We all know the importance of hydration but we do little about it. This is can become a serious problem especially if you are a new mother. A new mom is so busy taking care of her little bundle of joy, that she starts neglecting their own health which includes drinking less water.

This causes dehydration which is a serious issue and can cause problems for you like headaches, dizziness, dry mouth or even constipation. With your body still weak from the labor, the added strain of these health issues can lead to something even worse. So its important to new moms to stay hydrated!

Thus, it’s imperative that you stay hydrated and enjoy this new and exciting phase of your life. Read on to know why new moms need to stay hydrated all the time? And how can you do this?

Tips For New Moms To Stay Hydrated

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Well, honestly there is no right answer for this, if I say that you should 8-10 glass a day which is the cliché answer, it might not be right for you. Depending on the body type and your system, your water dependency may vary. Here are some pointers, which will help you decide the amount of water you should consume to avoid dehydration:

  • Drink enough water that you don’t feel dehydrated and drink or whenever you feel really thirsty.
  • Weather conditions and a person’s body are also crucial in deciding the amount of water consumption. Like if you are consuming much energy you would need more water as compared to moms who are less active.
  • Check for signs of dehydration like dark lips, dark colored urine, constipation, headaches and increase your water intake if you find it.
  • Lactating mothers need to drink water at frequent intervals to avoid dehydration. They are at greater risk as during this phase they have bodily changes and they lose fluids that make them tired and prone to headaches.
  • Also, if you are taking traditional dishes like laddus or dry fruit halwa (common for Indian moms) then too the water intake should be frequent to digest these dishes.
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Here are some tips that will help to stay hydrated:

Staying hydrated doesn’t mean drinking gallons of water even though you have reached your limit. There are many fruits and vegetables that have enough water in them and, that helps your body to remain cool and not get dehydrated. Let’s check out other options than water that will help you:


Watermelon and strawberries are rich in water and taste, eat these raw or make juices or smoothies from these fruits.

You can even drink coconut water, sugarcane juice and other juices once a day to keep the hydration level in check.


Lettuce and cucumber has lots of water. Make a habit of including these two in your salad and you will not get dehydrated.


Yogurt is a magical food; it keeps infections at bay and really helps you to stay hydrated all throughout the day. You can take it as it is or mix it even with fruits to make a smoothie.

 Set reminders on your phone

A new mom is so busy taking care of her baby and finding out how to do things for an infant, that sometimes keeping track of how much water you drank is not possible. You even forget to drink water thus it’s a good idea to set alarms on the phone so, that you are reminded to drink water at frequent intervals.

 Don’t substitute caffeine for water

Caffeine doesn’t help in hydration of the body, but everyone loves coffee. But new moms need to monitor their intake of caffeine as it leads to serious dehydration. One cup once in a while is good, but for regular intake switch to juices, soups and other healthier options.

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 Don’t forget water

All the above options but don’t make them an excuse to avoid drinking water. Nothing can replace the benefit of pure and simple water. So sip it frequently and keep a bottle nearby, also, make sure you buy a water filter pitcher so that your water is pure and free of infections.

Lastly, I would like to say drink water and juices, but even if these things don’t help and you still feel dehydrated or dizzy, you should consult your doctor without any delay.

Stay hydrated to enjoy your motherhood!


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