How To Save money While Travelling

Travelling the world is an expensive endeavour. You can see different countries and experience different cultures all over the globe. However, travelling long term is very different from travelling for a short trip or weekend break. You need to budget for your trip and prepare for the full span of your trip. The novelty of travelling will wear off after a while, and you will need to adjust to your nomadic lifestyle. 

Here are a few ways you can save money while travelling.

Save Money for Travel

Do your research

Preparation and organisation can save you a lot of money. You need to research the different areas you want to visit, and how much it will cost to stay there. You might find it is cheaper to stay somewhere further afield and take day trips to the different areas. Accommodation in the centre of tourist areas can be costly. Spend some time researching before your hop on the next plane – and make sure all your bases are covered. Look at the local public transport system, and whether you can save money there as well. 

Make smart investments 

You don’t need to stay in five-star hotels every night, nor can you afford to. For example, you don’t always need to fly to your destination either. You could opt for a youth hostel over a private hotel room. You can save a lot of money when you skip the excessive parts of travel. You could get the train and stop off at locations along the way. Make the journey a part of your trip and utilise public transport. 

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Travel slowly 

You could travel slowly and rent an apartment for a few months in the area. The rent may be a huge initial cost – but you will save money by staying in one area. You could even get a job as a waitress or barista in the area. Immerse yourself in the local culture and adjust to their way of life. You could even share the apartment with a roommate. Just make sure you can trust them before you move in together. 


Budgeting is a crucial part of travel. Many people aim to travel for a few months, only to spend all their cash in the first two weeks. Set yourself a weekly budget and keep an emergency fund to one side. You might need medical care or an emergency ticket home. 

Stay on top of your money as your travel around the world.

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