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6 Ways To Save Money On Lodging & Travel

Picture this; you decided to take a break from your chaotic and stressful life and have a mini-vacation at your dream destination. Surely, you must be ecstatic and looking forward to it. However, just a few days into your vacation, you run out of cash. Undeniably, it will spoil your mood. After all, you don’t wish to come back to your routine life with empty pockets or worse debt and more stress.

Most people while on travel often tend to overspend because, let’s face it, travel is expensive. The increasing fares of airlines, expensive hotel rooms, and pricey meals are enough to break the bank. Yet, having a few practical and effective tips at your fingertips can help you save money on your travel. So try the below incredible money-saving tips, so your bank account can thank you later:


Of course, you won’t be touring the destination throughout your trip. Therefore, you will need someplace to sleep and rest, too. If you are traveling with a large group and plan to stay for an extended period, consider renting an apartment instead of booking hotel rooms. However, if you are going with a small group, you can find a hostel and save quite a bit of money. 

Moreover, if you plan a vacation in Gatlinburg or Pigeon Forge, consider Gatlinburg lodging since you can enjoy several amenities at a reasonable rate. You can choose the cabin depending on your needs. The best part of these cabins is they are just a few minutes away from popular destinations.


Answer this. Do you have a habit of telling yourself it is your vacation time and you must spend it without thinking about anything to make it memorable? Maybe, every time you become hesitant to make any purchase on your trip, you remind yourself of this notion and throw cash without thinking twice. Well, if that is your plan to do vacation, you’ll soon go bankrupt. So to avoid splurging money on spontaneous temptations such as drinking expensive drinks, it is better to make a robust budget plan before you start your trip. First, determine your travel budget and identify places or situations to cut costs.

However, all your planning is fruitless if you are not sticking with your plan. Therefore, make sure to track your daily spending by downloading the best travel budget apps on your phones.

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One of the best budget travel hacks is by staying flexible. The price of hotel rooms, airlines and entertainment activities can change drastically throughout the year. Thus, being flexible can save you a whole lot of money. For example, choose off-season to travel to your dream destination. It will not only save you some bucks. But also spare you from the headache that comes with crowded tourists. Next, don’t forget to choose the date and time of your flight wisely. Generally, traveling midweek (Tuesdays and Wednesdays) can save you more money than traveling on the weekends. Many airlines offer their customers a great feature that helps them know the cheapest days to fly. And while it might not be desirable for many travelers. But you can book a flight with many layovers to save cash. 


If you do thorough research, you will know there are various booking websites on the internet today. When you head over to any of these sites, the website will automatically encourage you to sign up for their newsletter. All you need is to share your email address with the website. These booking websites share special deals and price alerts with their email subscribers via regular newsletters. That way, you can find the best deal that helps you save hundreds of dollars on your travel. The best thing about subscribing to newsletters is they are helpful and mostly free of cost.

You can also find discounts on accommodation or flights directly from online booking websites by typing in “promo codes” or “discount codes.” Don’t forget to follow the booking websites’ social media accounts that frequently post different deals. Who knows which discount deal works perfectly for you.


You are traveling because you want to have some fun and relaxing time, right? But, then, why go for entertainment activities that could cost you huge money, resulting in stress? Fortunately, you can find several travel places that are free of cost and still offer you quality entertainment. All you need is proper research before coming to the site. 

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Even the expensive travel places such as Newyork City and Disney World offer its tourists several activities free of cost. For example, suppose you are planning to take a trip to Newyork. In that case, you can visit Brooklyn Bridge Park and view the mesmerizing sunset. Or you can walk around the Manhattan Bridge and explore historical monuments.

Simply put, try to spend your time most in free tourist attractions, then move on to the places with affordable fees to save your hard-earned money. 


Another secret to saving your money on travel is by going local. Ask the residents of the place you are visiting about local grocery stores or farmer’s markets. They usually sell cheaper products at lower prices. Shopping at local stores also allows you to taste regional cuisines. Even if you wish to enjoy your meal at some expensive restaurant, make sure to visit it at lunchtime instead of dinner. Many famous restaurants have discount deals during the daytime. Furthermore, you can also save some cash by avoiding spending money on drinks at bars or restaurants. 

You can go a step further in saving your money by cooking your meals as much as possible rather than eating out. Also, packing nutritious snacks prepared at home when exploring the destination is a perfect solution to save a significant amount of cash. Moreover, purchasing bottled water every time you go out can be expensive. Therefore, if you are visiting a destination with clean water, consider taking a portable water bottle that fits in your pocket or bag.


It’s fair to say that most travel lovers probably daydream of their next destination trip right after their last vacation. And why should it not be? Traveling is the best way to relax your mind, body, and soul. However, it is only possible if you have sufficient cash in your bank account. For this reason, plan your trip strategically so you can save money for your next trip. Note that vacationing on a predetermined budget doesn’t stop you from making the most of your travel trip. Instead, it improves the quality of your travel in many ways.

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