While the rest of the world is busy making riches with their wars, a restless degree of ingenuity seems to prevail in the Far Eastern land of the rising sun. The restless Japanese twist science and mechanics and add a touch of their skill to create a cult of extreme Japanese inventions that can only be described with unparalleled heights of bizarreness. This makes the average reader, a reader like you and I, wonder if any parallel can be drawn to this level of madness. Here is a list of all these bizarre Japanese inventions, loaded and ready to be served up in raw form so you can giggle, chuckle or perhaps throw yourself off your chair.

Ever heard of the Chindogu rules? Here are the clauses and conditions that define these rules. A Chindogu is both useless and useful; they must serve a real purpose, whether or not they are epically funny to the reader. For a Chindogu to be called a Chindogu, a prototype must exist. Chindogu artifacts may not be sold, may not be used for commercial gain, and are considered a gift to the world. It also cannot be patented.

Here is a list of these bizarre Japanese inventions.

1. 10-in-1 Gardening Tool

10 Japanese invesions
Image Source: www.tofugu.com

If you thought you were cool enough with the Swiss Army Knife, think twice, because the Japanese have their version of this gadget for which there are no words in the dictionary. So for now, let’s call it the 10-in-1 garden tool! So what does it do? Technically everything your Swiss Army knife can’t do! Although the idea seems to be quite useful, it is so impractical to carry an oversized all-in-one garden tool around with you.

2. Personal Rain Saver

10 Bizarre Japanese Inventions You Didn’t Know Existed
Image Source: images.luuux.com

If you have been complaining lately that you cannot save anything, here is your chance to save rain with your personal rain saver. It looks like the Japanese have taken conservation to the next level with the embarrassment of walking proudly with an upside-down umbrella that catches the rainwater. The rainwater is collected into a container that you can also proudly display, almost like the catwalk model. Bravo for taking care of the water, but good luck not getting wet!

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3. Subway-Sleepers

10 Bizarre Japanese Inventions You Didn’t Know Existed
Image Source: img.photobucket.com

This is just a toilet plunger attached to a helmet, for use on subway trains. If you are one of those subway users who has a reputation for making fellow travelers throw tantrums out of your habit of “sleeping everywhere and drooling on your neighbor,” then this bizarre device may be able to spare you the discomfort of being a traveler with sleep deprivation – even though you may need to rely on the kindness of random strangers to wake you up when you need to disembark.

4. Butter-Stick

10 Bizarre Japanese Inventions You Didn’t Know Existed
Image Source: www.tofugu.com

OK, maybe not everything in this list of Japanese inventions is a failure. Maybe this particular invention has some practical use: think of the convenience of using butter without a knife or messing up the table. Practical, isn’t it?

5. Duster Slipper

10 Bizarre Japanese Inventions You Didn’t Know Existed
Image Source: assets.nydailynews.com

No! Just no! If you thought your cat Buster was being lazy, what would you do? Maybe put dusters on Buster’s paws? If you’d take a closer look at this apparatus, that seems to be what is happening here. Is it animal abuse? Watch Buster closely and you’ll find out. Oh! Good luck bonding with your cat later.

6. The Umbrella Tie

10 Bizarre Japanese Inventions You Didn’t Know Existed
Image Source: ww.nikibrown.com

If you live on this island state, which is frequently hit by rain, it may seem practical to have an umbrella within arm’s reach, or rather, to increase the cool factor by wearing one around your neck. Makes perfect sense, right?

7. Boyfriend-Girlfriend Pillows

10 Bizarre Japanese Inventions You Didn’t Know Existed
Image Source: bedzine.com

No! It’s not what you think! They’re just cut-out pieces of sculpted body parts from fluffy pillows. We know how much you must miss your partner when he or she is not with you and you long to be embraced by his or her arms. But the Japanese have found the answer: buy this pillow and you will never miss your partner again in his or her absence.

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8. The Urinal Elephant

10 Bizarre Japanese Inventions You Didn’t Know Existed
Image Source: www.2dayblog.com

It may not have the hypnotic charm of other inventions, but that does not make it any less suitable for the task for which it was built. Imagine the countless times you had to clean the urinal with the disgust of discovering stray pubic hair; this invention puts an end to all that. All you have to do is point it at the urinal and presto! A clean, sparkling urinal without getting your hands dirty. But you have to ask yourself this question: with such a big machine, where are you supposed to keep it?

9. Sex Chewing Gum

10 Bizarre Japanese Inventions You Didn’t Know Existed
Image Source: f00.inventorspot.com

This must really be the work of an excited Jap; imagine all that libido at the touch of a button. Ooh la la! This product is made from herbal testosterone to stimulate blood circulation in the nether regions of your body and give you a more masculine feeling in bed. Wait! No one said that the product is gender-specific; there is a female version of the product that gives your breasts a natural lift. The manufacturers claim that you will be left wanting more.

10. Eye Drop Funnels

10 Bizarre Japanese Inventions You Didn’t Know Existed
Image Source: avacalouca.files.wordpress.com

OK! This might be the most ‘eye-popping’ invention so far! It’s a funnel attached to a pair of glasses. What does it do? It ensures that all the liquid in your eye drops won’t miss your eye. But to be honest, If you miss your eyes using an eye drop fluid the regular way, you don’t deserve to keep your eyes. But here’s Plan B: Eye drop funnels!

There you have it: 10 bizarre Japanese inventions you never knew existed. Can you tell us your favorite selection?


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