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What is Cloud Security and Why Does it Matter

We live in a cloud-based world. We use cloud services for everything from storing our data to accessing our favorite TV shows. But, what does cloud security mean? How can you ensure your cloud security is top-notch and that your information stays safe? In this article, we’ll break down the basics of cloud security so that you can be confident about how secure your cloud storage is!

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What is Cloud Security and Why Does it Matter

Cloud security is a combination of physical, information, and cloud computing. It encompasses all aspects of the cloud including data transmission, storage, access, and many other factors that affect cloud-based assets or services in general. Cloud security is important because it’s your business’ livelihood on the line. Hacking into an unsecured cloud can have dire consequences for employees such as identity theft which could lead to financial ruin. That’s why cloud security is important.

Ensuring you have safe cloud security is the key to maintaining customer satisfaction and a healthy business.

How to Manage Your Cybersecurity

There are many ways to take care of your cybersecurity. One of those, Managed Threat Response is a service in which IT security companies create threat signatures, detection technology, and countermeasures for known threats. Threat responders then analyze risks and make recommendations to their clients on how best to protect themselves from the threat. 

Customers receive updates automatically when new signatures are created or an existing signature needs updating because of a change in threat landscape such as malware evasion techniques or changes in cybercriminal behavior patterns. 

SOCs (security operations centers) monitor alerts 24/hours per day, 365 days per year so that they can respond immediately with remediation efforts if necessary.

Countermeasures are measures taken to reduce the threat of an attack or other security incident. They include:

  • installing patches and updates from vendors as soon as they become available. 
  • applying software updates that enhance system security (e.g., anti-virus, firewalls). 
  • using best practices such as strong passwords, reducing privileges, keeping operating systems up to date with vendor patches. 
  • “email hygiene” approaches like avoiding phishing emails and not forwarding sensitive information without permission; blocking access to attachments from unknown senders in email messages; filtering spam and unwanted content at the server level so it doesn’t reach inboxes.  
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The Importance of Data Encryption

Data encryption is the process of encoding data in such a way that only authorized users can access it. Data security has become more important than ever as cloud computing becomes increasingly pervasive for storing, processing, and transmitting information. Data encryption is also important for data at rest. Data that can be retrieved and processed without the need to physically access it (i.e., data stored on a server).

The importance of data encryption cannot be overstated because data could potentially leak or be intercepted if not encrypted properly by an authorized user with the right credentials. If your organization stores any proprietary data in the cloud, you must take proper measures to ensure its safety from unauthorized parties through means such as encrypting all data before being sent up to servers in the cloud which only employees within your company have access to decrypt once uploaded and dec

Cloud Computing Is Growing In Popularity 

Cloud computing offers many advantages to organizations including lower cost, scalability, and increased flexibility. This means that cloud providers are managing an increasing amount of sensitive data on behalf of their customers which increases the risk for insider threats or external attacks from hackers looking to steal customer data like credit card numbers or login credentials. Furthermore, cloud services often lack robust physical security measures due to low upfront capital expenditures so they’re susceptible to natural disasters; hardware failure leading to loss of power; malicious insiders who want to steal data; and software bugs.

How to Secure Data on the Cloud

One way cloud providers can secure their customers’ data is by making sure it all remains encrypted at rest or in transit, which can be accomplished with a combination of public-key encryption for at rest and SSL protocols for network traffic. There are also tools available that allow cloud service providers to manage customer keys so they’re not accessible by anyone other than the cloud provider’s administrators. 

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If cloud computing continues its growth trajectory, we’ll need more research into this area as well as improved security measures like multi-factor authentication and additional methods of encrypting sensitive data before it leaves an organization’s premises.

What You Can Do to Keep Your Business Safe Online

An important topic for cloud security is making sure that you have a strategy when it comes to business and cloud computing. Here are things you can do now: 

Educate your staff on how to use the cloud securely, even if they’re not using it at work. Get them familiar with the basic concepts of what should be done as far as passwords, backups, etc… This way they know how to keep themselves safe in their personal life too!

Make sure all employees who are working remotely understand why cloud computing may or may not be right for them. Not everyone has access to data from home computers like those who work remote jobs do so make sure this is clear before beginning any cloud migration projects. 

Screenshot 2021 07 25 at 22.50.49

If you have any personal or company data stored on the cloud, it’s important to know how to protect that information. Cloud security is a growing field and there are many resources available for both individual users and large corporations who want to make sure their data stays safe online. 

There may be some upfront cost associated with hiring a managed threat response team, but if your business depends on being able to store customer records in an encrypted cloud database then it’s worth investing in this type of protection. The same goes for individuals—if you care about safeguarding your photos from hackers on public clouds like Dropbox or iCloud, consider encrypting locally before uploading them into these services so they can’t be accessed without your password.

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