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Top Free Online Zombie Survival Games

Who doesn’t love to play a great zombie game once in a while? You either set out as a very scary looking zombie, or you set out to smash some zombies and have some great retro fun. These are not just addictive games, but also some of the best free online survival games out there. Here we have compiled a list of the best free online zombie games that are tonnes of fun.

Free Online Zombie Survival Games

Zombies Took My Daughter


In this game, you have to find your kidnapped little daughter within 36 hours of the time limit. You have to set out, Gordon Freeman style, using only a pistol and a crowbar, but soon you will receive machine guns, rocket launchers, and chainsaws to upgrade your arsenal.

The locations are also randomly generated, so you won’t get the same playing experience the next time you play. If you consider the tons of clues to discover and the huge side quests, this game has an amazing amount of content.

Zombie Taxi 2


Zombie Taxi 2 will certainly be a joy for all those who loved Crazy Taxi, because the gameplay will be very similar. Indeed: add some undead corpses and take away The Offspring, and you have Zombie Taxi 2. You must form a gang and fight the zombie community while waiting for a taxi to take you to a safer place in search of weapons and food.

Choose your ride, paint an awesome symbol on it, and get going. Saving people provides extra time and money which can then be used to buy faster, more cool-looking vehicles.

Zombie Assault 3


Zombie Assault turned out to be a tremendous Aurora-of-the-Dead style game, involving hilarious moments and entertaining, zombie-killing gameplay. While nothing big has changed in the latest sequel, the insidious variations make this a far better version than its previous iteration. Zombie Assault 3 enriched the boss fights, and there’s a lot of arms customization, plenty of zombie execution, and a huge sense of humor as usual. It has exactly what you expect from a zombie game.

Meat Mansion 2


You’re captured inside a dark mansion. You are frightened. You can hear your heartbeat rising. You can hear oddities crabbing around you in the darkness. You need to get out of there. Meat Mansion 2 features a gameplay that’s packed with fun, blood and fear. This is one of the most-played free online zombie games.

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Zombie Apocalypse: Left 4 Dead

online games

At a first glance, Left 4 Dead 2 looks like an amplification of the former Left 4 Dead. New zombie breeds occur side-by-side with the previous ones, contributing even more thrill to the game, with hoards turning so big at times that you might feel a little claustrophobic.

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Left 4 Dead is one of the best free online zombie survival games available on the web, particularly if you’re after something that deals with fun and fear at the same time. The sound of an approaching tank is shuddering enough on its own.

Dead Frontier: Outbreak 2

onine games

If you love a “Choose Your Own Adventure” Goosebumps tale, Dead Frontier: Outbreak 2 might be your cup of tea.

On a pursuit to retrieve medicine to cure your wife’s cholera (creepy, right?), you start the quest by choosing what to wear. From then on you’ll think about which ammunition to carry, what kind of vehicles to use, and how to communicate with other survivors you might come across. One wrong decision (like riding a car in the place of a bike) could bring your immediate death, so tread carefully. This is one of the highest-rated free online zombie games around.

Desolation 2: The Bunker Of Fear

online games

This free online zombie game presents players with a totally unknown scenario: a zombie infection has hit the local residents, and you have to search for a cure.

This edge-of-the-seat title is basically a point-and-click adventure game, though there is a decent amount of fighting too. Using pointers to scout out your surroundings, you’ll come across things of interest and figure out puzzles in order to proceed.

Desolation 2 is certainly for those who’ll willingly turn down wild action in place of solving puzzles.

The Last Stand 2

online games

Independent game developers ConArtists have been on a roll for some time, producing some of the coolest casual games to grace the Internet. These comprise of great titles like Warfare 1917 and Crush the Castle. The title that first bragged ConArtists recognition, however, was The Last Stand, a great protect-your-base-style game involving zombies. ConArtists lately launched a sequel to the title, and the Last Stand 2 has everything you would expect from a zombie apocalypse.

Endless Zombie Rampage 2

online games

According to a study conducted by, Endless Zombie Rampage 2 is one of the highest-rated free online zombie survival games around. We’re not certain why that is; maybe because of the gameplay, because the graphics, while decent, aren’t especially great. We clearly know nothing, as everyone else seems to love it.


Die2Nite is a multiplayer player online zombie survival game. It is a simple game with the objective of surviving the longest against the assault of zombies. You have to build a town to survive the attacks. It is a multiplayer game, and the town population is 40.

Each day around 23:00 and 23:15, Zombies attack the town, and the amount of zombies increases each day. It’s a game with tactics, defense, and resources. The town has got basic facilities like water, food, weapons, and housing for each person, and there is a big gate that can only be opened from inside. The game was developed by Motion-Twin back in 2008.

Dead Z

Dead Z is an FPS zombie-based survival game. It is one of the most intimidating and thrilling zombie survival games on the Internet. The game is a little complicated; it contains a very big open world to explore. There are many places to explore, from small to large. All of them are action-packed with zombies.

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The games are based in 2052 with Third World War taking place, and every major city has been nuked. Due to the radiation, people are somehow turning into zombies. The game is not about randomly shooting zombies; you have limited bullets, health, and stamina. Over time, you will increase your supplies and use them perfectly to kill zombies and become the lone survivor.

  Urban Dead

Urban Dead is a multiplayer role-playing game. It is set in the fictional city of Malton. The game is set in a quarantined region in the aftermath of a zombie outbreak. You can play the game as a zombie or a survivor. Both characters have different strengths and different abilities.

Zombies are breaking the safe houses of the inhabitants, and survivors are trying to defend the buildings by holding the zombies at the gate or killing them. The city has supplies that the survivors can use indefinitely. Survivors can return to the game after death, but only as a zombie. The game is interesting and gripping. It was created by Kevan Davis in 2005.


H1Z1 is a zombie survival game; it is a massively multiplayer game. The game is based in the rural United States of America after the zombie apocalypse, caused by a mutation of the H1N1 virus. The basic point of the game is to survive, not just against zombies but wolves, bears, and other threats.

Players have to gather shelter and food to survive. The gameplay is really interesting and fun to play. There are many locations in the game that become available as you progress.

Earn To Die

Earn to Die is an online driving zombie game. The plot is simple: you have to survive in a zombie apocalypse world, and you have to reach the military airbase where a helicopter is waiting to evacuate you. You have to go there by driving, and in between you will meet many zombies who will try to kill you.

The gameplay is simple: you have a hatchback, and as you play along you can upgrade its tires, engine, and your guns and ammo. You can also buy a new vehicle. The game has 2D side scrollers. With limited resources, you have to make your way to military base.

The Last Stand: Dead Zone

The Last Stand: Dead Zone is the fourth installment in the zombie survival game series “The Last Stand”. The Last Stand: Dead Zone is a brilliant RPG, strategy, and action-based game. The city is covered with walking dead and you have to lead your team to survive and complete missions.

You have to keep the balance between food and health; it’s a very strategic game. The difficulty level will increase as you will play along.

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