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Save Money On Holidays – 16 Ways To When On Tight Budget

Save Money On Holidays

Things can get somewhat out of hand, and your budget for your holiday trip is sent into disarray, primarily due to unexpected events. It is a situation that can make you consider abruptly cutting short your travels and heading back home. However, it is possible to continue having a fun and memorable time when you are on a UK Staycation and the budget is tight. Here are a few money-saving tips worth considering.

1: Make The Most Of Free Events

Your hotel stay might include free entertainment in the price. Some establishments run free evenings for their guests, with free BBQs, first drinks, or pizza. And since there are people from different places staying at the hotel, such events are an opportunity to make new acquaintances.

Inquire about the trendy hotspots around the city where you can find plenty of free activities. The hotel reception desk can also recommend some street entertainment or local festivals worth checking out.

2:  Visit The Beach

Spend an entire day at the beach enjoying the ocean waters, the bright sun, and beach sand between your toes will not cost you a thing. It is one of the places worth visiting when searching for something fun to do on holiday with a spouse, family, or friends.

3: Walk

Bus tours to different areas of the cities at an affordable rate are not hard to find. However, nothing beats walking because it is the cheapest way to explore sights and sounds. You will stop at various tourist spots and be in no hurry to leave before soaking up what you are experiencing in every place you visit. Nonetheless, be ready to work your feet; thus, it is best to be in sturdy, comfy shoes.

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4: Rent A Bicycle

Conversely, you can rent a bicycle to go further when touring the city. You can cover more distance than walking at a lower price than other tour transport options. Just make sure to wear a helmet and cycle safely Furthermore, it will be an opportunity to keep up with your fitness goals while traveling.

5:  Avoid Taxis

Taxis might sound convenient, but they are the most expensive transport mode when on holiday. It is best to research the place to identify its public transportation, which is cheaper than taxis. The bus or metro will get you to places you want to visit at a fraction of the cost.

6:  Get A Travel Pass

And since we are discussing public transport, we highly recommend buying a travel pass to save money when traveling. The travel pass grants you free travel to different locations around the city you are visiting.

7:  Exploit Any Chance To Haggle

The prices on many items you encounter when on holiday are not set in stone. You can haggle over the costs and not feel shy about it because it is a standard way of paying for goods. It can also be a fun experience that keeps you from spending much on what you want.

8:  Talk To Locals

Talking to locals to help you find trendy spots to visit is an effective way of making the most of your holiday. The locals can tell you where to find the best free activities and recommend entertainment spots you would not find in travel books.

9: Take Advantage Of Your Discounts

Students and people over 65 years tend to get travel discounts, which is worth exploiting. However, you must have your ID with you to prove your age. The discounts can save you a lot when on holiday. Similarly, kids also have free offers on park rides, meals, or other deals associated with family activities.

10:  Drink Tap Water (If It’s Safe)

Bottled water can be costly, and why dig into your pocket when you can drink water from a tap for free? Tap water could be worth considering, depending on where you are visiting. For instance, you can request a glass of tap water when at a bar or restaurant. However, exercise caution to ensure the water is safe to drink. Find out the water’s mineral composition beforehand.

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11:  Go For Picnics

Bring some food with you when you have a day scheduled for walks around the city. You can find out if the hotel offers packed dishes to guests to take when out on their booked day trips. Conversely, it is better to be self-catered. You can whip up something simple like a sandwich and fruit and some milk or juice to enjoy when picnicking instead of buying street food.

12: Eat Out At Lunch

It is best to reserve lunch as your main meal when eating out. Lunch menus in most restaurants and eateries are cheaper than having the same dishes in the evening. Also, draught beer is a more affordable option than local bottled beers or internationally known brands.

13: Main Street Eateries Are Expensive

Cafés, bars, and restaurants in the main streets or attraction areas will be a costly affair when eating out. Therefore, stroll through and head to the little establishments around the corner. They could prove a new and more excellent experience at a lower price.

14: Street Food

Street foods are not considered a healthy choice but are savory and cheaper than eating at a bar or restaurant. It can be a fun experience as you watch the food being prepared, an opportunity to experience the culinary culture of the destination.

15:  Take The Less Travelled Tours

Famous tourist attractions can prove costly when on a tight budget. The locals can recommend less-known places that are equally beautiful, fun, and interesting. They can be new experiences that few tourists ever discover. You also can get such information from authentic blogs and travel forums.

16:  Claim Tax Back

It is possible to claim back tax on purchases in some countries you visit when on holiday. You can find such offers by searching for places like hotels, restaurants, or museums with a tax-free logo. You are expected to present your passport for authentication and must keep the receipts to hand them over at the tax return stand when at the airport heading back home.

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