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Top Software to Increase Your Sales

In 2021 we count on apps and software in almost every aspect of our lives. The Internet and apps became a crucial part of our routine and even the biggest companies, who avoided the world wide web for years, now have online stores and delivery. You really can’t stop the progress.

The explosive growth of technology created countless programs and software that will help you improve your business and increase sales. Implementing software in your business processes helps with automatization and control over all aspects of your business, thus getting rid of weak links and making your advantages more powerful. 

But what software do you need to increase sales in your company? Let’s find out!

charting goals

CRM systems

The basis of any modern online business is a good CRM system. This software was designed for managing the relationships between the customers and the company. In CRM, you’ve got it all: sales, services, products, customers’ information, etc.

Including a CRM system into your business process will help you gather information about every individual buyer’s purchase, how your staff approached them, did they repeat their purchase, and many more. In this easy program, you can observe the whole picture of your sales and find the spots where you can improve your approach.

Usually, CRM systems are paid programs with different plans depending on the size of the company. We recommend you to take a look at OnContact if you are a smaller business and Sugar CRM for a bigger company.

However, there’s a plethora of good free software on the market that you can use if you have no budget for CRM. One of the best is HubSpot CRM with in-built HubSpot Sales Tools that includes excellent free CRM, a very convenient and safe system.

Software for network marketing and social media

Most people think of network marketing as a pyramid scheme because, in our minds, it has a strong connection with friends who try to sell stuff from the big companies that produce garbage. Yeah, being a direct sales company is not easy nowadays.

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But in 2021, network marketing is just a part of being a social media personality. It just means that you use social networks to find people who trust you and believe in your product to sell it to them. Doesn’t it sound like a thing every company does on social media?

And, of course, if you have a popular niche, someone will create an app to help you occupy it. We recommend you to use various SEO tools like the Keyword tool to create more SEO-friendly content and increase Instagram followers or audience on any other social media. Also, you can use more specific programs like Firestorm or Multisoft, created to help you with direct sales.

Screen recorders

You can’t be everywhere at once, right? That’s why you can start using a screen recorder like Screencast-o-Matic or even an in-built Chrome recorder to control your employee’s work and help with fixing any issues they have.

But screen recorders can be useful not only for managing your employees, but you can also use them to make presentations and tutorials to help with the newbies’ adaptation process.

For example, you can record a tutorial on how to use your company’s CRM system or create a webinar with an in-depth focus on business processes. These records will be much more effective than HR’s explanations, and you can save a lot of your employee’s time in the adaptation process.

Software for email marketing

You can’t underestimate the importance of keeping in touch with your customers. Most of them make a purchase and say goodbye to you forever, but according to global email analytics, reminding them about your existence makes many of them return to your store.

And sometimes, they even make multiple purchases if your emails contain relatable and valuable information.

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Creating email marketing campaigns is really hard without proper software because spamming can lead to a ban on your email account. So, it is better to use good tools like MailerLite, Mailchimp, or Moonsend for this matter.

Tools for affiliate marketing

As for affiliate marketing, this area of digital marketing covers too many things to mention in one little paragraph. And this is another reason why you should use affiliate marketing tools to increase your sales: they are extremely effective.

So, if you want to use a chatbot, we recommend you to try a free one from HubSpot or purchase MobileMonkey, one of the best live chat software. Next, if you need to build partnerships with websites to advertise or publish your content, use ShareASale.

Affiliate marketing is tightly connected to SEO, so tools like SEMRush and Ahrefs will also be your best friends in the journey of creating leads, subscribers, and followers for your company.

business work

Business analytics tools

You cannot run a successful business if you do not analyze your wins and failures. Software for business analytics should be one of the most used tools in your office.

We advise you to start with Google Analytics, free but very effective software that shows you who visited your website, what pages they visited, and what actions they’ve done. You can analyze what prevents people from buying and ease them the way to your basket and purchase.

If you look for a more in-depth analysis of your business processes, you can purchase software like SAS Business Analytics, Splunk, or QlikView to get more detailed reports.


Great sales of your services or products always is a result of a complex approach. Software is only one of the factors that can bring you success, but it is not the one that should be ignored.

Using the right software will help you open new opportunities for sales and grow your business, so don’t hesitate and start downloading!

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