headache for you and your family. Try to act quickly if you find that the problem is widespread, as most of these problems are common issues that can be solved by our skills in using tools.

How Much Does a New Roof Cost?

Smart people think twice before deciding on a new roof installment. After all, buying a new roof is a big investment, and it takes time. Moreover, the quality of the materials used varies depending on your investment.

Before we get to the answer to the question of how much a new roof costs per square meter for a house, we should clarify what all the components of the roof system are that are involved in this whole process:

  • Roof covering materials like shingles, tile, slate and underlayment.
  • Sheathing materials
  • Rafters and trusses for the roof construction
  • Roofing materials for the connection of the roof structures
  • Drainage system
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Here everything costs according to the quality of the material.

How Do I Choose The Best Roof For My Home?

Cost and durability are the main factors to consider when choosing a new roof. Architectural style and aesthetics are also important and fall into the same category. Depending on the size of your house and your budget, you can choose one of these roof types for your home:

Asphalt Shingle: (107 per Sq.ft – $58 – $130)

This is one of the most preferred roof forms on the US market. It is made of organic or glass fiber reinforced materials. It is a leading roof type in the current climate and is the most preferred by residents of CA, MA, PA, and Ohio. The roofs are divided into three tiers. Class A are highly fire-resistant roofs, B and C are the less fire-resistant materials. So you have the choice to choose the best one.


  • Easy to install
  • Variety of colors
  • Proper fit for most of the residents
  • Repairing is easy
  • High fire resistance


  • Less durability
  • Regular maintenance needed
  • Environmentally unfriendly

Wood Shingles: (107 per Sq.ft – $324-$410)

Typically it is made from natural cedar, pine, and mammoth woods. These wooden shingle roofs are machine-sawn, and handmade shingles give the house a harder look. In the current roofing market, wooden shingles have a C-Class rating compared to other roof types due to their low fire resistance and durability. However, there are a few wood shingles with a Class A rating, all of which are treated in roofing factories for fire resistance.


  • Totally natural materials
  • Prevents heat transferral inside of the house


  • High manpower needed for installation
  • Less durability
  • Low fire resistance
  • Regular maintenance needed

Tiled Roof: (107 per Sq.ft – $212-$268)

The tiles are made of terracotta or slate, which are handmade. In addition, concrete and plastic are used to make them more resistant to weathering. They are distinctive and have a higher resistance. You can see this tile roof system in some of the western countries like Spain. One of the main advantages of the tiled roof is that you can choose the color, shape, and design of the tile. However, the total cost of installation can be high if adapting your tile is something new or more complex.


  • Fashionable
  • High durability
  • Best insulation


  • Installation time
  • Heavy

These are the first three roof types that are most suitable in terms of cost. Furthermore, metal roofs are durable and easy to install. The main disadvantage, however, is their high heat absorption capacity.

TypeSizeCost of the Roof
Asphalt shingle roof1,700-2,100 sq.ft$1,700-$8,500
Wood shingles/shakes$6,700-$20,000
Tile / Slate Roof$8,000-$21,000
Metal Roof$5,100-$22,100
Roofing with synthetic slate tiles$11,800-$18,900

How To Choose an Affordable Roof Contractor

“The right person for the right job” is a common business phrase that most of us will hear. The same is true for the roofing trade: it is always better to turn to the professionals. The professional roofers can manage your costs as fairly as possible and provide you with the best quality roof. NRCA also suggests that a good roofer would offer quality service at a fair price. Here are the few guidelines that will help you choose the best roofer for your home.

  1. Check the contractor’s business identity, from the location of the office to previous customer complaints.
  2. Obtain proof of license, liability insurance, and industrial accident certificate. It is a wise thing to remember that you should not be held liable for accidents at work.
  3. Ask for company financial information.
  4. Gather information about the projects the roofing company has already carried out.
  5. Obtain the detailed total cost of the project. Check whether there will be additional costs in the future.
  6. Find out about their quality control procedures throughout the project.
  7. Google about customer complaints or feedback.
  8. Check the guarantees and after-sales service.
  9. Don’t be fooled by cheap suppliers with their inferior work.
  10. It’s all about planning well and not rushing your decision-making process.
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Guide To Do It Yourself:

If you think that this is a high cost for a roof and if you are asking why you should have to hire professionals, very well! Nobody is saying you can’t do it yourself, so if you have time and are good with the tools, then you are ready to go. Before doing so, there are a few tips you should consider:

  1. Prepare a checklist.
  2. Ensure that the workplace is always clean.
  3. Organize it well; it will save a lot of time when searching for tools.
  4. Don’t let children play near your work station or your tools.
  5. Make sure that all power lines are switched off.
  6. Remove all objects hanging on the wall in the house.
  7. Cover plants or shrubs with tarpaulins.
  8. Park car(s) outside the garage at some distance from the house.

These are the necessary preparations you need to make before you climb onto the roof.


  1. Tear down the old roof and check for massive damage at the corners.
  2. Choose the best roofing system and install it for better coverage of the house.
  3. If you already know or don’t know, find out the most vulnerable areas that have a leakage problem and seal with the leak stop.
  4. To have a wind-resistant house roof and to protect yourself from the rapid lifts, install starter strip shingles at all corners.
  5. Have the shingles nailed properly and check these points again.
  6. Install the shingles properly.
  7. Make sure that all ventilation areas are covered and only the necessary areas are left out.

These steps may seem simple, but it would take more time to do them yourself. Also be patient while performing these steps, if you want to know more, watch this video:

This is an uncertain world and the environment is changing from day to day, so it’s important that you and your family get the best protection anywhere in the world that you call home. So plan your spending wisely and make sure your home is built with the confidence and quality that will last forever.

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