10 Dramatic Celebrity Hair Transformations

It’s a miracle what a haircut or color change can do to our appearance! This is why celebrities often flirt with their hairstyles to reinvent themselves. Hair puts our self-image in the spotlight, our personal way of saying who we are. Every hairstyle makes a difference, especially when celebrity hair gets a new style.

Every change makes a difference when it comes to hairstyle. Steve Martin, a comedian, has a knack for recognizing a celebrity: “A celebrity is any famous TV or movie star who looks like he spends more than two hours working on his hair”. Yes, celebrities love to get tangled up in their hairstyles, from dramatic cuts to cool colors. Let’s take a look at the hair revolution.

Celebrity Hair Transformations

1. Miley Cyrus

Credit: Harpersbazaar

2. Justin Bieber

Credit: marieclaire.com

3. Emma Roberts

In August 2014, Emma Roberts returned to her natural hair color, blonde, after trying every other color, brown, red, etc. to see which one best represented her.

Credit: usmagazine.com

4. Allison Williams

On Instagram, Allison, the star of “The Girls”, revealed her likeness to Kate Middleton.

Credit: elle.com

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5. Kim Kardashian

Kim experimented with platinum hair for the first time; from naturally dark to blonde hair – this is how Kardashian transformed her hair in 2015.

Credit: usmagazine.com

6. Ashley Greene

Back to the original: In February 2014, the Twilight actress discovered her brunette after trying blonde hair in 2013.

Credit: usmagazine.com

7. Emma Watson

Credit: marieclaire.com

8. Rose McGowan

Credit: marieclaire.com

9. Benthenny Franke

Credit: redbookmag.com

1o. Taylor Swift

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Honorable Mentions

1. Kim Jong is too not far behind


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2. And how can we forget the hairstyle of the millennium?


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