How To Self Publish An eBook: The Ultimate Guide

“The future is digital, not print.”

So how do you publish an eBook yourself? To be smart, those who publish conventional books with text (without pictures, illustrations, or graphics) need to do a test run with a digital book, also known as an eBook, before deciding to publish books in paper form. As for the cover design and formatting of the eBook, it is relatively easy to create a digital copy. Another advantage is that you can keep the pricing of an eBook quite low compared to a paperback book, which makes it easier to sell the eBook. The process of self-publishing an eBook is simple and straightforward.

How to Publish an eBook Online

In short, you need a digital download service provider to sell an eBook from your own website. There are many of these; one of the most popular and widespread is the e-Junkie. This is the first thing you need to do to publish an eBook.

Get A Digital Download Service Provider

A digital download service provider is a hosted shipping cart and digital delivery service that allows you to sell things online and have them delivered to customers immediately. And that is the most important thing you need to publish an eBook.

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Signing Up with a Digital Download Service Provider

The digital download service provider will do all the work for you. For example, once you have registered, you are taken through a series of screens that ask you for things like the name of your digital books, price, description, sales (landing) page, etc. Once you have completed all the data on this screen, the service will deliver a code string (usually HTML). All you need to do is copy and paste this code into your website, and you can trade or sell eBooks from your blog or website.

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Some Costs

Trading eBooks online is actually profitable, even if you don’t sell thousands of copies, because the cost of running this type of home business is negligible. Below are some of the primary costs associated with writing and selling eBooks online.

  • Domain name registration: 13 to 15 USD per year
  • Web hosting: Less than or 10 USD per month
  • Digital Download Service Provider: 0 to 10 USD per month
  • Internet Service: 40 to 100 USD per month

Note: Since most of us already have an Internet or cable package for your home, these are costs that you probably already pay anyway.

Without the Internet bills, it could be as little as $15 USD per month to $35 USD per month to start your own world of self-publishing. And that’s why a lot of people invest in writing a digital book these days – the earnings opportunity is just too damn good to turn down!

That’s all you need to publish an eBook online yourself. So what are you waiting for? Start earning!

Here’s the video tutorial for self-publishing an eBook on the Amazon Kindle:

Some Unknown Secrets of Publishing on the Kindle:

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