5 Most Famous Sex Scandals of All Time

“Sex Scandals is more exciting on the screen and between the pages than between the sheets.” Andy Warhol

No matter how powerful, old and successful celebrities are, the rich and famous can’t hide, their insatiable desire for sex and love beyond their marital lives, from public. The success and fame makes it easier for them to have more sex with multiple sex scandals than the average people. But, sometimes this “more” sex lands them in trouble water; from losing public image to impeachment from presidency of United States.

We consume sex gossip more than we perform sex; everyone loves to talk and hear about private lives of others. This insatiable urge has generated an industry of sex scandals which runs on the misery of others and thrives on the mistakes of high and mighty. There are a few celebrities who are known only because of their scandals than their real works.

Journalists love to spice their story up by adding a marketable ingredient of sex and love to sell it for higher price. The spiced- up stories also boost visibility of the people involved. So it’s a give and take game which benefits both the parties. Rivals use sex-tapes to shame their opponents while sometimes people make their own tape to achieve instant fame. Whatever the case may be people love to watch others in embarrassing and awkward sex-exposé.

The Lewinsky sex scandal

Most Famous Sex Scandals of All Time

The most famous sex scandal of digital era and 24/7 Satellite Television which caused the media frenzy on unprecedented scale. It was the biggest blow to President Clinton who was already accused of having an affair with Paula Jones during his 1992 presidential campaign.

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The first denied then accepted love affair had almost cost Bill Clinton his presidency; the scandal emerged out of a sexual liaison between President Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky, a White House employee. This led to the impeachment of Clinton in 1998 but subsequent acquittal of all impeachment charges by Senate trial which ran for 21 days. He had to pay the price of the extra-marital sex scandals by losing his license to practice law and was fined $90,000.

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Most Famous Sex Scandals of All Time

In the center of the controversy were the two most powerful personalities: JFK was the president of United States & Monroe was the top film celebrity of her time. JFK was described as a “compulsive womanizer” by Robert Dallek, Kennedy biographer and his friend George Smathers accepted, “Jack liked girls, he was a great chaser.” Dallek wrote in JFK biography, “Kennedy himself, who could not explain his need for sex with so many women, probably rationalized his behavior as a diversion comparable with what British aristocrats did, or with the golf, sailing and fishing presidents traditionally used to ease tensions.”

Pamela Anderson & Tommy Lee

Most Famous Sex Scandals of All Time

There was a time when celebrities were embarrassed if their sex tape were made public; nowadays, it’s a way to fame. In 1995, at the height of her fame, Baywatch era, Pamela Anderson and her husband Tommy Lee’s sex moments were available for public, online; the first ever celebrity sex video which went viral.

They alleged that the tape had been stolen from their home, a copy of which was available on Internet Entertainment Group, a video distributing website. Their attempt to block the tape online failed which resulted into a court battle with IEG but later agreed for confidential settlement.

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Tiger Woods

Most Famous Sex Scandals of All Time

In November 2009, the golf superstar made headlines in the National Enquirer as he was caught cheating his wife with Rachel Uchitel, manager of a nightclub. A series of events followed this news which eventually ended on the divorce with his wife. The impact of his transgressions impacted his earnings, reputation, career and eventually his family.

Paris Hilton and Rick Salomon

Most Famous Sex Scandals of All Time

1 Night in Paris transformed Paris Hilton from a little known hotel heiress to an International Star. In 2003, Hilton & Rick Salomon, her boy friend, recorded themselves naked and made the tape public which became the most successful sex tape. The video made the world crazy which helped Hilton to attain the international stardom.

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