Top 5 Best Free Music Apps For Android

Every Android gadget comes with a music player app by default. But some Android users have problems with Windows media files (.wma and .wmv), as well as avi or DivX. In this case you need to download the best music apps that support your media formats. Here is a list of the best free music apps for Android.

#1: iHeartRadio


Developer: Clear Channel Broadcasting, Inc.

iHeartRadio is a comprehensive Android music application developed by Clear Channel Broadcasting. With the iHeartRadio Android music application, you can stream your favorite live radio stations and listen to your favorite music on Android. Browse through 15 million songs and create ad-free, custom radio stations featuring songs by your favorite artists. Find recently played music, sign up for contests, and get the latest news. This is one of the best music apps for Android available for free. Click the Play Store link here to get this app

#2: Shazam


Developer: Shazam Entertainment Limited

You can’t remember the name of the song, the artist, or the album that is being played on the radio? Start the Shazam Android Music app on your gadget, touch Shazam and the song will be identified within a second. Buy soundtracks easily from Amazon MP3, find out when an artist is on tour, and watch concerts and music videos on YouTube. Upgrade to Shazam Pro (i.e. Shazam Encore) to get exclusive specifications like recommendations and remove banner ads. This is the best free music app for Android. Click on the Play Store link here to get this app.

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#3: Pandora


Developer: Pandora

Pandora is an Internet radio android music application that lets you create custom stations based on your favorite song, artist or band. You can even indicate whether or not you like a song, and Pandora will tune the station according to your preferences. Pandora is the best way to find new genres and artists. This is one of the best free music apps for Android. Click on the Play Store link here to get this app.

#4: TuneIn Radio


Developer: TuneIn Inc

TuneIn Radio Android Music App, one of the best free music apps for Android, makes it easy to stream radio when you are on the go. Enjoy more than 70,000 live radio stations from sports, music, comedy, talk, and news streaming. Record live radio for later playback, listen to podcasts, and save recommended stations. Click on the Play Store link here to get this app.

#5: Google Play Music


Developer: Google Inc.

Google Play Music makes it easy to find, play, and share your favorite song on Android and the Internet. With the latest all-access service from Google Play, you can play more than a million songs on Google Play, enjoy playlists created by music experts, and listen to the radio indefinitely. With both Standard and All Access, the Google Play Music app lets you listen to your favorite song collection anywhere. All your music is stored online, so you don’t have to worry about offline playback, storage space, or syncing. Click on the Play Store link here to get this app.

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