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Want To Try Surfing? Here Are Some Helpful Tips

Surfing is a highly addictive sport and something that many people want to try at some point in their lives. It’s a great workout – you can get a full-body workout just while standing on the board waiting for the right wave. The feeling of weightlessness once you catch a wave is exhilarating, and it’s an activity that can bring you face to face with nature in a way that few other activities could. But how do you start? Well, let us break down some helpful tips to make your surfing experience more enjoyable!


Choosing The Right Surfboard

Surfing is an individual sport, and no matter how experienced your friends are, you should always choose a surfboard that is right for you. Your board should be the proper length depending on your height, weight, experience level, and the type of waves. If you’re just starting, when you shop for surfboards, go with something small (9’0” or 9’6”) and easy to maneuver. If you’re a bit more experienced, you could go with something a little larger (9’8” or 10′). It’s important to keep in mind that having the right equipment will help you a lot.

The Best Time To Surf

To get the most from your surfing experience, you need to find waves that are appropriate for your skill level. For beginners, small days with small swells are best. If you’re an advanced surfer, choppier conditions with wider swells will offer the most fun – but check the weather before you go out. Choppy waters can be dangerous for beginners or anyone unfamiliar with surfing in windy conditions! The best waves for beginners are small days with small swells. It’s also important to take into account the type of weather you’ll be in when you surf because it can affect your experience a lot. If you’re going surfing in rough waters, you should make sure that you have a wetsuit and surf leash because it could be very dangerous.

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The Right Additional Gear

Staying safe while surfing is very important! Wear a good wetsuit, so you have a full range of motion, and wear a leash, so your board doesn’t get away from you. Also, make sure to bring sunscreen if the seas are clear – surfing in saltwater can increase your chances of getting burned. Sunglasses are also an important part of your surfing gear because they’ll protect your eyes from saltwater and the sun. If you’re new to surfing, buying the right additional gear is very important. Once you master your first few waves, you can upgrade to better equipment. Additional gear will definitely ensure that you can surf safely.

Choosing A Location

There are tons of beaches to go surfing at, and each one has its advantages. If you want a short drive from home, going to a beach near you is your best bet! However, if there aren’t waves around you, then it’s time to explore a little bit more! If you’re willing to drive a little way or take a short plane ride, there are plenty of surfing destinations you can go to. Some of the most popular include Hawaii, Costa Rica, France, and Australia!

Surfing In Hawaii

If you’re looking for some of the best surfing in the world, Hawaii is your place. With thousands of miles of coastline and plenty of surf spots, there are waves to suit everyone’s skill levels. What’s more, all this riding action comes with amazing views! The warm waters and beautiful beaches make it one of the most popular destinations for surfers and non-surfers alike. The most popular spots in Hawaii are Pipeline, Oahu’s North Shore, and the Banzai Pipeline.

Surfing In Australia

Australia is home to some of the best waves in the world, and it has a great surf culture. You can go surfing year-round because there are rips and wind shifts that will allow you to find good waves even when it’s low tide. The best spots in Australia include Sydney and Byron Bay. And speaking of spots, Australia has tons of amazing ones! The best time to go surfing in Australia is during the summer months (December through March), but you can surf year-round if you look hard enough for good waves.

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Surfing In Costa Rica

Another popular destination for surfers is Costa Rica. The most popular spot is Puerto Viejo, and you’ll find waves with amazing barrel action. There’s also great local culture here if you want to try different food and meet new people! Plus, the best time to visit is during the surfing off-season (May through November).

What to Do After You Catch A Wave

Once you catch a wave, make sure to enjoy it! Paddle out as far as you can and wait for your next thrill. If the waves are perfect, try standing up once you’re riding to get a fully immersive experience! Don’t worry if you fall off, just remember that it’s part of the learning process! Keep in mind that if you get in trouble out there, don’t panic. Just paddle towards shore and call for help if someone isn’t nearby! 

Surfing Etiquette

Finally, before hitting the water, make sure that you brush up on some surfing etiquette – it will help make your overall experience more enjoyable. Most importantly, always give way to the surfer who is closest to the peak of the wave. If you are surfing in a circle, make sure that there’s always one space for someone else – that way it will be easier for everyone to catch waves. Don’t forget to smile and have fun! Another thing you need to know is that you should never bring your board to the beach. And lastly, always put your board back where you found it or face hefty fines!

surfing 01

Surfing can be a lot of fun and an amazing experience filled with fun and excitement if you know how to do it right! Just remember to take care of yourself out there and make sure that you’re safe. So what are you waiting for? Go out there and catch some waves! By using these helpful tips, everyone can learn how to surf. Hopefully, you’ll find this article helpful and engage in some surfing fearlessly!

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