Falling in love is a period to be cherished. You might have spent a lot of time with your newly found love, by now. But still if you are in a dilemma about your relationship then below are 12 signs that you are in true love.

1. Love At First Sight Or Infatuation


Heart skips a beat! You feel light and start flying. Stop! This never happens and don’t expect this, or you might land in trouble.

2. Head Over Heels In Love


See your girl feeling excited and happy. This is how you may be imagining her falling in love…

3. Hand In Hand Phase


If you feel that you can walk together in every phase of life, then don’t hesitate. Now it’s time for the hand in hand thing!

4. Dating


Yes, without dating no relationship is complete. Spend some time together. Get to know each other.

5. Chasing Dreams Together


You can see your partner involving you in all his or her future ventures. Be happy you are part of an enduring relationship now.

6. Getting Her Some Beautiful Gifts


Hey, guy! Give her some pretty gifts that signify your love for her. Not necessarily expensive, but it should melt her down.

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7. Giving Him A Tasty Treat


And if you’re a gal on the receiving end of the gifts, do not fall short of expressing your love, in your way. Cook for him. Though, it sounds antique, if you have something specially prepared for him then he will go crazy for you. Remember, you have to warm up his heart and not burn the kitchen.

8. Anger And Pain


Yes, anger and pain are a part of any true relationship. If you are getting frustrated momentarily and the instantly your heart says “I need him/her” upon getting calm, then you are deeply, truly, madly in love, my friend!

9. Making Sacrifices


If your loved one is always ready to sacrifice anything for your wellbeing and happiness. Then what more do you expect from him/her?

10. Keeping Up Promises


When both of you are willing to keep up to the promises made to each other and can go to any extent for that, you are already in a reliable relationship.

11. Sharing Is Caring


It is the untold rule of a true relationship. Check if you are sharing everything with your partner. Remember to lend your shoulder during hard times also.

12. Together Forever


When both of you are together in all thick and thins of your life, then it’s time to celebrate your true love.


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