7 Things You Must Check Before Moving into New Apartment

Moving into a new house is pretty nerve wrecking, tiring yet awesome especially if you are moving into a house you bought. As a first-time homeowner, here are the must check before moving into new apartment. And these things apply to even those people who are moving into a new house that is rented.

This list doesn’t comprise of the things you should do before getting an apartment like checking the location or price, it deals it after you buy it and before you move in it.  Also, a tip to the person who is shifting houses for the first time, don’t do it all yourself. When I was looking for flats in Jaipur, I took help of professionals to spend less time juggling through multiple places at once. Take help from friends and family and you can even hire a professional mover and packer and cleaning services.

Here are 7 Things you must check before moving into new apartment:

1. Set the internet and cable connection when moving into new apartment

If you want to move into a house that has good WIFI and a cable connection, it’s imperative that you book an appointment to get these things before moving into the apartment. Otherwise, you will have to stay without them for a week or two as after moving in you will have to do other things like putting furniture and setting the kitchen. Also, make sure that you find out whether the building you live in has a contractor for internet or you can choose any you like before setting a meeting.

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2. Spray for bugs and critters

things to check when moving to new appartment

If the home you are moving has been locked for a while, then the smart thing to do is spray for bugs. Before you bring all your stuff here, make sure that you either bug-spray it yourself or ask the professionals. Also, do the same for mouse, rats, and roaches, if you even find one, it’s better to get them removed before moving into new apartment .

3. Change the locks

The previous owners may have the keys to your house or if you move into the new one, the builder or related people may have. So, make sure that the first thing you do is change the locks. Ensure that you are the only person who has the keys and never use the keys the owners or somebody who lived before you gave. It is the basic security measure you should take. Also, check that there are smoke detectors and, that they are working properly.

4. Get your apartment clean

Before you bring all your stuff and furniture into your new home, make sure you properly clean every inch of the house.  From carpets (if you have them), to toilet seats to bathroom cabinets and kitchen cabinets clean everything before you unpack. Also, steam clean the carpet so that if they are very old, all the dirt is removed. You can even hire a professional cleaner who can take care of everything for a nominal fee.

 5. Garage door should be reprogrammed

If you have a garage, reprogram its door for the same reason you changed the locks- security.

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6. Plumbing

Check all the plumbing for the house like under the sink and bathroom for leakage. Usually, the owners check this before renting or selling, but it is good to be sure. If you find even a single issue with plumbing or some cracks, get it repaired before moving your precious art and furniture.

7. Clean every cabinets

It doesn’t matter if the house is newly built or built some years back, before unpacking your stuff into the drawers and cabinets, it’s best to clean and wipe them with something that removes all the dirt and germs but doesn’t tarnish the material at all. You don’t want any unpleasant surprise especially if you have kids.

I hope this article has been helpful to you to Must Check Before Moving into New Apartment. Taking precautions is always better than cure, that’s why after finding the right apartment/flat/house in the right location which is necessary, the other important thing to do is tick the above checklist.

Now, that you know these important tips, always perform them and encourage your friends and family to do the same.

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