A Beginner’s Guide To Understanding Affiliate Marketing And How It’s Useful

 As the internet continues to take over our lives, people are searching for more ways to make money online and increase their income. Especially since the COVID-19 pandemic; many people have lost their jobs and struggled financially during the lockdown. There’s a new concept that now allows businesses to generate sales through less traditional marketing techniques, by partnering with affiliates. This concept is called affiliate marketing. Today, more than 80% of brands adopt affiliate marketing practices, and it is expected that businesses in the US will have approximately $8.2 billion spent on affiliate marketing by the end of 2021, according to Statista. This rise in affiliate marketing expenditures shows how this industry has turned into a major marketing channel. If you want to know more about affiliate marketing, here’s your ultimate guide.

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Who Are Affiliates?

Affiliates are people who collaborate with companies and vendors to promote their products or services online and receive commissions in return. Affiliates can be content creators including YouTubers, bloggers, Tiktokers, or influencers. Basically, anyone who has an online presence and can reach out to thousands of people. Once an affiliate signs up for the company’s affiliate program and receives the links, they can promote the links by using various methods. These methods may involve:

  • Attaching the affiliate link in the description box of their youtube video, after reviewing the product.
  • Promoting the link through blog posts, websites, or articles.
  • Sponsoring products through their Instagram, Facebook posts, and stories and placing the links below them
  • Publishing articles that provide reviews and testimonials of that product 
  • Uploading podcasts 
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How Can You Profit From Affiliate Marketing?

Every time a customer clicks on the link or is referred via the content creator’s activities, they get a commission. When the link is clicked, the affiliate program tracks the sale activities of customers, this is called affiliate cookies. If the customer doesn’t purchase the product on the same day, you can still generate affiliate sales after a few days, depending on the affiliate program. Some programs have cookies that can last up to 180 days, and some cookies can last for a year, allowing you to make more profits and attract more sales. If you want to be a successful affiliate, you need to decide on some important factors that comprise of:

  • Choosing a niche market 

You need to market products that are related to your field of expertise. You can establish a specialized website or a page that is related to your niche market. For instance, if you’re a fashion blogger or a beauty blogger, choose the fashion market or cosmetics industry. That way you can create a stronger online presence and attract more merchants

  • Building an audience 

Try to find your target audience by carrying out effective market research. Engage with them and earn their trust by staying active on social media platforms and interacting with them. Provide incentives like vouchers, gifts, and promo codes, so that they find more reasons to trust you and buy the products. 

  • Choosing which products to recommend 

Do not recommend products if you think they won’t resonate with your audience, maybe because they’re overpriced or are of a low quality.

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How is Affiliate Marketing Useful to Both Businesses and Affiliates?

Businesses have realized how fundamental it is to sell their products or services online after the Coronavirus outbreak. Affiliate marketing can be a perfect way for companies to reach more customers, as according to Google Trends; its popularity has increased from 25 to 100, which is almost a 300% increase. Good content can also create more leads, making it more cost-effective than conventional marketing methods.

Content creators can earn commissions starting from 1% for video game products, 5% for grocery products, and up to 10% commissions when they generate sales for luxurious products. Industries with the highest rankings in the affiliate market include the fashion industry, followed by the health, home, and travel industry. Having a good knowledge about which markets are booming can help affiliates focus on these industries and build their online careers.


In today’s dynamic business world, it is of utmost importance to have a well-established online presence and to recognize the importance of the internet and social media in any business strategy. Affiliate marketing is a win-win situation for both businesses and affiliates. It is now the most efficient and effective way to boost sales and increase revenue. Everyone nowadays is shopping on their laptops or mobile phones, which also explains why affiliates are now making more money than ever through online platforms and affiliate programs. We hope that this guide gave you enough insight into the evolving money-making marketing method, that is affiliate marketing.

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