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Biggest Music Streaming Platforms

Music Streaming Platforms

Music is the food for the spirit and has been a major source of entertainment since ancient times. Humanity has always had a special relationship with music whether it was played by centuries-old instruments or by new technologically evolved methods. As the world has progressed so do our forms of entertainment and this entertainment industry is the one that has capitalised the most with the evolution of technology. The results which we see today in the form of Smartphones, Smart TVs, Cinemas, Gaming Consoles and probably the most popular one out of the lot of Music Apps. Music has come a long way since its inception, the history of music is as rich as it sounds to the ear but it was a long journey for music to reach the point it stands at today.

Although there is a lot of debate on how music was originally discovered, modern historians attribute the great Greek philosopher Pythagoras as the inventor of the current form of music that is played on proper instruments. Music is considered a native human trait and dates back to 35,000 years, as humans split up and formed different civilizations they carried their musical tastes with them and created their own instruments. Due to this reason, it is estimated that today there are more than a thousand music instruments attributed to 1,300 music genres. Every culture has its own traditional values that are defined by architecture, cuisine, language, arts and craft and especially music. Today, music holds a very symbolic value in every culture. 

Modern Musical Platforms

In modern times we have been using the internet for everything whether it’s work-related stuff, our educational needs or even for entertainment. The reason behind this is that the internet provides us with a lot of ease and convenience. Plus, this is a service which has become deeply rooted in our world’s infrastructure, and almost everyone uses it today. We have already witnessed the role of the internet in the entertainment industry through the rise of streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Prime that are on the verge of replacing traditional entertainment avenues like cable TV and Cinema. However, there is one such modern technology in the entertainment industry that has already completely replaced its traditional counterpart. These are music streaming apps that have made the previous technologies of music listening like walkmans and CDs completely obsolete.

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These music streaming apps have made it easier for music buffs to listen to millions of tracks from around the world, create their own playlists and select the genres of their choice. Now the music from different parts of the globe is at the fingertips of a user. The smart AI of these apps recommends tracks to listeners according to their tastes and with mind-boggling sound quality rest assured that you will be hooked to these apps. And as with everything else today these apps also need constant internet connectivity if you’re not planning to download the tracks and most platforms also don’t have the download option. So for that, you must select a good internet provider like Cox Communications that can ensure that there are no interruptions between your music sessions. Plus, Cox customer service is always available if any problem arises, and that is a very big “if” because generally, Cox’s reliability is top-notch.

Top Music Streaming Apps

But an important thing to note here is that since now there is immense saturation in the streaming industry, this might confuse a new guy who is just gearing up to start using these services. So, for the ease of music lovers we have created a list of the top music streaming apps in terms of quality of service, features and pricing users can enjoy in 2022.


Starting with the most popular music streaming app Spotify, it is a name that most of you would have heard because Spotify is considered the king of music streaming apps. With an intuitive and user-friendly interface, Spotify soon became the favourite for music lovers. Having probably the largest collection of tracks and genres, Spotify is the number 1 choice for artists around the globe to publish their music. Apart, from that, all the big labels and music stars mostly release their albums on Spotify. This is the amount of confidence the general audience has towards it and this is because not only customers can subscribe to its paid version Spotify also has the option to use it for free so that no one is deprived of their favourite music.

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Apple Music

The most intense competitor and coming on the second place is Apple Music. Apple is already a giant in the world of technology and entertainment and they were the ones behind the iPod which is still considered the holy grail of musical gadgets. Apple has invested heavily in the entertainment industry especially the music industry and Apple music is the result of those efforts. It also has a vast library of music plus native support for all Apple products means that you can listen to your favourite tracks where ever you are. Apart from that its locker facility allows you to create custom playlists and keep your tracks saved. Many small and almost all popular music stars release their albums on Apple Music as well, so rest assured it will give countless hours of unmatched music experience.

YouTube Music

YouTube is the top free video streaming service in the world and YouTube Music is its subsidy that’s trying to be the best music streaming service in the world. With the backing of tech giant Google, the future of YouTube Music is quite promising, to say the least. A library of up to 40 million tracks and a clean user interface makes YouTube Music a significant choice to consider. Although, at the moment it’s not as big as Spotify or Apple Music it’s well on its way to giving competition to these big names of music streaming.


As the internet has gripped all walks of life, the field of entertainment is no different and hasn’t been spared from its influence. While on the viewing end, the internet has transformed the whole watching experience through apps like Netflix similarly, on the listening end platforms, like Spotify and Apple Music among others are creating ripples and have transformed the whole business model of the music industry while subsequently creating ease and convenience for the listeners.

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