How to Make Date Night More Special

When both parties to a relationship have busy lifestyles, it can be difficult to find the time to actually see one another. That’s why setting aside a fixed date night every so often can be so worthwhile. You’ll have something to look forward to, and you’ll have the pleasure of one another in situations that don’t involve looking after the kids, or doing household chores, or vegetating in front of Netflix.

Keeping things novel can sometimes be a little bit tricky, but with the right inspiration, it’s more than possible.

Randomise Things

If you want a sense that anything can happen, then you might leave it to fate to decide what you’re going to do. After you’ve composed a list of possibilities, you can write them all down on little pieces of paper and then fish them out of a bowl. Alternatively, you might assign each of them a number and the rely on a random number generator to choose your destiny for the evening.

Board Games

Sitting down with a non-digital form of entertainment provides a great way to bond. And there are more board games out there than there have been in the history of the world. If you’ve both got competitive streaks, then you might play one-versus-one, but there are also great co-operative games, too.

Take a City Break

If you want date night to feel a little more special, then there’s always the option of pushing the boat out a little but further. If you live close enough to a big city, then you can easily take the train, so that neither of you needs to worry about how much you’re drinking. Or, you might make a long weekend of it. For example, you can get a train from Hartlepool to London in around three hours.

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Cook the Food Yourself

Home cooking is an important part of domestic life – but it can easily start to feel a little bit functional and routine, especially if it’s just one of you that’s doing all the work. You might go on a cookery course, or learn a new way of doing things over the internet. Taking your cuisine to the next level is sure to elevate your at-home date nights – and it’ll give you both something to do other than sitting down and actually eating the food. Just make sure that you leave the cleaning-up to the next day.

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