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Different Emojis, Their Meanings, And How To Use Them Properly

The emoji craze has taken over the world. We all know that feeling when you’re texting your best friend and can’t find the right word to say, so instead of typing it out, you settle for an emoji.  It’s a fun way to express yourself or let them know how you feel without having to explain in words. But with so many different emojis available at our fingertips, it can be hard to keep track of which one means what. That is why this list will give you a rundown on common emoji meanings so that next time something comes up where you need one but aren’t sure which would work best, you’ll have some guidance!

emoji smily

1. What are Emojis and what do they mean

Emojis are images that depict different emotions. They usually consist of a small pictorial representation of a face, hand, animal, etc. The newest emojis have been available since 2010 and have been the latest trend in the world of text messaging. Most people find them to be entertaining and easy to use when they want to add a little more flavor to their messages.

2. How to use emojis 

The best way to use emojis is when you want to add something funny or when you really want to say something in a different, more playful tone. For example, if you want to insert a Guyana flag emoji, but you are not sure how the Guyana flag looks like, all you have to do is start typing “:Guyana” and in most cases, you will immediately see what you are looking for. Another example, if you and your friend are texting about how excited you guys are for the new Avengers movie and your friend asks if you’re going to wear a superhero costume for opening night, your response could be: “Of course! I’ll wear whatever outfit is the most appropriate” with an emoji of a happy face. Or let’s say your friend makes an off-handed comment about how messy their bedroom is before they leave home for the day, but they still think you should come by because there are things they need help with. You can respond with something like: “Sure, I’ll be over as soon as I’m done with everything on my list” and an emoji of a red stop sign.

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3. Different Emojis and their Meanings

  • Face with tears of joy: this is the happy, smiling emoji that has become one of the most popular emojis to use. It’s meant to illustrate extreme happiness.
  • Blushing face: this emoji is a happy, smiling emoji with a rosy tint, which means that it has an extra level of embarrassment or shyness involved. People use it when they’re trying to communicate that they’re feeling flustered in some way about something good happening to them that makes them happy.
  • Smiling face with heart-shaped eyes: this emoji is the same smiley face as number one, but it’s meant to illustrate that someone has romantic feelings for another person or something they’re seeing in front of them. It could be a painting in a museum, a song on the radio, etc. People also use it when they’re flattered by someone else’s kind words or gestures.
  • Star-struck emoji: the star-struck emoji is a happy, smiling face with hearts for eyes. It shows that someone is head over heels in love with something or somebody and can’t believe how lucky they are to have found them. People use it when they’re talking about a new crush, the person they want to spend the rest of their lives with, etc.
  • Hot face: this emoji is meant to show that someone finds another person or something else in front of them attractive. It could be used in an innocent situation where you see someone across the room at a party that you think is attractive, but aren’t sure if they have the same feelings for you. It could also be used in a more risqué way, like when you’re sending your boyfriend or girlfriend a sexy text about how much you want them to come over right now.
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4. Examples of when you should use certain emojis 

When you want to be very expressive with your text messages, adding in emojis can be really fun, and it doesn’t take much effort. For example, when you’re texting about how excited you are for the new Avengers movie and your friend asks if you’re going to wear a superhero costume for opening night, your response could be: “Of course! I’ll wear whatever outfit is the most appropriate” with an emoji of a happy face. Or let’s say your friend makes an off-handed comment about how messy their bedroom is before they leave home for the day, but they still think you should come by because there are things they need help with. You can respond with something like: “Sure, I’ll be over as soon as I’m done with everything on my list” and an emoji of a red stop sign.

emoji omg

Emojis are fun, expressive, and can really do wonders for your mood. But with so many emojis in existence, it’s important to know the different types of emojis and what they mean when you use them. This list will give you a rundown of common emoji meanings, so you never send the wrong emoji again!

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