12 Things Men Desperately Want To Tell Women

12 Things Men Desperately Want To Tell Women

1. Do not ask us to lose a friend

Men are desperate to tell women that our friends have been with us longer than you have. You may not like them. But you must learn to live with them, just as we tolerate your friends.


2. Do not try to change us

Our relationship will be much better if you accept us as we are. If you change us, it means that you are in a relationship with someone you have not fallen in love with.


3. Do not bring up our past mistakes in arguments

We would appreciate it if you could bring the discussions and arguments to the point, which is important in the current situation. If you mention our past mistakes, you will not be proven right every time.


4. Stop spying on us

We hate it when you constantly go through our texts and call logs. If anything was in any way suspicious, we are smart enough to erase all traces.


5. We like it when you’re direct

We men are not so clever that we will understand all the hidden clues that you throw into conversation. If you want us to do something, just tell us.


6. Sport is for us like shopping for you

We have accepted the fact that retail therapy is the biggest stress breaker for you all women. So we do not interfere with that. It is high time that you too understand that sport works the same way for us.


7. We can’t help looking at beautiful chicks

We do not always drool over every single woman. But we like to appreciate the beauty that surrounds us, and please don’t call it stalking.


8. For some days, we want you to take the initiative

We know that women like to be spoiled with gifts, flowers and other surprises. But a part of us also longs for such a treatment from your side. We also have bad days and we need you to take care of us.


9. We want you to need us

Your independence makes us proud of you. At the same time we want to be an important part of your life. We want to help you in your difficult times and hug you like your superhero.


10. We want you to be open to trying new things

Men are desperate to tell women that we are interested in the diversity of life, especially when we try different things with our wives. From the kitchen to adventures to moments in the bedroom – we love to try new things with YOU.


11. Intelligence matters to us

You may be damn sexy. But we need a companion with whom we can have a few intellectual conversations. So you better bring your thoughts up to date too.


12. We may not say it all the time. But, We Love You

We are not always good with our words. But we love you from every inch of our being. We will do everything to make you happy.


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