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Top Ten Funniest Movements at MTV Movie Awards 2016

The aim of awards ceremonies is to honor the actors and people who have done a great job with their art. But when it comes to the MTV Movie Awards, it’s all about fun and entertainment. Apart from the awards ceremony, this award show is full of dirty humor and entertainment. This year Dwayne Johnson (The Rock) and Kevin Hart hosted the show, and they did a great job.

The whole auditorium laughed and screamed, from the Mad Max entrance to the NWA Oscar joke, everything was perfect and hilarious. Now, if you’ve seen the show, you might remember that there were a lot of funny moments from the show. Here we have compiled the top ten funniest moments from the 2016 MTV Movie Awards.

1.Johnson and Hart’s ‘Leo and the Bear’ Rap

Everybody has seen the movie The Revenant; it’s epic and it is awesome. The Revenant, at last, gave Leonardo DiCaprio an Oscar, after so many movies and so many roles, all it took was Leo fighting with a big bear to get his Oscar. Everybody on the internet went mental. The Revenant was a great movie and the bear fight scene made it incredible. The bear came from behind and tore Leo apart, but hosts Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart saw it differently: they saw it as Leo getting f****d by a bear from behind. Well, that’s hilarious when you think about it, and even more so when The Rock and Hart start singing a rap song about it! They both sum up the movie with one catchy line: “Leo Got F****d by a Bear”.

2.Mad Max-Inspired Entrance


Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Kevin Hart hosted the show, and they had a great evening, but the most spectacular was their entrance in “Mad Max-style”. Since the show took place in the backyard of Warner Bros., the production value of the props and other things was just great. The Rock had a guitar that could throw flames; it was just like the movie. The entrance was inspired by Mad Max, and the vehicles, make-up, costumes and back-up artists were at the top quality. It was an epic and hilarious performance.

3.Straight Outta Compton’s Oscar Joke

Straight Outta Compton is a great film about the lives of NWA members that made a big impression at the 2016 MTV Movie Awards. Straight Outta Compton won the award for Best Film with a True Story. But the best part came when the cast went on stage to accept the award and Jason Mitchell, who played Eazy-E, began his speech by saying, “I just want to thank the Academy. I mean MTV! I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry – my bad!” Yes! You’re right, it was a reference to Oscar diversity controversy. Well, if you not up to date, let me tell you: when the Oscar nominations were announced, there were no black or other ethnic people nominated, which caused public outrage, with the hashtag #OscarsSoWhite trending. This was a joke about Oscars and their diversity. In short, it was quite a ‘burn’ moment at the expense of the Oscars.

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4.Seth Rogan’s Muscle Speech


Seth Rogen is known for his comic roles, and he is hilarious in real life as well. Seth Rogen can make you laugh like a madman; that’s just his superpower. Seth Rogen stood on stage with his Neighbors 2 co-star Zac Efron to present the award for “Best Comedic Performance”, but there was a twist, Seth looked a little different. In short, he looked incredibly buff. Looking at his unusual buffed up body, Zac asked, “Dude, what’s going on here? Your body, dude. You are enormous. You are huge. What the heck happened to you? What did you do to your body?” Seth Rogen responded, “I think the real question, Zac, is what did you do to my body? You forced me into this! And not just you. It is also Kevin Hart, The Rock, Ryan motherf**king Reynolds! You’re all funny and muscley at the same time and it’s not fair! You’re messing with the formula, and I had to adapt, brother, by taking whatever substance I can get my hands on!”

5. Zac Apologizing to Seth’s Testicles

The muscle speech of Seth Rogen moved Zac, and he felt bad for Seth and his body, especially his testicles. When Zac apologized to Seth, he hilariously added that he had to apologize to his testicles because they had shrunk to almost nothing due to the substance he had ingested. In addition, it was one of the most hilarious moments of the 2016 MTV Movie Awards when Zack got down on his knees and looked at Seth’s junk and apologized sincerely.

Unfortunately they are a bit stubborn. “Well, they don’t forgive you, Zachary. They will never forgive you,” said Seth.

6.The Lonely Island’s Tribute to Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

The Lonely Island paid tribute to Will Smith in a hilarious way. The stunt was hilarious and amazing; they came in late 80’s fashion and sang the title theme of Will Smith’s groundbreaking show “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air”. They also sang and danced to another Will Smith theme, but this one was just a bomb. It made the whole crowd laugh and get nostalgic. It was a tribute to Will’s infectious musical legacy; The Lonely Island staged everything perfectly and made it look hilarious and epic at the same time.

At the 2016 MTV Movie Awards, Will Smith won the prestigious MTV Generation Award. And when he received his “Golden Popcorn” award, he joked that this award was actually an “Old Ass Dude Award”.

7.Rebel Wilson and Adam DeVine’s Kiss

Rebel Wilson and Adam DeVine won the award for “Best Kiss” for their film Pitch Perfect 2. It wasn’t a shock; the shock was what they did on stage afterward. Well, to be honest, they just proved why they won and deserved the “Best Kiss” award at the MTV Movie Awards 2016. Let me clear this up: They didn’t kiss humbly or on the lips but rather it was a full-blown kiss that set the stage on fire in front of hundreds of people. When Rebel and Adam accepted the Golden Popcorn Award for Best Kiss, both made fun of the other and were hilarious. Without finishing his sentence, though, Adam dropped his prize and grabbed Rebel, and both started kissing. Both fell to the floor but didn’t leave each other, there was even a time when the TV viewers saw blurry pictures. Now you can guess how hot it was.

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8.Key and Peele’s Invisible cat

Source -
Source –

Key and Peele are two people who can kill you with their witty words. They are nuclear bombs of comedy, and they’re just super-fun in any context. Their Comedy Central show is over, but they still make people of all ages laugh. They both put on a great show by pretending to hold a cat they didn’t have. When they were on stage, they just held their hands and pretended to have a cat with them, and believe me, it was hilarious. They were promoting their upcoming movie “Keanu”, an action-packed comedy.

9.Johnson and Hart’s Childhood

During the MTV Movie Awards 2016, Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart were dissatisfied with the introduction of these award shows. The MTV Movie Awards were created in 1992, and both teased each other by asking them what they had done in 1992. Surprisingly, Kevin Hart had a photo of “The Rock” from 1992, showing him wearing an aperture, turtleneck, necklace, and belt pouch. Well, that was very embarrassing for Dwayne Johnson and very funny for the rest of the audience. Then Hart’s photo from 1992 was also shown, and apparently Hart never liked his pants in 1992. He was pantsless and holding a cake in his hand when he was asked, “What the hell are you doing?” Hart replied in a hilarious way that he put his d**k into that cake. Both had just cracked up everyone who sat there with their witty humor.

10.Deadpool and Ryan Reynolds

Now we have all seen the movie Deadpool and we know how fantastic the movie starring Ryan Reynolds was. Well, he was just as funny at the MTV Movie Awards 2016. Reynolds won the Best Comedy Performance Awards for his role in Deadpool, and he deserved it. It was his introduction, however, that hit the stage with a big bang. There were many Deadpool who fooled around during the Deadpool song, and they also fooled around with the actual Deadpool, Ryan Reynolds. This whole act was the center of the show, and people laughed as much as when they had watched the movie.

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