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A Simple Guide for Daily Facial Routine for Men

The image of a classical man was once routinely described as a blue-collar worker. Worn out, rough hands. A windswept face. Skin tanned and leathery from working in the blazing sun. But gentlemen, in 2019, this stereotypical “male” façade is terribly outdated, and if you still adhere to its concepts, you are outdated as well.

Marlon Brando may have a “classic male image”, yet at 27 years of age, he already looked 45. In today’s world, self-care is the name of the game, and the main attraction in this game is your face. The basic daily facial care for men is not only encouraged but actually essential. Not only will you feel better, but you will also look infinitely more attractive to the person you want to attract. Clean, light, and healthy skin is one way to tell the world “I’ve got my shit together”.

The question for a beginner is: Where do you start? There is no need to be afraid. Yes, there may be negative emotions that can hurt your self-confidence a little, but these can be short-term problems. Platforms like BetterHelp can help you work on your self-confidence and mental well-being.

It is an illusion that this step up in your daily care routine must be time-consuming and expensive. Let’s go through the simple, minimal steps and products to start improving your face and life.

Daily Facial Routine for Men

1. Daily Facial Routine for Men: Start Strong with Face Wash

When fighting subpar skin, a high-quality face wash is your main weapon. No, a face wash is not the “3-in-1 shampoo conditioner-body wash” you currently have in the shower, nor the ever-shrinking bar of Irish Spring. It’s something designed for the job you use it for: cleaning your damn face.

You should have at least two facial washes. One of them is an exfoliating scrub that you use 2-3 times a week to scrub the dirt deep out of your pores. The other will be a face wash that has no exfoliating factor and which you will use the rest of the time. This may shock some who are new to face scrubbing, but you can certainly exfoliate excessively, that’s why having a non-exfoliating wash alongside is key.

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2. The Cold-Water Rinse

This may be the easiest way to achieve an immediate effect on your skin. For most people, a steaming hot shower is a must after a long day at work. What most people don’t know: Yes, it feels great, but it can open your pores extremely wide and dry out your skin and face in a painful way.

When you leave the shower or finish washing in the sink (with one of your new face washes), the easiest step can be taken: Take a clean washcloth, soak it in cold water and gently rub your face and neck. Dab your face dry.

This will close your pores again and keep your skin cool and moist. Simple and extremely effective.

If you shave, preferably with a safety razor (see here for great instructions), rinse your face with cold water afterward. And never use alcohol-based aftershave. This will dry out your skin and undo all your hard work.

3. Tone, Baby, Tone!

This will be the step that most people who are afraid to introduce this level of care into their lives will be most afraid of. “You made me use two face washes, and now you’re adding – gasp – a third product?!” Guys, we’re not here to go halfway and quit. We’re here to play for keeps. Adding a good toner to your arsenal is an advanced level game, and the results will speak for themselves.

Toner is the man who gets the last of the dirt out of your pores, removing excess dirt and oil and leaving your skin feeling incredibly bright and clean. I recommend buying an oil and alcohol-free toner, maybe with a nice natural lemon scent.

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The difference will be keenly felt.

4. Seal the Deal and Moisturize

After you have completed all the above steps (which, I might add, should only add about two extra minutes to your morning/evening shower routine), it is time to complete them. A good moisturizer is the number one tool and is perhaps the most important of all these additives.

If you are taking a thing away from this article, let it be this. It doesn’t have to say “face” on the container, despite the best efforts of marketing companies. A basic daily moisturizer, again oil- and alcohol-free, will do the job more than enough for you. Choose something with “natural” on the label, and don’t apply too much

We are not applying sunscreen in the desert here. There’s no need to glob. Small swabs, zone by zone: forehead, cheeks, nose, the area under and around the eyes, chin, and neck. In between, do not forget your eyebrows and your eyelids themselves. Let it air dry and then start or end the day with a shiny new facial expression.

Consistency Is Key

So you went to the drugstore, got all the important tools and used them to the letter according to the above instructions. “Why is my skin still below average?!”, you might cry into the mirror in disbelief.

The answer is simple: it’s the first day. This is a routine, not a cure. It’s not something you do a few times and then toss aside. Besides, you should see some positive results pretty quickly, especially if you haven’t done anything before!

And the first time someone compliments you on the quality of your skin, the confidence boost is worth the daily drudgery. Consistency is important and will give you the best possible results. This type of care should be your new standard, and you deserve it. Now get out there and show your best face.

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