Dental Emergencies care is required in a number of cases because you cannot wait overnight to solve the problem. However, there are many smaller problems that you can write off because they are not causing you the worst pain or discomfort. You must call 911 if you are bleeding so much that you cannot get it to stop. If you can contain the situation, you should contact the office of an experienced professional for assistance. You can talk to someone on the staff right away, and they will squeeze you in, get a hold of the dentist, or tell you what to do while you try to get to the office.

List of Dental Emergencies

1. Injury

Shattered teeth must be repaired or removed at once because they will get infected. The nerves that run into these teeth could be very exposed, and that might be some of the worst pain of your life. Most people who have shattered teeth could have bits of the tooth in their mouth, or they might have shattered bits in their gums. You need to have everything removed so that you are not injured further.

You might need to come to the dentist first if you believe your jaw is broken because that could involve damage to your teeth. Every case is different, but you should come in if you realize that you have teeth that have been damaged or moved because of the injury.

Anyone who has hit their teeth on a flat surface that might have pushed them back into their gums should be sure that they receive emergency dental care. The dentist needs to take x-rays to see if there is any damage, and they will let you know what they would do in your situation. There are times when you simply need to allow everything to heal. However, there are other times when you need to take more drastic measures.

2. Infections

You could have an infection on your gums that you just found because you noticed that something did not feel right. You should not try to drain the wound. You need to see the dentist for assistance, and you must have a special pack put on the wound so that it will not continue to grow as an infected area. Most people think they can pop an infection and clean it up on their own. This is dangerous because you could get even sicker.

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Abscesses are another concern. The abscess that you have on one of your teeth cannot wait because it could burst and get infected on its own. The majority of people who have one of these should come in right away because it could be actively bleeding or bursting. You do not want to try to stop the problem by yourself because the wound needs to be treated. You will be given medication, and you should be sure that you have followed the dentist’s orders even after the emergency. This is not a problem that you solve quickly and go on with your life.

3. Wobbly Implants

You need to come in as soon as possible because implants are not supposed to move around. The issue here is that the implant could be infected. This is not a good prospect for your dental health, and the problem must be solved as soon as humanly possible. You might be sent to another office to get assistance, or you could ask the dentist to clear out the area so that you can recover.

4. Lockjaw As Dental Emergencies

You need to come to the dentist immediately for any cases of lockjaw. You should have the dentist assess your case of lockjaw, and they will use medical techniques to help release your jaw. This is not a simple problem that you can solve on your own. You might feel as though you can handle it alone because it has happened before. You could injure yourself further, and you cannot wait because your jaw is closed.

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5. Post-Surgery Complications

If you ever start to feel terrible after you have had dental emergencies surgery, you need to come back into the office. You should not try to sleep it off or take OTC pain medication. You need to see a dentist who can properly assess you. The dentist can send you to the emergency room if they need to, or they can stabilize you in their office. This is especially important if you have a child who has been feeling unwell after oral surgery.

The oral surgery that you just had done should result in bleeding, but that bleeding should stop at some point. There is a time when your dentist should be contacted because you feel this problem has not been solved. You do not want to take more medication, and you do not want to go to the emergency room unless you call the dentist and they order you to do so at once.

The stitches from a wisdom tooth removal should remain in place until they degrade on their own. These special stitches are made so that they will fall away on their own. If you tear them, you need to have the dentist look at you. There is no way to know if you caused more damage until you get a full exam.


The dentist needs to hear about your medical issues when you are in an emergency that cannot wait. You do not want to feel stuck in a place where you cannot function, and you should not try to handle a problem overnight when you have no experience. If you are in the Kendall area and are experiencing any of the aforementioned issues, it makes more sense to call Dr. Andy Gaertner‘s office at once so that you can have someone on the staff tell you what to do. He can fit you in, or he will come in to give you the emergency dental care in Miami you need.

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