Looking For Stag Party Gift Ideas? Here Are 7 Most Popular Picks

You’re getting ready for your friend’s stag party and you need gift ideas. It’s last minute and you have no idea what you will get for your friend. Not to worry, here are 7 of the most popular gifts to get to make it memorable!

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1. Fun Underwear

If you want something funny, why not gift your friend some underwear? Your friends will be super grateful to get fun underwear for their stag party. You can find a lot of fun and sexy mens underwear that he can wear for his future wife. The possibilities are endless and some of the most interesting underwear pieces include male thongs, jockstraps, and more. Be wild with your choice and he will remember this gift forever. 

2. Party Supplies

Another great idea for stag party gift ideas is to get your friend some party supplies. Party supplies such as shot glasses and beer pong kits are popular choices when it comes to stag parties. You can find a lot of different types of shot glasses, sippy cups, and more that he will enjoy! Just pick something that will match his personality and he might even make this a part of his bachelor party.

3. Board Games

If your friend is not much of a wild person, you can get him some board games for stag night gift ideas. This way, your friends can have fun while still being safe! Some popular choices include trivia games, card games, and more. You can even choose to buy him a poker kit with all the necessary pieces, chips, cards, and a rule book. Men usually like to drink so there are interesting board games like drunk roulette or similar board games with shots included!

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4. The Bachelor Party Kit

If you’re really out of ideas, you can always get your friend the basic bachelor party kit. This includes fun items such as male sex toys and other essentials for a stag night. If your friend is the type to enjoy adult products, this will be a hit! A pack of condoms is great so he won’t be caught off guard and unprepared, and a sex toy is great because it could be useful and funny at the same time! He’ll never know what hit him when he unwraps this gift on his wedding night! 

5. Male Grooming Kit

You can buy your friend a grooming kit for his hair or beard care. You can also get him a manly scent like cologne or Eau de Parfum (since the last thing you want is to give him something that smells like flowers). A great grooming kit is a thoughtful gift because it’s something he needs and will surely use. 

If you decide to buy him a grooming kit for his beard, it should include a razor, brush,  comb, and oil. It’s not wise to give him shaving foam. What about buying him a classic gentleman set? If you buy this, you’ll get everything he needs – including a suit, tie, cuff links, working watch, shoes, belt, and matching hankie.

6. An Art Piece 

Stag parties can often mean a night of drinking and debauchery, which is why you should introduce some finer elements to it. One way to do that is to present an art piece as a present for your friend. Depending on what he likes and if he has some artists he follows, you can get him a painting or graphic wall art. He might even like some vintage memorabilia. Keep in mind his living area and how that art piece can be incorporated into his house or apartment so that you can find the perfect gift. This is one of those things he can cherish forever!

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7. Cash

If all else fails, you can gift your friend cash. It might not seem personal at all, but surely your friend will be able to get something he likes. Cash is always a good option if you don’t have anything in mind, it can also be used on the stag night itself, so it’s one last use before the bachelor status kicks in. Many people choose to give cash as a gift because they don’t have to think about the gift at all and it’s also considered a thoughtful gift because, let’s face it, we all like to have extra cash!

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Stag party gift ideas don’t have to be complicated. There are many fun and inexpensive ideas that will delight the groom-to-be. Cash is always a good option if you don’t have anything in mind, as well as some fun and quirky gifts that will make him laugh. Or, if you choose to give him something more usable, a grooming kit is great. You can’t go wrong with either of these options!

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