12 Signs That You Are In True Love

Being in love is a time to cherish. Perhaps you’ve spent enough time with your partner by now that you already know whether or not you’re in love. However, if you still find yourself unable to work that out, below are 12 signs that you are in true love.

1. Your Heart Skips A Beat


When you see this person, your heart skips a beat. It may feel like there are butterflies in your stomach. Don’t let go! You’re in love.

2. You Are Excited And Happy


You and your partner feel excited and happy around each other. This shows that you may well be head-over-heels in love.

3. You Walk Hand-in-Hand


Walking together in public hand-in-hand represents your willingness to walk the journey of life together.

4. You Love Dates


Yes, without dating, no relationship is complete. If you both enjoy each other’s company in all manner of settings, that’s a good sign!

5. You Chase Dreams Together


You can see how your partner involves you in all their future plans. Be happy that you are now part of a lasting relationship.

6. You Get and Receive Beautiful Gifts


Giving and receiving gifts that are appreciated and loved shows that you both know each other deeply.

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7. You Cook for Them


Both guys and girls should enjoy cooking for their partner – although it’s better to be slightly good at it! If you don’t like cooking for yourself but you do for your partner, that’s a sign that everything is right.

8. You Get Angry


Anger and pain are a part of any true relationship. If you are getting frustrated momentarily and then, once you’re calm, your heart says “I need them!”, then you are deeply, truly, madly in love!

9. You Make Sacrifices


If you and your loved one are always ready to sacrifice anything for your wellbeing and happiness, that’s a sign of true love.

10. You Keep Promises


When both of you are willing to keep the promises you made to each other and can go to any lengths for that, you are definitely in a reliable relationship.

11. You Share


This is the untold rule of a true relationship. Check if you are sharing everything with your partner – both belongings and secrets.

12. You Want to be Together Forever


When both of you are together through all thick and thin, then it’s time to celebrate your true love.

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