Are you thinking about travelling abroad for the wedding of your dreams? There are so many destinations that you can choose from and we can see why you might be struggling to find the perfect one for you.

One of the most popular wedding destinations right now is Mykonos which is one of the beautiful Greek islands. Here, we are going to tell you some of the reasons why Mykonos acts as the perfect wedding destination. Keep reading to find out more.

6 Reasons Mykonos Is The Perfect Wedding Destination

Why Mykonos Is The Perfect Wedding Destination

1. Memorable Photographs

Your wedding photographs are some of the most important photographs that you’ll get in your entire life. These are the photographs that you will look back on and show your kids if you end up having any. For this reason, you’ll want to choose somewhere that photographs well and Mykonos is perfect for this. Imagine the shots of the happy couple on the beach ready to start their new life! Your photographs will look amazing and you might even get to take one at golden hour.

2. Beautiful Venues

Why Mykonos Is The Perfect Wedding Destination

One of the great things about having your wedding in Mykonos is that the venues are truly spectacular. Booking a Mykonos wedding is easy because you can have it on the beach or in a stunning villa that is big enough to have the entire ceremony and reception in. BlueVillas wedding options include some of the great villas that you can rent for the duration of your stay.

You could even rent another villa for your friends and family to stay in while they are there for the big day!

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3. Top Cuisine

Are you a fan of the incredible Greek cuisine? When you have your wedding in Mykonos, you’ll get to have it catered by some top chefs and taste the flavours of this island. Greek food is known around the world for being very tasty and it can be the perfect meal for a beach or villa wedding. Think about how your guests will enjoy having some authentic Greek salads and some souvlaki for the main. They will love the food and you’ll be able to sit back and relax while everything is catered for you.

4. Start The Honeymoon Early

Once you are married, you get to enjoy your honeymoon period and even a trip if you’re lucky enough. One of the best places to honeymoon is, in fact, Mykonos which is perfect as you’ll already be there after your wedding. This means that you can start your honeymoon right away while all your friends and family jet off back home.


The great thing about Mykonos is that it is located next to so many other beautiful Greek islands. This means that you can also go island hopping with your new husband or wife right after the wedding. Why stop at Mykonos when you can visit places like Santorini or Crete?

5. Hot Weather

Of course, the most obvious reason why Mykonos is the perfect wedding destination is the guaranteed hot weather. When you have your wedding in the UK it can be risky in terms of being able to go outside without getting rained on. When you have your wedding in Mykonos, you can enjoy the sun and get your photographs outside on the beach.

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You can find a guide online of the best times to visit Mykonos so make sure to have a look. You won’t want to go at the hottest time as this might affect your overall wedding day and the look that you are going for.

6. Pre-Wedding Rituals

Finally, you will find that Mykonos is the perfect wedding destination as it can cater to both the wedding and the pre-wedding rituals such as the hen or stag party. There is no need to jet off to a foreign country for these exciting events, you can have the whole thing in Mykonos. This location has plenty of bars and clubs that are perfect for these sorts of events and your friends and family will enjoy grabbing a cocktail with you.

On top of this, you’ll save some cash as your family and friends will already be there as this is where you are hosting the wedding!

Final Verdict

There are many reasons why Mykonos is the perfect wedding destination that it makes total sense to book your big day on this island. Think about all of the amazing photographs that you will take with your partner and your relatives. On top of this, you’ll get top class food and get to enjoy the hot weather both before and after the wedding.

If you are planning on getting married in the next few years, make sure to consider Mykonos for your big day. This will be the trip of a lifetime and you’ll return home a married couple.

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