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How To Overcome The Fear Of Death and Live A Meaningful Life

“It’s interesting: we know for sure we will die… and yet we fear living to our fullest.”

One of the wonderful members of my Spiritual Advisor online energy healing community mentioned this insight during a Spiritual Advising group session recently, and it certainly struck a chord with me — as I’m sure it will with you too.

I was fortunate to be by my sister’s side during her final days, and though it’s always sad to see one of our loved ones physically leave us, I am still so grateful that I was able to witness her passing. In her final moments, she seemed to float in and out of trances — when she would “come back” she would mention people speaking around her when there was no one else in our room. In my 10+ years as a highly intuitive Spiritual Advisor, I know these were Souls that have already passed on who were attempting to comfort and communicate with her.

This transition phase between death in our physical body and the unknown in the next life has always been fascinating to me. I’ve eagerly studied books like Destiny of Souls and Journey of Souls (Michael Newton, Ph.D.) to learn more about questions like: What exactly do we humans fear about death? And how does that affect the way we live our day to day lives?

Why Do We Fear Death?

In my online community, I regularly conduct guided intuition exercises with group members, in which they practice strengthening their intuition to uncover personal insights. The most common answers to the question above seemed to revolve around the ideas of loneliness, feeling abandoned, and dying alone.

How To Overcome The Fear Of Death

Your Soul chose the physical body you are living in now, and your Soul needs to learn certain lessons in this life before passing on. If these lessons aren’t learned, and your Soul has not yet aligned with your Highest Self, then your Soul reincarnates in another physical body to try again.

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During all this time on Earth, your Soul attaches strongly to your physical body. When the time of death arrives, the loss of identity that comes with it can be a traumatic experience for our human Egos — and it can be even scarier to think we might die alone. After all, our conscious mind has built a lifetime of memories that will now fade away during the transition phase from life, to death, to life again.

This is why the Indian Yogic system (and I, as a Spiritual Advisor and energy healer) teaches the following spiritual concept:

We must constantly strive to align with our Highest Self in order to liberate our Soul. Once we do, the painful cycle of birth and death can finally stop (also known as nirvana in Buddhism).

Your Past Life Memories Affect Your Present Day Ego

Remember that I said a lifetime of memories fades from the conscious mind when the Soul experiences death and starts over again in a new body?

How To Overcome The Fear Of Death3

Well, this is true, but only half of the story — actually, memories (with either positive or negative energies) from your past lives still reside in your subconscious mind. These subconscious memories from negative experiences in the past can weigh us down with harmful, self-limiting beliefs that show up in our human Egos to scare us, such as:

  • “I’m not good enough.”
  • “No one will ever love me.”
  • “I don’t feel worthy of a good life.”
  • “I’m going to die alone.”
  • “I wasn’t a good enough person so no one will be there with me in the end.”
  • “I don’t deserve love / friendship / money / happiness.”
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Negative memories from your past lives have buried these fears so deeply within your subconscious, that your conscious mind believes them to be true — but guess what? These beliefs are nothing but negative energy that needs to be cleared away, and they are totally false about you!

Spiritual Advising & Energy Healing For Your Soul

This is what I do as a Spiritual Advisor and energy healer trained extensively in Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT) techniques, Spiritual Restructuring (SpR), and Life Between Lives (LBL) hypnotherapy. With your Soul’s permission, I gently dig into these past life memories to uncover Soul insights and clear any negative energy that has been stuck for so many years in your subconscious.

How To Overcome The Fear Of Death

By clearing negative energy and learning to manifest positive energy, my private clients and community group members often report feeling an incredible, delicious sense of freedom and lightness in their physical body!

You are not your physical body. You are a beautiful, caring Soul that has gotten hurt in the past. But no matter what, you are entirely worthy, wholly loveable, and absolutely deserving of your most happy life so you can pursue your Life Purpose and, most of all… enjoy being you.

Of course, you can go on this personal journey on your own. But if you want to make progress faster and smoother (with less life detours), a specially trained Spiritual Advisor can work alongside you to facilitate this spiritual process.

Author Bio:


Judit Ronai is an Intuitive Spiritual Advisor with over 10 years of experience giving intuitive insights from your soul’s level for pragmatic life changes. She helps you discover why you are here, and most of all… enjoy being you!

Judit’s expertise lies in Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT), Spiritual Restructuring (SpR), Life Between Lives Hypnotherapy (LBL), Reiki and situational meditation techniques. To book a Spiritual Advisor session or join her online community, connect with her at and on YouTube!

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