“Android” is a platform that rock and rolls this generation of smart devices. With lot of exciting features and apps for people of all ages the android is one which has almost everything you need to have fun. When it comes to kids “they are always looking for fun and adventure”, in spite of being cranked with some nut shells, give them a taste of best android apps. With hundreds of exciting and cool apps the android market is overwhelming the industry. Not to mention that Amazon is on the play with the apps market for android.

When we riddle into the market on the hunt for best android apps for kids, we can find some free apps for kids and paid apps as well. Hence accumulating the best isn’t that easy as it sounds. Tech3.org genuinely believes the rating of the users and scraped only the best for seekers. Here you go “the list of some best android apps” that your kids will adore.

11 Best Android Apps For Kids

#1: Color & Draw for Kids

Price: $1.1


So, your kid is looking for fun, here is a cool android app that will feed him with fun. Children love colors, therefore definitely they will love to make and spread colors of their own.

In addition the newer version hold four new coloring tools and allows them to draw on photos. The apps has art store with new color pages. If you are purely looking for fun and interesting color ceremony than you’re in middle of something colorful and exciting.

Though it is a paid app, spending some for the kids don’t matter anyways.

 #2: Best Android Symptom Checker

Price: Free (limited offer)


This app may not be for fun, but it is highly recommended and essential for people who are having kids in their home.

The best android symptom checker will be helpful to analysis the kid’s condition and insist you to visit doctor when it is critical. It’s simply like keeping a doctor inside the pocket.

Impressively, you can get your doctor for free if you are quick enough. A best deal with the doctor for free.

Download this best android app for kids and not to mention this app is also pretty much useful for grownups too.

 #3: Animal Memory game for kids

Price: Free


If you are looking for an app to equip your kid with greater enthusiasm and memory power, here is something for you.

This is an app that gives the crucial start for the journey to outsmart everyone with memory power. “Do you know? That keep many thing in mind at mind requires a greater practice”, so let your child to start practicing from now.

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This app will help your kid to boost the memory glands and allows them to remember more than enough. Download memory games for kids from the app store.

 #4: Learn Numbers – Number Teach

Price: Free


Did your infant started to toddle, then the time for give the crucial start for the kindergarten is came. When you simply tell to have note on the numbers and alphabets, obviously they will run off.

Therefore, try to stick them with the learning with some interactive apps like Learn Numbers- Teach Numbers. This app takes the preschool lessons for toddlers though.

All you have to do is to get this app and allow them to figure out what’s in it (Help them with “how to start”). Later leave everything to the app, this awesome free android app will keep your kid engaged.

 #5: Math Defense

Price: $ 0.89


First of all we like the story line of this game, the city is under aerial attack, and your kids have to defend the city by hacking the system and making them self destruct before it reaches the city.

Each time when an aerial vehicle approaches the city the self destruct code is send to them and they have to solve the math problem to save the city. Sounds interesting aren’t it.

This will make them sharper and quicker with calculations. This cool game has to be bought on the android market, buy math defense here if you’re desperate.

#6: Fruit Ninja


Fruit Ninja is an epic game your kids would live to try. They can slice these foods all day if they love. Nevertheless, keep an eye on the bombs that will be flying along with fruits to slice.

At the end of every level you will receive a “sensei fruit fact” as a reward. Start making juice with the verity if fruits you slice and smash.

Literally, a cool game which will keep them entertained and surely they’ll have fun. Buy this game in the android market and start playing.

#7: Labyrinth

Price: $2.96


Labyrinth is a classic game in which you have the control over the labyrinth and by tilting you can drive the steel ball away from the holes. Interestingly, this game comes with more than 1000 levels and the community allows you to create more levels of your own.

Beware of the holes and reach the destination by tilting. This best android app comes in a paid version. Download and start tilting. Obviously, you are in a long run to finish up the 1000 levels and you won’t run out levels anytime soon.

[Before you go for the paid version, try the trail version and see whether your kid love it, then pay and get the full version. You can download this android app in the market place.]


#8: Angry Birds

Price: Free


Did you really thought that I would miss this one? This app is based on the story of the birds looking for revenge on the greedy pigs. They have to smash the pigs lookout to recover their eggs. As in fact the revenge is for stealing their eggs. Interestingly Each bird has their unique power and use them to destroy the defense of the greedy pigs. With 100’s of levels to pass your kids will enjoy helping the angry birds out. However, passing each level requires skill, concentration and logical knowledge to help the birds to take the pigs head on and retrieve their eggs. Of course, this is the most popular android app and especially you kids will love them.

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You can download this best android app HERE.

#9: Cut the Rope


Price: Free

With 375 and more coming on the way, Cut the Rope is a game with seamlessly new levels. Boasting creative, physics-based puzzles that quests players to cut the rope and feed the tiny monster in as less of moves as you can, it’s a game that is incessantly provocative still a blaze to play. This is one of the most popular Android apps for children. You can download this Android app from the Play Store.

#10: Train Conductor 2 : USA

Price: $ 2.778


There’s no child that hates trains? Train Conductor 2 makes them guide trains to their terminus while keeping off disastrous accidents (or not, depending upon the kid in call). To play children need to simply pull every train to the appropriate track with the swipe of a finger. The free version of the title will hold children entertained for even hours.

#11: Snail Bob : Finding Home

Price: Free


Snail Bob Run is a game that is loaded with fun and fascinates the imagination. The game is slow enough for small kids to play successfully. Snail Bob Run is a physics-based arcade game, your objective is to lead the snail to the exit. Control different mechanisms and snail bob by pressing buttons, and try to reach the exit asap. Rise and repeat (hopefully long enough for Dad and Mom to have a break). You can download this Android app from the Play Store.

These are some of the cool and best android apps for kids, some are free and some are paid, in both ways having fun is assured for your kids. You like this? You may also like free android apps for kids too.

Image Credits: play.google


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